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ATF Starts Process to Outlaw Bump-Stocks — Act Now!

Bump Fire stock

Late last week, (Friday, March 23, 2018) Attorney General Sessions announced that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has initiated the process to classify bump-stocks as machineguns. The announcement is available on DOJ’s website. If adopted, the rules will amend the ATF’s regulations to “clarify” the terms “single function of the trigger,” “automatically,” and “machinegun” as follows:

Bump Fire stock
The BATFE is seeking to classify bump-stocks as machineguns.
  • Single Function of the Trigger – Single pull of the trigger
  • Automatically – The result of a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism that allows the firing of multiple rounds through a single pull of the trigger
  • Machinegun – A device that allows semi-automatic firearms to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger by harnessing the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm to which it is affixed so that the trigger resets and continues firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter (commonly known as bump-stock-type devices).

These new rules, if adopted, will supersede all prior determinations such that any device that meets these new definitions will qualify as a machinegun. Moreover, if adopted as proposed, those individuals currently owning bump-stock devices will be forced to turn them in or destroy the devices in their possession. Again, it is important to understand that this is only proposed right now, but if you fail to speak up and let your voices be heard these rules will likely go into effect.

ATF is requesting comments from the public with regard to the following five topics:

  1. The scope of the proposed rule, and the definition of “machinegun”
  2. The costs and benefits of the proposed rule, and the appropriate methodology and data for calculating those costs
  3. The reasonableness of the assumption that retailers of bump-stock-type devices are likely to be businesses with an online presence
  4. How ATF should address bump-stock-type devices that private parties currently possess
  5. The appropriate means of implementing a final rule

It’s up to you. Regardless whether you own—or care to own—a bump-stock, this is another assault on the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. A solution in search of a problem. After all, how many documented instances of a bump-stock be used to commit a crime are there? Where will it stop? After the gun control advocates get a win, do you think they will stop at bump-stocks or triggers?

Take Action

Your voice matters, but only if you make it heard. The next step will be to watch for the official notice to be published in the Federal Register. That will kick off the 90-day comment period. You can also become a force multiplier by sharing this story and encouraging others to make their voices heard as well.

What is your opinion of the ATF’s new proposed regulations? What comment will you leave on the Federal Register? Share your answers in the comment section.


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  1. first and foremost this proposed “policy” isn’t a law. it’s a policy which will have power of law and is what is meant when someone uses the term “color of law” and simply means that you can be put into a cage for doing something that the government has decided that it doesn’t like. a law is something that the congress and senate has debated and voted on before putting people in cages for doing something that they’ve decided they don’t like. actually laws are very simple and are self evident like something that is obviously wrong like murder or theft because only the government has the right to do those things legally and they don’t like anyone who competes with them.

    1. Not only is it a “rule” which has the effect of law, it is an ex-post facto “rule” passed by unelected bureaucrats.

      The ATF already made the determination that bump stocks were legal, which was necessary before they could be manufactured, sold and possessed.

      I have absolutely no interest in bump stocks. I prefer to control where my rounds go rather than spray and pray. We should not give in, even on this. Their strategy is undeniable. They decide that they want to restrict our rights. They paint us as being unwilling to compromise as if it’s a bad thing. The only compromise they offer is HOW MUCH they will be restricted.

      If we compromise on this, they’ll pick another target and we’ll restart this entire process again. They’ll put one big thing on the table and lots of little or undesired things. If we compromise by surrendering the little things, it is true that we saved the big thing, but we will have lost yet another group of little things. They are relentless, and will chip away at our rights until they are nonexistent or we have no means of exercising our rights.

      They constantly call us unreasonable for opposing “common-sense gun control.” See that they would fight as hard as we do if we try to propose “common-sense” abortion restrictions. A firearm MAY be used to end the life of a person, or a group of people. Every abortion MUST end the life of an unborn person.

  2. LMAO!! By their own definition, “…without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter…”, EXCLUDES bump-stocks, because your finger is still depressing the trigger each time!

  3. Give him the stinking bump stocks… but only in exchange for removing silencers, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns from the NFC list.

    A riskier ban would be binary triggers, et al. That could too easily reach to any trigger modification. Don’t go there.

