Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 Introduced in Congress

Senator Dianne Feinstein holding an AR-15

On Friday, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms and ammunition, joined several other gun rights groups in announcing that it opposes the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 introduced in the U.S. Senate last week.

The legislation introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and signed by a host of other Democrats, like earlier versions, relies on wrongfully defining commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles based on certain cosmetic features. The new version of this legislation, however, expands ways to ban the most-popular centerfire rifle in America. Since the original Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004, more than 16 million of these rifles have been legally purchased for lawful purposes.

“It is disappointing to see politicians continue to pursue a failed policy agenda that has proven ineffective in improving public safety and will deny law-abiding citizens their Constitutional right,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs and General Counsel. “Despite what proponents may say, the record shows that Sen. Feinstein’s original 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban had no demonstrable impact on reducing crime and this one would be equally ineffective.”

Since the original ban, firearms ownership has increased while the criminal misuse of firearms has steadily dropped. FBI crime statistics demonstrate there is no justification for banning modern sporting rifles.

Senator Feinstein continues to mislead the American public by demonizing semi-automatic rifles based on external, cosmetic features that have no bearing on the function of a firearm, labelling them with a term invented in 1998 by the Violence Policy Center’s Josh Sugarmann for the purpose of confusing and misleading the public into believing commonly owned semi-automatic rifles are equivalent to fully automatic machine guns. Sugarmann wrote, “anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun (and) – can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions of these weapons.” In reality, modern sporting rifles operate in the same manner as other semi-automatic firearms, firing one round with each pull and release of the trigger.

Make no mistake, this is legislation is only the first salvo. The 2020 election campaigns and announcements have begun. Many politicians will be trying to “one up” the competition or fund raise off villainizing firearms. Unfortunately, their efforts may not stop at rhetoric and misdirection. Many bills may be passed and our rights are at risk with every new election cycle.

Do you think the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 has a chance of passing? What are the current dangers to the Second Amendment as you see them? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Even if this grotesque bill passes, how many firearm owners do they expect to agree with this bill and willingly hand over their “Assult Rifle”? I Sure the hell will not do it, tell ya that much.
    The Gun is Family
    ????????Make Firearms Great Again ????????

  2. Hi, I haven’t been keeping up with the gun news lately and I’d like to know if Trump’s ban on bump stocks is really in force, or is it being ruled on in the courts. I have an AR and an AK with bump stocks, and I don’t know if I can even take them to the shooting range this weekend.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  3. Our constitutional right to posses and bear arms should be enforced at all cost. Any law or rule that infringes on that right is illegal in and of itself and should not be obeyed!! If we bow to laws that take our rights away then we deserve what we get. The second amendment was created to resist just such goverment intrusion.

  4. Theres only one reason ill never live outside Virginia, our state laws make all federal laws unenforcable. Any va resident who can legal purchase a firearm can own machine gun(s), for purposes that are nonviolent, as long as the state police have the serial number registered and 2 casings fired from it.

  5. In order for Trump to be considered a criminal, he first must be charged with a crime. So far for the Special Council, it’s not looking too good for them that any crimes have been committed by Trump. In fact, all of the evidence is showing that many crimes have been committed by the accusers and not the accused. Your assertion that you can threaten a Supreme Court Justice because he was appointed by a criminal is nonsense. Even if Trump was found culpable of a crime wouldn’t invalidate the appointment. Your statements just more evidence to the fact that Socialist and Left minded people are grossly ignorant and often don’t know what they are talking about.

  6. To talk about public safety is to miss the reality of gun control. The second amendment goes hand in hand with thee idea of government control. Self defence was a given along with hunting and the thrust of the second amendment was to give the people a way to control a government getting out of hand if necessary. Gun control is government safety and citizen control. If you try to go down the path of public safety you’re missing the point and following the gun grabbers agenda.

