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German MG-42 Machine Gun

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Art of the Gun: German MG-42 Machine Gun

May 2, 2014 is the first day of the spring auction at the Rock Island Auction Company. There are lots of historical, collectible, and beautiful firearms up for grabs this year, but this one caught my eye. Dubbed “Hitler’s Buzz Saw” by WWII soldiers, this German MG-42 medium machine gun was used by the Nazi forces throughout the second World War. The design was easily produced, innovative, and effective, the Allies copied much the weapon to create the M60 machine gun. The specimen on sale is outfitted to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon with a mount, anti-air sights, and optical sight.

A black handled, silver barreld Walther PPK and box of ammunition, with barrel pointed down and to the left on wooden plankts.


Art of the Gun: Walther PPK

James Bond always had great style. Though notorious for its slide bite, you can’t deny that great look of the PPK (or its America-friendly version, the PPK/s). Class emanates from the gradual curves leading from the muzzle to the trigger guard are iconic, the grip tang and exposed hammer, all the way to the base plate of the magazine.

Beretta Storm PX4 Take Down Controls


Art of the Gun: The Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta decided to take the best parts from their popular handguns and apply them to create a gun that was perfect for defensive use. With a light steel-reinforced polymer frame, smooth contours, familiar trigger and safety systems, and a recoil-reducing rotating barrel, the Px4 Storm is designed to be one of the best concealed carry handguns on the market.

IWI Tavor Right Side Quarter


Art of the Gun: IWI Tavor

The IWI Tavor just recently came to the US, and it has gotten a lot of press. Though we’ve written about it before, here’s why we selected the Tavor as this week’s Art of the Gun.

The Old and the New: Colt Combat Commander Mark IV and the RIA Tactical II


Art of the Gun: Old and New 1911s

Developed around the turn of the century by the famed John Moses Browning for Colt’s Manufacturing Company, this gun was adopted as the official sidearm of the United States Army in 1911. Since then it has been updated, changed, and rechambered to be the most ubiquitous and versatile handgun in all of the US.



Cheaper Than Dirt! Is The Exclusive Retailer for Colorado Buck Ammo

As an avid hunter since the ‘80s, Buck is quite aware of the problems with commercial ammunition. On a hunt, you need reliable ammunition that performs well ever time and carries enough stopping power to drop that big buck, bear, or other game. Working closely with some big names in ammunition development, Colorado Buck has developed his “Right Choice Ammunition” that is the most dependable and accurate ammunition in the market.

Grey Cicada, isolated on white

Camping & Survival

Shrimp of the Land: A Quick Guide to Eating Cicadas

All cicadas are nutritious and tasty. With the emergence of Brood II magicicadas, there will millions of tasty critters ready to be harvest and cooked. Here are some tips for people who have never eaten cicada before. Being able to live off the land is a valuable skill no matter what your situation. When you’re out all day working the fields or stalking dinner through the woods, a couple of fresh cicadas will give you the protein boost that you need to keep on keeping on. And if dinner doesn’t come easy, those cicadas might be your best bet for a decent meal, so you should start trying recipes today in preparation for the future.

Logo for the National School Shield Program


The Report of the National School Shield Task Force (Explained)

After three months of quality work, the National School Shield Task Force has published this extensive report on the current state of school security around the country. After analyzing school violence in the US, the report goes on to determine the best solutions to minimize risk and increase school security.