  4. Don’t need a bump stock to achieve high rates of spray and pray.
    Hook thumb of trigger hand in belt loop, grip push forward slightly and fire away.
    If a compilation of alloys and plastics kills people, better ban automobiles cause they are homicidal manics.
    Just Google annual firearms deaths then look up death by car crashes.
    Oh wait look up death by abortion, guess black lives don’t really matter if you count black babies aborted

  5. Written comments must be postmarked and electronic comments must be submitted on or before June 27, 2018. Commenters should be aware that the electronic Federal Docket Management System will not accept comments after midnight Eastern Daylight Time on the last day of the comment period.

  6. 1. The term machine gun is a technical term commonly used to describe a type of firearm that is manufactured to be automatic with no select fire. The proposed change would change the entire classification to include semi-automatic firearms that have not inbuilt ability to fire in a fully automatic fashion and instead basis the classification on the abilities of the firearm owner

    2. The cost associated with the proposal would be completely on the firearm owners and accessory manufactures in losses. Furthermore, in referring to #1, there would be no benefit as the effectiveness of such a device is solely dependant upon the ability of the user to operate said device and not the device itself.

    3. As online business is a rapidly growing market that many employ, it is unreasonable to expect every retailer to invest time, effort, and funds where applicable to maintain such a presence as this would simply act as a burden on smaller retailers that do not have the presence as a foundation to start from

    4. It is illogical to expect all owners and retailers of such proposed devices to follow such demand. As such those already on the market and in ownership would have to be grandfathered in to any such proposal or risk violating the 4th and 5th amendment rights of owners that are unaware of the change in classification

    5. There is no possible implementation of the current proposal without the violation of multiple constitutional rights of owners and manufactures as well as any law abiding citizen

  7. Don’t think these measures are a compromise. If we had a say in the matter it might be but this is just another attempt to reduce our rights.

  8. From the bumpfire link on the Fed. Register homepage,comments were
    to be submitted on or before 25 Jan. 2018.

  9. First they came for the bump stocks, and I did not speak out –
    Because I did not own a bump stock.

    Then they came for…

  10. This is another right they are trying to take away. Do not do it. Stand up now for your rights Join the NRA or any other groups that supports your freedoms and 2nd amendment rights.

  11. People should be allowed to have machine guns. If you don’t like bump stocks than you should let people have access to proper machine guns post GCA of 1986. Otherwise you don’t support the 2nd Amendment.

  12. Tommy I have been shooting bump stocks for years every time a round is fired the trigger is pulled I don’t think they were made for marksmanship I think they are a lot of fun wasting ammo now after the Vegas shooting we have all these experts wanting to tell me I shouldn’t be aloud to have that kind of fun I think anyone willing to give up apiece of their 2nd amendment is a idiot

  13. I think bump stocks should be banned. If we aren’t willing to give up somewhere we’ll loose more of our rights in the long run. People will misuse these gun enhancements. It’s monkey see monkey do and it will happen again. These bans always happen for a reason.

    I wasn’t for taking suppressors off the NFA list either. If that went mainstream people would missue those weapons and make the left’s argument even stronger of why we need less gun rights. (If you’re not willing to do the NFA process then quit crying about it.)

    If we aren’t willing to compromise they will eventually get what they want, a semi-automatic weapons ban.

    1. We’ve been compromising for 80 years… they will never stop taking more of our rights unless we stand up to them

    2. The problem is that “compromise” means both parties give up something and to this point we are the only ones giving up anything. “Shall not be infringed” is clear enough. No, you can’t outlaw something because one person, one time did something wrong. And further, why is it only in the realm of the second amendment that the law-abiding are punished for crimes they didn’t commit?

    3. Once you give up one little thing it will never stop, it’s a lot learning to walk, you start out with baby steps and keep going! They know what they’re doing!

  14. This what happens when a government gets too big they will take your property . Shut down industry/your livelihood. What’s next outlawing your car/ truck. Please people use your head’s vote these communist politicians out of office. Before America looks like Europe in the 1940s .
    It just starts with banning accessories on a firearm . (To conquer a nation disarm the people) the words of (Adolf Hitler)

    1. Look at all of Europe now, they’ve taken their guns and are over run with muslims that are destroying them! And yes the liberals are using Hitlers agenda, he started with the schools, and look at ours and he was claiming Germany was a Democracy while he was disarming them!

  15. Take away the bump stocks if you want, because a RUBBER BAND, or a BELT LOOP and 30 seconds of training does the SAME THING. This farcical attempt to control the rights of citizens is a JOKE, and will not stop determined MANIACS.