  7. Like some, I too am former law enforcement. My department also refused and instructed us not to enforce laws on hand gun and rifle bans. But this, along with finger pointing at this group and that group will never solve the problem. Being just simply human, we have the inherit drive to live our lives with our own agenda first and here lately make other people live their lives according to how we feel.

    Even though it sometimes feels that we no longer live in a free and democratic republic for the people and by the people; we still need to keep in mind that we, as individuals can still choose what we do. No one person, group or world view should dictate to anyone in this country that their own choice is not good enough. What do I mean by that is this; if you don’t like something don’t buy it, don’t visit it, don’t participate in it; but don’t make other people who do like those things not be able to have enjoy them because you don’t. Now, obviously if it’s an illegal activity, they yeah common sense says something should be done.

    Many of you have stated the Second Amendment and it’s support of the right to bear arms. Others of you that don’t support it want to take it away from those that live by it. Ask yourself, would you want someone telling you can’t drive in your car of choice because in recent years it was the car of choice for drunk driver’s? That the car itself in bad and it should be banned. We have lost focus on what the real issue is. It’s people. It’s our very own ability to be bad, jealous, envious, angry and vengeful. We are driven by own opinions, values, attitudes and beliefs.

    In this case about gun control, anyone on either side can twist statistics to their benefit. There is enough free information floating around the internet now for each to research and make our decisions. Taking the word of any person, no matter their job title, is not always the best way. Especially when it begins to infringe on your freedoms and your ability to choose. It’s not the law abiding citizen we need to worry about. Criminals will continue to get guns no matter the law. What’s wrong with keeping the playing field level? Criminals only prey on people they know who are already victims just waiting to be victims. Let people make their choice to own or not own a firearm. Punish those that break the laws.

    So remember, when you want to impose your “will” on someone solely based on your feelings or twisting statistics and quite possibly your lack of knowledge, ask yourself if you would want someone to do that to you.

  8. The public needs to be informed of the Great Miami Shootout of 1986 and how the police were outgunned by thugs armed with AK-47’s. These politicians also need to be schooled on what the 2nd Amendment really means with respect to “militia” and how the phrase “in common use” re: the Heller decision applies directly to modern sporting rifles despite Frankenstein’s attempts to deny it.

    Ted Cruz laid the wood to Feinstein in several Senate hearings and he deserves our support for being a champion of the 2nd Amendment.

    Watch this:

  9. I am a 20 year career police officer. Let it be known…I and most of my fellow officers DO NOT SUPPORT A SEMI AUTOMATIC FIREARMS BAN…NOR WILL WE ENFORCE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And you’re not alone, apparently. According to the following surveys, the majority of your fellow LEOs don’t appear to support emotionally-symbolic (but largely ineffective and unenforceable) gun ‘safety’ measures such as ‘assault weapon’ or ‘high-capacity’ magazine bans either:

  10. We need to start taking things from these politicians, the good people that own these guns that don’t commit crimes are losing there guns for they they look. The way they look!, by god there going to want us to have these things if someone tried to invade are country, never mind the military, beware of the people!

  11. I just retired after 35 years in law enforcement in Florida. I know for a fact that criminals are heavily armed with illegal AKs etc. in their vehicles and elsewhere. When police attempt to stop them in a vehicle for any reason, they flee and cops can’t chase them and they know it. So they go free. But the misinformed public thinks that the police or a hand gun is enough to protect them. How sad. I guess the recent story of the Jayme Closs abduction and murder of her parents, or the Parkland shootings won’t enlighten the misinformed. A organization in Florida called Ban Assault Weapons Now is trying to get enough signatures to put it before the voters in 2020. The misinformed will likely vote for the ban.

    1. Really??? Are you still trying to sell us the Hoax / Drill known as “Parkland”???
      Sorry sir, not buying any more of these fabricated / manufactured events. Nice try though trying to disinform.

  12. I am also a free mason, and have many friends who are either masons or members of the Elks. Also, the number of free masons who are members at my gun club is astounding. I can assure you that these fraternities are NOT anti second amendment. These fraternities are made up of people who believe in, and support, the constitution.

