Art of the Gun: IWI Tavor

IWI Tavor Right Side Quarter

We’ve written about the Tavor before, so I won’t go into the technical details. The Tavor looks and feels futuristic. Maybe it is just Hollywood’s fascination with bullpup rifles, since any “technologically advanced” organization is usually armed with Steyr AUGs, FAMASs, or FN P90s. The IWI Tavor is quite young—adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces in 2001—and only recently migrated to the United States in semi-auto form, so it hasn’t been featured in many movies…yet. That being said, the Tavor looks like a 21st-century weapon. The design is compact for modern warfare in cities, neighborhoods and other urban settings. The polymer body reduces weight while also standing up to the elements better than the wood and metal of the past. IWI designed the entire firearm to be ergonomic for the shooter. Whether engaged in battle or streaming lead downrange, the rifle is comfortable to shoot and keep on target. Though perhaps not the classical ideal of beauty with engraved scrollwork and fine-grained wood, the Tavor exemplifies the modern design that puts function and ergonomics over form.

What do you think about this week’s art of the gun, the IWI Tavor? Tell us in the comment section.

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    1. OD green is available now, but the polymer receiver is one-piece, so any two-tone scheme would have to be a custom job. There are black forearms, magazines and grip tape kits that could be used with an OD rifle for a two-tone effect.

      Not sure what you mean by “762×95”. There are rumors of a 7.62x51mm version, but that would take a new receiver, and not just a new barrel, so if this version comes out, it will probably take a while. No recent rumors about the factory 300 Blackout version either. There are a couple of small shops working on 300 Blackout barrels, but nothing that’s available for sale as far as I know.

    1. There is a conversion kit out for 9mm (CTD carries this), and a kit for 5.45mm was in the works but later cancelled. A kit for 300 Blackout is supposedly in the works as well, but there’s no ETA yet.

  1. I’ve been eyeing bullpups for years, but until the Tavor, none really interested me enough to consider buying. The fact that the Tavor takes AR mags is a BIG plus!

    I added a Meprolight MOR and got the replacement switch from Mako in order to mount the switch for the laser where the plug is on the left front fore grip.
    I also added a CAA flashlight mount with a Streamlight ProTac HL, and the FLEX ejection port cover since a silencer is on the way.
    I really like the CAA flashlight mount and it’s variable positions – I have mine swung down as far as possible – keeps the light tucked in tight.
    Mine looks like the ones (with the MOR) on the slideshow at IWI’s site, but I don’t have the VFG, and in the slide show, his cable for the MOR is routed externally to the VFG.

    BTW – I really like the extra QD hole on the Flex cover – the stock OEM QD hole at the rear may work OK for a 2-pt. sling, but for something like the Magpul MS4, the OEM QD rear hole is mounted too far to the rear. When using the MS4 with it, the gun hangs way too low for me!

  2. I think my Tavor is great except for one thing,they should have made the lower front end level to allow an accessory rail,as it is I had to buy one and they are hard to find and scarce and exspensive when you do.I put a light,laser.and grip combo with quick release lever,it works great,but now another problem. If you want to keep everything assembled you cannot find a gun bag to fit it properly,you have to remove light/laser/grip to fit in bag,Ialso have a Red Dot on top.

  3. Robert the FS 2000 works with E mags… if you try and use the P Mags Gen 2 or 3 you will have problems. The Tavor uses all the P mags plus any AR mag. Again, this is my experience so do some research… like I said you are spending a lot of money. The Tavor is proven in the battle field… that alone says a whole lot for the Tavor.

  4. I have shot the FS 2000 but like the feel of the Tavor much better. Both are great guns. The Tavor can use all the M4A1 (AR15) mags…. and the gun is very accurate. For some reason the Tavor feels much more durable. The mag is not an issue at all like it is with the FS 2000. The
    FS 2000 ejects it’s shells out of the front that makes it truly ambidextrous. I have both bolts for my Tavor and have shot maybe 500 rnds through it… I would own it over the Aug or the FS 2000…

    1. Jimmy Drew.. Was wondering what you meant when you said “The mag is not an issue at all like it is with the FS 2000”, since they both use the M16 type mag. Now since I have never seen the FS other than photos, my thought was the design of the stock on the FS covers the back of the mag better than the IWI. Either gun is a chunk of change and when I spend that kind of money, I want to do it right. Enlighten me, I don’t want to waste money.

  5. Very nice gun, practiced with a friends. I find for me the IWI to be well balanced, but am waiting to buy after I try the FHM FS2000. The IWI is pricy and the FNM is more money. My hesitation is the was the FNM protects the clip better than the IWI.. Who knows maybe the FNM won’t be worth the extra money

  6. I also have a Trevor it..had the trigger pull reduced to about half the pull and that made a world of difference..the 12 lb pull wasca little much..anyway..where would someone purchase one of the fore ends in the picture above? With the lower rail? That would solve my only complaint..besides price..with this rifle..I like fore grips..any info would be awesome.

    1. The forearm depicted is from Manticore Arms. I’ve got a similar piece from Gearhead Works called the Tavor Modular Forearm that I really like for mounting a light. Not to steal business from CTD, but they don’t seem to offer either. You can find them at: (when they’re in stock). CTD does carry the Midwest Industries forearm in both black and FDE.

  7. I like my Tavor IDF have had it converted to left handed and put the flex ejection port cover on as well as the enhanced shell divert er. It just works great. No more “Tavor Face” and the ejected shell don’t come close when your firing on the week side. The gun is pricey but I love it…. I have owned the Aug and the Tavor is more more fun to shoot and extremely accurate.

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