  16. My friend, you could not have broken down the 2nd amendment argument more eloquently & yet so simplistic. I wish it could be read by an anchor on fox news primetime for all to hear. The context & realization that it’s not the type of gun that is guaranteed by our forefathers, but the very possession of a weapon (knife, sword, bow, firearm, future energy based weapons) to ensure the defense of the last self check system of the system of governmental rule. The preservation of the citizens to push back against those in power that would seek to impose their will on a large segment of the population that doesn’t see a world view as they do.

    I know everyone is thinking it these days, why doesn’t anyone suggest it & come up with a legitimate outline to gather the states (miid-America & Alaska) that want to secede from the union & show the world that a peacefully succession CAN be done in a modern civilized society without any blood shed & only egos hurt. It after all, guaranteed by our forefathers. I think legitimate talks should start now before the country tears itself apart more than it is now.

    Then, after a short period of time has passed and tempers have cooled off, the two new seperate country entities can learn to cherish their common friendship bond much like England & the U.S. now share inseparable brotherhood bonds alliance.

    Such a succession would do the country good & as it was Jefferson himself that said, “I hold it that a little rebellion now & then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” He goes on to say, “It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

    Nothing could hold more truth today. Look how polarized our country has become. Perhaps the best medicine is a break up.(however, peaceful unlike our break up with England) to secure the sanity of our differences. Then, after the feelings of resentment have settled, we can one again appreciate our differences & have a stronger bond in friendship than in “political matrimony.”

    Who wants to get the political break up ball rolling?

  17. I was a sworn law enforcement officer for 35 years and I personally think that any “new” rules or laws are an infringement against the Second Amendment. It’s a political move, and just another way to keep sliding that foot in the door to eventually suppress the private ownership of firearms. Unfortunately, our politicians care more about reacting to the hysteria so they can get votes than they are about maintaining our freedoms.

  18. As always just another piece of the 2nd being stripped in the name of SAFETY, when all the trouble is the existing law are NOT being enforced just as the FBI is NOT doing it’s job! It’s like these shootings are being allowed to happen in the name of GUN CONTROL!!!!!!!!

  19. The 2nd Amendment is OUR right. The right to keep, and bear arms. Our gooberment knows the more rights they “steal” from us, the more they can control us. They take our rights in the name of public safety, while the very firearms they want to take, probably do more to protect citizens everyday, than most law enforcement do.
    I have nothing against honest law enforcement, but have seen first hand the constant profiling that EVERY traffic Natzi does by the type of vehicles, look of person, or whatever else causes them to want to stop the person.
    I enjoy shooting my firearms. I am content knowing I can protect my family against any evil that would try to harm or violate my castle. I will not sit by and allow OUR rights to be stolen by fear mongering fools. I will make my voice & my vote be heard!

  20. The simple response here is that the ATF has already done its job once and declared that a bump stock was not classified as a device that turned a semi-auto into a full auto “machinegun.” The study was not performed in a rush to judgment, it was performed under test firing to determine the weapon was still firing with multiple pulls of the trigger for every round expended. So amongst political pressures it will be reclassified as the opposite to the above? Every time a mass shooting takes place, the weapon or in this case the accessory becomes the target not the sicko. As usual, this isn’t about bump stocks, its about control!

    1. The ATF has made a ruling. And that should stand. If any change is to be made, it should not include the previously sold product. If anything, the new ones could be registered to keep for future information as to if they are being used illegally. Maybe even allow one’s previously sold to be brought in to be registered. Those used in the shooting are already off the street. By banning them is to assume all will commit a crime. That could apply to any gun.

  21. WTF are you talking about the 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting and target shooting! It’s about defending yourself, your family and your possessions and about defending yourself against a tyrannical government. PERIOD! Your one who SHOULD lose their FFL license for being completely ignorant about what the 2nd Amendment is ACTUALLY about.

  22. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that a bump stock is a gun accessory only. It has no practical use. All of the other gun law issues aside, I have no problem with getting rid of them. It’s the industry’s attempt to get around the law to create the ability to build a new FA weapon.
    No civilian NEEDS one. I am a Gulf War vet. I have enough weapons and ammo to protect my family and I am an expert marksman. A person who is proficient with their weapon can put more shots on target than an idiot with a machine gun (or someone that bought a device that makes a semi auto work full auto).
    As for the number of crimes committed by someone with a device that illegally ( at least it should have been) converts a weapon to full auto, there were several hundred in one day!
    In this case, a loophole was exploited and lots of people’s lives were destroyed. Stop whining and learn that in our society laws get created to protect us from the stupid or crazy when really bad things happen. Learn to be better parents and citizens and cultivate a sense of integrity.