    1. Sir if I may ask, which level Mason are you???

      Most of the lower and average level masons are kept in the Dark regarding the important events. The higher echelons Masons are working against our Second Amendment as painful as it may be for you to realize this. I personally know a Mason that is aware and he is just complacent and tells me he can’t do anything to against the higher-up Masons. Truly Pathetic.

  13. I am a veteran of numerous (combat) assaults wherein I went in behind a REAL machine gun, not a Sugarman phony look alike. Feinswine is a Marxist traitorous slug with a superficial resemblance to a human female. Does that make her an “Assault Granny”?

  14. I think we need a ban on assault politicians, those who would assault our basic human/God given right to defend ourselves and loved ones, in addition to all of the enumerated rights which are constitutionally guaranteed.

    1. Agreed! That and trial for Treason against our country and then appropriate penalties for “TREASON”

  15. Well, to me, something labeled an “assault rifle” would be something that you would use to “assault” someone with. But if this a firearm was not used to “assault” anyone how could it be termed as an “assault” rifle? I’ve never used my rifle to hurt anyone, I’ve only used my rifle for having lots and lots of fun, and teaching my friends and family firearm safety and responsibility so they can go out and enjoy it also.
    So, if I were to defend myself with a spoon and I took out one of the attackers eyes with said spoon, would this spoon now become an “Assault” spoon ? And would they ban it then? And everyone who eats cereal for breakfast or stirss Coffee would not be able to do so? I think everybody gets my point here.

  16. Well she gets away with it because she IS a politician. You know they’re above the law!! They’re greedy and power hungry. Even getting rid of the whole lot and starting over wouldn’t solve anything. I agree with everything you guys have said especially the post about Hitler and socialism. I wouldn’t pretend to know how to solve this dilemma. Banning guns isn’t the solution though.

  17. Seeing as how possession of an “assault weapon” is a crime in the District of Columbia¹, why has the Democrat Representative from the 12th Congressional District of California, Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, not been arrested … considering the photographic proof of her possession²?


  18. Seeing as how possession of an “assault weapon” is a crime in the District of Columbia¹, why has the Democrat Representative from the 12th Congressional District of California, Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, not been arerested … considering the photographic proof of her possession²?


  19. It’s not the radical marxist/socialist politicians that are the danger to our freedoms it’s the schools. The schools are indoctrinating our children to hate our country, our constitution, our heritage and our culture. A politician can do nothing unless they get elected to office and our children are being taught to hate individual liberty & freedom and to vote fro those who will enslave them all.We must get the communists and socialists out of education at every level and never let them teach our youth to hate freedom.

  20. Aw, poor kwmjr and all the others who feel they may loose their gun collection. Just hand them over now or reach up in your panties and pull the balls from you belly. Those dumb libs. and dems. will be the ones that start the war with in this country. The weak will loose and if you give up your weapons you will be very weak. I am not worried about loosing my collection as I will protecting the future of our kids and wont care if they pry the weapons out of my bloody dead fingers. Lets unite and make America Great Again, or go lay down and bend over cuz you will be penetrated deep if you allow it.

  21. We Americans must stop being afraid of being labeled, “Anti-semitic” only then we can push back and regain our complete Constitutional Rights. This has been their tool of choice for decades. As soon as anyone challenges their narrative and questions their decisions they automatically pull out the BS “Anti-semitic” card and most people shut down and run away. Instead we should call them out on it and shame them for being Anti-American!!! The sooner we learn to stop being afraid of bing labeled an, “Anti-semite” the sooner we will become more effective at getting our rights restored. Unlike us they are very organized, practically every middle sized city has a Masonic Lodge, a Rotary International, the Lyons Club, the Elks Lodge, etc. Like I said they are very organized against us and we must go full steam ahead like a giant sledge-hammer right back at them.

    1. Are you implying that Free Masons are against the 2nd Amendment//? I am a Free Mason and I can tell you that there is not a Mason I know that is against our 2 Amendment.

    2. Yes exactly what I am implying. Many judges, police officers, influential politicians are members of Freemasonry, that is a fact.

      Yet so many of these police and people in authority take part in the fabricated manufactured events designed to chop away at our Constitutionally protected rights.

      Sandy Hoax, even the FBI in their report stated that ZERO people were murdered / killed in Newtown Connecticut in 2012. Not to mention the other plays on Masonic Symbolism during these fabricated / manufactured events. How many “SCOTTS” in the BS Parkland Hoax??? Rick SCOTT the governor, SCOTT Israel the sheriff, SCOTT Biegelman the alleged Hero, SCOTT Peterson the alleged cowardly deputy and also a recycled name of a Killer from California that supposedly murdered his wife on some lake, etc. SCOTTISH RITE Freemasons and their dualities and most always the shoe or shoes let unattended at the scene of these manufactured events. I an go on and on about all this masonic Symbolism involved in these events. What level Freemason are you sir? The bottom of the rung members are kept in the dark about most of the important events! I also know a Mason and he blames it on the “Higher-Up” Masons. He tells me that he can’t do anything about these fabricated events and he is a member because one day he might have a need and the brotherhood will come through. Truly pathetic.

    3. I’m not sure if you’re using the term “anti-Semitic” correctly. What does this subject have to do with the Jewish people?

    4. Perhaps you have not seen my prior posts regarding this issue?

      Since 1968 to March 2005 (for 37 consecutive years in a row) jews and only jews were active in proposing / authoring / sponsoring anti-gun legislation. I have included the entire list in my prior posting including the names of these jewish senators and congressmen.

  22. All we hear is how terrible ‘assault’ weapons are. What many don’t seem to understand is that virtually any rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver, or even a flintlock could be considered an assault weapon. When the bullet or shot leave the muzzle they have no friends and don’t care who or what they hit. According to the Second Amendment of the BILL OF RIGHTS we have the right to keep and bear arms. We’re a nation of riflemen so I feel most everyone will agree that education in firearms safety is the way to go. One never knows when he or she might put in a position to handle on so the safe and proper way would be good to know. And perhaps Socialist Dianne Feinstein might do more good if she’d concentrate on illegal drugs that are killing no telling how many people each day.

  23. Do realize that when Feinstein retires, she will be replaced by a younger, probably more progressive/socialist version.

    Betos, Cortez and other young openly Marxist politicians represent far more of a threat to the Constitution than a single bill and have already questioned the Constitution’s relevance.

    Liberty, freedom, the right to bear arms, due process and other foundational Constitutional rights are 100% antithetical to socialism with its goal of controlling and subduing the proletariat. This is precisely why these rights, like being armed, are the first to be stripped by socialist (and fascists) governments historically.

    Most disturbingly is you have millions of voters whom have been indoctrinated to align with socialism or are naive enough to support those policies and politicians. Like a cancer it will spread and eventually destroy from within.

    With the marxists in control of the media and flow of information to the masses any escalated political response to these anti-Constitutional policies will be quickly squashed and quelled by the “domestic terrorism” card.

    Thus, I don’t see any real long term resolution aside from succession which obviously has it’s own set of problems. Everything else is a bandaid that will eventually result in war anyway given the current track and political climate. The U.S. is no longer “united” and the greatest threats to this Republic are no longer external.

  24. In a nation of 320+M folks, lots of folks die every day from a wide variety of causes (some self inflicted). Only the dramatic ones make the headlines.

    If you want to win this debate, then we have to lay out a positive program. We all want safe schools, churches, communities, etc., and here is how to do it.

    Read the Parkland report.

    Warning. It will depress you.

    The reality is evildoers seek infamy, look for high PR value soft targets, and study defenses to counter them. The reality is they have a wide variety of ways to kill. Guns, trucks, knives, etc.

    A key tactic is any debate is defining the issues.