    1. I have to agree with you Tom. What is the need for civilians to own such an accessory. Yes we want it all in our democratic society, but this isnt challenging our gun rights. Background checks are failing in some cases and should be rethought. Lets be real people. Enjoy the shooting sports. Have my permit to carry. Try to help educate and reaffirm our right to bear arms. I dont need a bump fire stock. Do you? Really?

    2. I have to agree with you Tom. Bump fire stocks are not needed in the civilian shooting world. There are only cheating on the laws between semi auto and automatic firearms definition and ownership. Civilians do not need these accessories. That said, i have carry permit, enjoy the shooting sports, carry everyday, and try to help inform others, young and old, why we need to carry and preserve our 2nd amendment. Its our Federal right and i still cant understand how a state can undermine and jail us for carrying a weapon when the law of the land is to protect our rights no matter what state. Stand strong and be heard

    3. Tom, The bump stock is still not full auto, it still locks up and then fires a round off. That is why they were legal for so long. So it is NOT full auto.
      I spent 12 years in the NE Afghanistan.

    4. Your right Roadkill. Its not a full auto weapon. But its as close as you can get legally. Fun to shoot, but not practical for everyone to able to own. We are never going to get along with one another in this world and bump fire stocks arent going to help. The people are fooled into thinking that guns are the problem. This gun, that gun, that high capacity magazine caused those deaths. BS. We need a better screening system and more education at schools, work, and home on how to protect ourselves. People forget because they havent lived or served through wars, atomic bomb scares, muggings, car jacking, or even robbery at your local c-store. The population is unaware thinking they are safe. You are not. Try talking to a meth or heroin addict with a gun or knife that is intent on getting your possessions.Your probably not going to survive. Kids these days car jack just for the joy ride. Here locally, Nashville, “lady jus give me the car, or ill have to shoot ya” while the kids in the backseat. Its everywhere and we have to be prepared. Guns arent the problem. Responsible ownership of guns and better background checks along with education will better serve our 2nd amendment rights.

    5. Tom, you clearly missed the point of the discussion. I said i would never purchcase a bump stock. But i did because i had to know what all the fuss was about. I have fired many different types of full auto machine guns and i have to say this thing is not like them. You are lucky to get four to simultaneous fire. I can do better with buckshot. The point is why are you so eager to throw in the towel? I don’t think any firearm law they made-up is truly legal. If you think there not coming for you next, thats a laugh. Just stay out of the game and sit on the bench.

    6. Your opinion is exactly that. An opinion. Did you not take an oath? If you are the vet you say you are then go back and please read your oath. Then read your constitution.

  23. So, is there a difference between a “machine gun” and a “automatic”? From the above definition of “machine gun” it sounds like a “machine gun” has to start out as a semi-automatic.

  24. Regardlrsd of how you feel about bumpstocks, it is nothing more than a “get-your-foot-in-the-door” tactic to start start confiscation of weapons by controlling AR accessories.
    Seems the next logical step would be to limit trigger pull weight or bullet load or maybe BCG materials and buffer spring tension.
    All of these things enhance reset time and help with follow up shot speed.
    Resistance of this ruling should be mandentory by all gun owners.

    1. I’m not necessarily approving of a bumpstock but REALLY!
      I am simply against any and all infringements
      as they take away rights granted by the Bill, esp 2nd Amend
      Banning of every item that can possibly be attached to a gun is way overreaching. Suppressors too. And FELONY!
      Every new law in town is now a felony.
      How many shooting incidents with bumpstock? ONE!
      Restrict millions for ONE? REALLY!+?