    Do you realize 20,000-30,0000 lives could be saved every year if we had a national first aid program?

    If we let the opponent define the issue, then we are forced to react, vs solving the problem. Research the issues. There are lots of studies online.

  25. Every American should read “The Second Amendment Primer” by
    Les Adams, copyright 1996. He examines the history of the Second Amendment by taking us back in time to ancient classical civilizations where we see the earliest expressions of man’s inalienable right to keep and bear arms. The revelations of this book enlighten us with a deep understanding of this right and how important it is to protect that right.

  26. If we continue to just say NO to every lame or extreme attempt to limit gun ownership eventually the majority of people ( non-gun owners } will have their way, and I will lose the ownership of my gun collection . So in moving forward practical and some justifiable changes should be adopted by those of us that are responsible owners that respect our fellow citizens like we respect our guns ! There are many things that can be done that will not infringe on our rights as responsible owners and the sooner we do something the sooner the wind goes out of the sails of the second amendment haters, and I get to keep my gun collection and able to pass it on to my off springs !

    1. You would only lose your legal right to posses your guns but not your ability to keep them.

    2. No more compromises, they already took more than enough!!!

      We need to get the Hughes Amendment repealed and we need to remove the Gun Control Act of 1968. That would be a good start.

  27. This is another attempt by the democrats to gun grab law abiding Citizen’s and take there rights away from them. It won’t stop there they will try banning magazines and probably go as far as certain handguns that already come standard with high capacity magazines. We will have to fight any attempt to disarm the people’s America! Our 2nd Amendment is being attacked left and right!

  28. Time to let them know that we will no longer stand for the attacks on the Constitution and their attempts to control the people instead of representing the people

  29. WE WILL fight to our death over our Constitutional rights granted to us by the Founding Fathers.And we will NOT waiver from this cause…

    1. As a radical leftist, a real life Socialist, I hope that is exactly what we do when we make it a felony with a minimum five year sentence per count, to possess an unlicensed or unregistered firearm, or to be in possession of more than the legally authorized amount of ammunition, if one is not licensed to sell ammunition. There is nothing I would love more that to see you idiots on the Fascist Right give us an excuse to shoot you like the rabid dogs you are.

    2. Go back under the bridge in which you came Troll.
      You do understand that you and your uneducated kind don’t believe in guns so you’ll be the first to die when you come for them. Go live in Venezuela since you love socialism so much.

  30. What is really unfortunate, and an indictment on the American voters, is that for decades they continued to vote for the same people over and over again. These politicians did not have to do anything to satisfy the people in the conservative/constitutional realm, as they did not worry about the voters who would swallow all the campaign rhetoric (promises which time and again was not delivered). Once in office there was no need to fulfill the requirement of protecting our constitutional rights – after all they had history proving that the people would continue to believe the empty promises.
    What we truly need is term limits. If we can not get the legislature to “vote themselves out of office” by refusing to run, then it is up to the electorate (voters) tp vote them out.
    Rise up law abiding citizens and turn over the legislature with your vote and secure our constitutional and God given rights.

  31. I would like information what exactly will be baned? Will my existing guns be ilegal or grandfathered? Amunition? Lets not complain to each other i think we are all of the same opinions we need facts!!!

  32. Hi, I’ve been actively in Public Safety for OVER 37 years. Even though I carry a Badge, I’m SICK and Tired of these GODLESS DEMS continually trying to disarm the GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE!! They know they will never be able to CONTROL an ARMED Population! They could care less about your “Safety”!! MAY GOD continue to empower President Trump to continue to do whats right and rid the country of these PARASITES who only get rich at our expense and do NOTHING for the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

    1. Trump lesser of the two evils. What bothers me about Trump is that as soon as he took office He met with our country’s Sheriffs and said that he “greatly encouraged for the Police to begin civil asset forfeiture and confiscation without “DUE PROCESS”!!! Something surely is not right about him. I think that they knew that if crooked Hillary was selected we would have an all out civil war right there and then so they are buying more time by giving us Trump. Be very cautious as a wall can not only keep things out but it can also keep American Patriots from going across border to rest and resupply. Trump is part of the NWO he is a Band-Aid while they scheme how to weasel out of the BS they have done for the past few decades. Our multi-Trillion Dollar debt and the 7-11 event in NY.

  33. An astute observer commented that a typical Congressional tactic is for one chamber to float a controversial bill to get the public somewhat immunized, and then the other chamber would put up an even more egregious bill, after interest had died down, with the net result that a more strict version could be passed. Look for the House bill to be the stronger bill they try to ram through.

  34. I’ve been an NRA Life Member for about 10 years and today I became a GOA Patriot Member. This stuff has to stop.

  35. The Constitution lays out our Rights and is the basis for all Laws that we adhere to and if demon-rats can choose to burn the Constitution and ignore our Laws and Rights then we as Citizens of our own State and Country must decide for ourselves if we are going to protect and Defend the Constitution. If we don’t do everything in our power to stop these criminals and get rid of them it will be us and our families that pay the price and I refuse to be a slave and victim /o anyone!

  36. The Democrats accuse everyone that disagree with them of being a Nazi
    But they are following the same anti gun policies as the National Socialist Party created by Hitler himself.
    And yes Nazism is socialism that the Democrats seem to Love so much.

  37. From my point of view at the age of 76, It’s about time they bring it on and we get this done and over with. These Commies will continue this adnauseam (puke) until the Mussolini’s find themselves a street light pole. Good by.
    We don’t need lawyers to “fight for us any more”, just get the dwelling places where these Commies live, because they all have all our addresses too. Sooo sorry this might sound harsh to you bleeding heart snow flakes. It is what it is. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Just expressing my personal convictions. It is still a free country after all (I think). Or is it?

  38. I think Senator Feinstein could use her time more appropriately by trying to work on that double chin she has acquired.
    In the meantime, those that know about the legal use of firearms can you continue to do so.

  39. What can i say that had not already been said we all know the inherent risks of them taking our right of self defence. Special thanks to all who voted left in the midterms now gun control is literally sweeping across the nation.

  40. I agree with all these posts. If everyone would pay attention to the shootings ha has happened they could tell that law abiding citizens caused less casualties than what would have been if the ones that were there stopped the perpetrator. But, they don’t want to mention that. As others have said, they’ll have to pry my cold dead fingers off my weapons to get mine.

  41. Has anyone read the first line of the proposed bill?

    “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

    Seems like it says the exact opposite of the second amendment, right in the middle of it’s opening statement. It amazes me that they so blatantly disregard our secind amendment rights. Not that they are doing it. But that they are openly declaring it in the opening statement of a Senate bill.

  42. These gun grabbing commies swear on the Bible to abide by and to protect the constitution Every last one of them should be impeached and tried for treason!

    1. Hate to tell you this, but even the right-wing Justice Scalia in _Heller_ said that the Second Amendment does not mean what you think, and does not prohibit regulation of firearms ownership. He explicitly said some types of firearms may be banned. So sorry, as long as you can still buy a shotgun or a lever-action rifle to defend your home, we can ban semiautomatic rifles all we want. That’s just what we will do when the Democrats take the Senate and White House in 2020, and if Kavanough or Gorsich don’t agree, we can impeach them on the grounds that their appointments were made by a criminal, and so invalid.

  43. Hey Diane, why dont you start with Hollywood. No pictures can show so called assault rifles. No bombs, no explosions fiery car or plane crashes that hurt the environment. Start with that you hypocrite

  44. The thing here is that it is a constitutional as well as a god given right. No old dried up pedophile senator or congressman or woman has any right by law to take it away. They are only going to disarm the people and arm more security for themselves, as of now the fear they propose to exist is contrived not real. But maybe it is time for it to get real for the elites. As it has been said many times if you trade security for freedom you deserve neither.