  25. Let us first define the purpose of “any” law. It’s ultimate purpose is to serve the citizens of any nation, state, county, city, or town. (Right or wrong?)
    If you agree w/the above statement, then you will also agree that the 2nd amendment is not designed for our self preservation. Which is stated above as an “unalienable right”. We all have that right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property, by any means necessary from local threats. Our 2nd amendment is aimed specifically at our government, (public servants to “We the people”) to not design/create/promote or otherwise engage in tyranny towards those whom you serve.(special-interest groups ,i.e. NEA, etc. not included!)
    The argument that muskets were the choice weapon of the 2nd amendment is to miss the essentials of the entire debate.
    I might be preaching to the quire here, but a little background of understanding is required for us all to be on the same page in this fight.
    Our modern progressives(notice the left changed their handle back to the progressives from “the liberals” during WWII because the progressive party in Germany just happened to be the “Nazi’s) have gotten braver to promote their left-wing agenda since even the republicans have come out w/their “New World Order” as early as the 80’s. Notice thru-out history, the first things attacked besides education, is the ability of the people to defend themselves against their government.
    I’m sorry to make this so long. Lets examine the “bump-stock” issue. We learned that the bump-stock, can be fun to waste ammo with. But at the same time, it over heats the weapons and causes them to jam as discovered during the shooting in Las Vegas. 5 weapons were found jammed due to these devices. We already have too many laws against murder. Murder is murder! Are we going to outlaw trucks and cars because terrorists have used them to murder people? No! Because that would penalize the entire driving population. What about the entire shooting population??? There are probably a greater number of us than there are of the driving population because we involve our family members that are unable to drive due to age(too young) or physical abilities. Our Constitution gives us our rights, not the “law-givers” and any attempt to infringe on that “right” is obviously(to the common man) illegal! But to those whose intent is to disarm the nation w/common-sense legislation and gun control are traitors to the Constitution, the founding fathers and this nation. These individuals have the option to move to any nation(w/money they have acquired through “our” way of government) w/the government that believes the way the do. It is totally unnecessary for them to try and change our Constitution, laws and customs to suit themselves. Remember, the only thing that is preventing the communist/socialist/liberal/progressive agenda of globalism(to make this nation a “state” in a global “New World Order”) is the United States Constitution guaranteeing it’s citizens the right to bear arms on an equal footing w/it’s government.
    Thanks for reading,

  26. First, let me state clearly that I am NOT a lawyer, nor do I have any formal legal training. That being said, I believe there is a point of law, about passing an ‘ex post facto’ law, which makes a previously innocent citizen into an in fact criminal. I say this because, I am one who purchased this item, but never have even mounted it on my rifle. I saw the ban coming, and,m thinking about being “grandfathered”, went ahead an bought it. That being said, if the government confiscates my legally purchased possession, don’t they have to ‘make me whole’ by issuing a check for the market value of the item? Just a couple of things to think about! YMMV

  27. Best put by the Founders, “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

  28. Next they’ll want to ban “stepping motors” which allow you to maximize the cycling rate of any semi automatic weapon they’re affixed to operate. Or maybe they want ALL firearms to have multiple triggers (like the double set match trigger on my Krico 640SS)?

    If the s passes then I guess we all become criminals for protecting our rights. So be it, it will not change my oath.

  29. You can see where this is going. Everybody says ‘you can fire any semi muy rapidly by holding it just so’.
    So THERE’S the culprit. We have to outlaw ALL semi-automatic weapons by God and do it for the children. Like the man said, the journey of a thousand miles…

  30. That whole “Single Function of the Trigger” part will lead to Franklin arms trigger and any aftermarket triggers that do anything to increase rate or smoothness of Factory Installed Trigger a Machine gun.This is Phase 1. We will see how many of the Molan labe stickered and tatooed bunch will “stick to their guns” when the alphabet squads come kicking. Your country is not free any more, when you have high schoolers dictating to Senators and Congessmen, who buckle under kiddie pleas.

  31. Well, I said after the Vegas faux event this was a setup for more regulation! Here it is. The way the proposal is written it is a direct violation of Article 1 sections 9 and 10 not to mention the second amendment! Next they will come for more than one magazine in your possession and no more than 10 rounds for each firearm and or back ground checks to purchase ammo! Any more infringement will not be accepted! If Trump signs this disaster he will be impeached and that’s what the liberals want!

  32. Banning the auto sear is an infringement of the 2nd Amendment and so would be the banning of bump stocks, etc. I think banning any product that prevents free citizens from obtaining similar small arms as the police and military have is an infringement. I would entertain some regulation on certain weapons like the ones that could destroy your or a neighbor’s property if stored improperly but most small arms don’t fall into that category.

  33. I got my comments in and published on the register. I did add a part on “Fast and Furious”. I mentioned that we have no proof “Bumpstocks” were used. Only the ATF’s word. I mentioned that I carried an M-60 in combat for three years. The recorded sounds in Vegas were not from “Bumpstocks”.