  45. Well, well, well, would you look at all these names of these supposed Democrats! Are they Irish??? Are they French??? Are they Chinese??? Are they Eskimos??? Are they American Indians??? We all know very well who these people really are but it is not politically correct to mention them as my post will be deleted in less than 30 seconds just for merely mentioning the people of this tribe!!! 37 years in a row working against us Americans and our American values and still they continue to work against us and our freedoms.

    H.R. 17735 (1968 Gun Control Act)
    representative Emmanuel CELLER

    Senate Bill 1523 (1988)
    senator Howard METZENBAUM

    Senate Bill 2180 (1988)
    senator Howard METZENBAUM

    “Senate Bill 2070 “Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990” – (1990)
    senator Herbert KOHL

    Senate Bill 653 (1993)
    senator Howard METZENBAUM

    Brady Law (February 1994)
    senator Howard METZENBAUN
    senator Charles SCHUMMER

    Senate Bill 1878 Brady Bill 2 (1994)
    senator Howard METZENBAUM

    H.R. 1321(1994)
    sponsored by senator Charles SCHUMMER

    “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994” – (1994)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    representative Charles SCHUMMER

    “Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995” – (1995)
    senator Herbert KOHL
    senator Arlen SPECTER
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG

    “Lautenberg Domestic-Violence Confiscation Provision” (1996)
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG

    Senate Bill 54 (1997)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN

    Senate Bill 193 (January 1999)
    senator Barbara BOXER – real name “LEVY”

    Senate Bill 149 (January 1999)
    senator Herbert KOHL

    Senate Bill 407 (February 1999)
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG

    Senate Bill 443 (February 1999)
    senator rank LAUTENBERG

    Senate Bill 560 (March 1999)
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG

    Senate Bill 594 (March 1999)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN

    Senate Bill 2515 (May 2000)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    senator Barbara BOXER – real name LEVY
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG
    senator Charles SCHUMMER

    Senate Bill 25 (January 2001)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    senator Charles SCHUMMER
    senator Barbara BOXER – real name LEVY

    Reintroduced Legislation that would Reauthorize the 1994 Federal Ban (May 2003)

    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    senator Charles SCHUMMER
    senator Barbara BOXER – real name LEVY

    Senate Bill 1774 (October 2003)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN
    senator frank LAUTENBERG
    senator Carl LEVIN
    senator Charles SCHUMMER

    Senate Bill 645 (March 2005)
    senator Frank LAUTENBERG

    Senate Bill 620 (March 2005)
    senator Dianne FEINSTEIN

  46. Seriously? Y’all are within too much fox fake news. I’m a liberal progressive and I love the crap out of all guns, pistols, rifles, I have a ton. I also love socialism! My widowed mother and widowed sister are both on social security, I don’t know how they would survive without it. I love social programs like freeways, police and fire programs that help society, you know things Jesus Christ our lord and savior taught us to do, that is love one another. The tribalism talk about labeling socialism as something evil needs to stop. Liberal ignorance needs to stop. For f’s sake tribalism needs to stop! We’re not going to find solutions by calling anti gun people socialist, that crap doesn’t get us any where. Let educate people about what guns are and what they mean to us instead of calling the other side socialist for f’s sake. No more division, education is the best path forward.

  47. The Founding Fathers did not limit the citizens of that day to firearms of bygone eras, the hand canon, the matchlock, or the wheel-lock. They were allowed the flintlock rifle and musket. One-third of the Senate and all House members recently took the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” lying is grounds for removal from office. Isn’t this what the Democratic Party has been saying about Republicans?

  48. Yes I believe that they will continue to succeed at chipping away at the Second Amendment, the liberals are far better making their voices heard than the rest of us. The are better at community organizing than we are. They have the media on their side, who do we have the NRA and call’s to our Congressman, what good does that do, NOTHING! I called my Florida Congressman and he could care less about my Second Amendment Concerns. I don’t know what the answer is but we are not winning the argument to Protect our Beloved Second Amendment.