  34. Wow, isn’t it a great time to be a criminal or maniac? I mean, look at the power they have! It only takes one of them to change the laws for millions of law abiding citizens. Millions of us can voice our opposing opinions, but that one maniac has the upper hand. The single “bad guy” has more of a voice in this than all of us put together, and the anti-gunners call it “common sense.” A single maniac can cause the ATF to consider changing it’s own definitions of “machine gun” to the point where the definitions don’t even make sense! Bump stocks don’t change a semi auto into an auto weapon, period. Sorry, but they don’t. Will my index finger and belt loop become a “machine gun?” Will they ban Jerry Miculek?

  35. These three new rules do not apply to the current bump-stock design as each shot fired requires a single pull of the trigger no matter how fast the firing rate. You do not get multiple shots from one pull of the trigger. Just another case of useless laws being proposed by people that are uneducated in the real problems facing them. They never seem to be able to address the root cause.

  36. I really don’t care for the bump stock, but I don’t care for people just deciding that I can’t own something because a mentally ill person used an accessory in a terrible attack. At least that’s my view.


  37. Granted, bump stocks are not even needed, as any semi-auto firearm can be fired as if it had a bump stock. The technique is fairly simple.
    That said, this proposed legislation is an assault (no pun intended) on the Second Amendment. I would not bother with a bump stock personally, but give these Statist a-holes an inch and they’ll take a mile.

    1. Please tell ne how that can be accomplished. i have treid to purchase a bump stock but was told that there is no idea as to when they will become available.

  38. Again just another Gun Grab tactic. This will do nothing to stop the criminals this is nothing more than a “Feel Good” action. Not to mention if you read it and compare it to the original this could be fought in court as not giving the proper description of how a Bump stock functions or what it actually does. nor does it address the fact that you can Bump Fire without this or any other device intended to help a user fire the weapon.

  39. The thought of “Gubmint” telling me there is one more thing they forbid me to have makes me furious. So mad my eyes will pop out and my head explode. I won’t even go into what a silly piece of law it would be; or how it’s going the completely wrong direction in regards to gun rights.

  40. You really don’t need add-on devices to make ‘semiautomatic’ rifles, fire ‘full-auto.’ Have fired semi-AKs, ARs, SKS and other, ‘full-auto’ by the holding them in a proper manner. A little experimentation will let you do this too, no ‘bump stock’ required. Someday, if they will publish it, may just post a ‘HOW TO’ article on Wiki-How, showing how to do this. Still, it is a ‘serious’ infringement on gun owner’s rights. Too, this is the same BATF that declared a 13″ shoe lace an ‘unregistered’ machinegun. It does work, I’ve done it. This got a man sent to prison and his firearms confiscated, when ‘good’ neighbors turned him in for having a machinegun.

  41. I saw this coming the first time i ever saw a guy with 1 on his AK at the local range my immediate thinking was there is a future ban coming on these lol.I never had a use for 1 and i saw this ban coming so i never wasted my money .

  42. There are several court cases, including supreme court (fed and state), that make any law that affects/abrogates an unalienable right null and void from its beginning (ab initio). They can be disregarded without punishment. Defending yourself and your loved ones however, whenever, and wherever you choose is an unalienable right. You better know the cases if you are going to stand up for your rights.

  43. Regarding bump stocks.

    As a former State and Federal firearms dealer for 35 years, I do not think that banning “bump Stocks” is a violation of my 2nd amendment rights. No more than the banning of the “auto sear” was many years ago.
    This type of device promotes the “spray and pray” type of shooting that does not have a place in hunting or target shooting. Actually, have this device used for hunting would scare most hunters when a machine gun type noise was heard by other hunters in the woods.
    While it is fun to shoot automatic weapons, there are many states that allow machine guns

    1. James, you wrote, “This type of device promotes the “spray and pray” type of shooting that does not have a place in hunting or target shooting….”
      Can you kindly direct me to the hunting or target shooting clause in the 2nd Amendment?

    2. WTF are you talking about the 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting and target shooting! It’s about defending yourself, your family and your possessions and about defending yourself against a tyrannical government. PERIOD! Your one who SHOULD lose their FFL license for being completely ignorant about what the 2nd Amendment is ACTUALLY about.

    3. All I can say is if the government goes tyrannical and they come after you its a safe bet THEY will have fully automatic weapons.

  44. The ATF comments section has been closed since Jan. this year. No more comments are being solicited. At least, that’s all that I could find, about Bump Stocks.

    However, it is sad that the Gov’t want’s to punish a million people for the single action of just one person who used a bump stock.

    1. Comments have long been closed and ignored. The goobermint is doing what they want to regardless of the overwhelming comments against it and the fact that they will be breaking Borge the law and going against the constitution in doing so.

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