  49. You know…in the larger picture here, who cares what party does what? We seem, at times, to focus our attention on the party (republicans or democrats) rather than the real issue. And yes, there are several issues. One of the largest is the misrepresentation of what legally owned weapons really means. I often wonder if there was an active shooting (god forbid) and a legally-armed private citizen stood between the shooter and these people who want to ban all guns, just what they would think, say and do then. Do you really think they would stand there and complain about someone carrying a weapon? Or would they honestly be thankful that this person actually saved their lives? This debate is a continuous nightmare over something so ridiculous. It has been said so many times–if criminals want illegal guns, then they will get them. Period. Why must the government continue to mislead the general population with lies and scare tactics simply to instill a personal, warped perspective of how they invision “control” should be. I wonder what would happen if these politicians came down out of their ivory towers and actually had to fight (really fight) for their life…just once…wouldn’t it be interesting to see their perspective after that.

  50. Folks you must realize that the point isn’t safety. The push is toward socialism which cannot tolerate armed citizens. Trying to fight on the basis of safety is just what the socialists want because it detracts from their real purpose!

  51. Of course it has no chance of passing the Republican controlled Senate. Mitch McTurtle will make sure it never comes up for a vote. That’s why it’s Feinstein in the Senate, and no companion bill in the House. It’s all politics for taking back the Senate in 2020, by showing that the Republican Party is a clear and present danger, and convincing folks in Red states that the Republicans will ruin their way of life. Democrats don’t care about gun nuts, and could care less about you. Why should they? Gun nuts have spent decades making sure that anyone who voted for a Democrat was not welcome in shooting circles. You have made sure that we would know you and the whole gun rights community were 100% an arm of the Republican Party, and that you actively worked against us in every election. I can remember when my state had a number of Democrats who were proud to hunt and be involved in the shooting sports. There are none left. This is a bloodless civil war. You are the enemy. We will destroy you. Enjoy life after 2020, when the Democrats take back the White House and the Senate. All we will have left to do is impeach Trump’s illegitimate Justices, and the NRA will be destroyed.

  52. Make no mistake, this AWB of 2019 is the first step. If it passes, the precedent is there to turn their sights on banning semiauto handguns. This new assault on the 2A needs to be stopped in its tracks right now. History shows banning these guns, or forcing a registration, will not be obeyed by constitutionally minded Americans. Many Americans have already willingly disobeyed current laws for registration, for outright banning MSRs, for the limiting of magazines to 10 or 15 rounds.

    Every inch the left takes, every inch we give in, provides the leftist socialists a firmer grip on their gun ban goal. There is no giving in if we want to preserve our rights. Everyone needs to understand this is real. It is not some exercise somewhere that won’t affect us. It is no longer a debate. It isn’t just words exchanged between two opposing sides. This is real and is happening right now! We are under assault from the left and we have an opportunity to stop it to preserve our rights, for ourselves, and for our future citizens.

    Stand up for all our RIGHTS!

  53. Ridiculous! The Constitution and Bill of Rights allow for protection of arms! “Will not be infringed”! Each of these politicians should be removed from the political field and charged with treason since it is against the Constitution which the have sworn to uphold!

    Remove them now!

  54. To the answer the old Democrats question ” why does one person need so many fire arms?” Why does a car collector need so many cars? Cars kill more people every day, every year than anything. The car collector does not use his cars to kill people. He buys a car(the most deadly thing ever invented) because he enjoys them. I have 22 fire arms and not one of them has ever been used in a crime. I would like to buy several more with the sole intention of enjoying them responsibly.

  55. In 2016, Americans voted for a pro-2nd Amendment president. President Trump championed conservative principles but ultimately lost the battle against a well-oiled left-leaning media. The Border Wall has become a political battle, and so too are the efforts to demonize legal gun owners. Whether a semi-automatic or an automatic machine gun is banned is second to the fact that legislation is being drafted to deny the right of people to own weapons. Unfortunately, illegal gun sales will continue and criminals will continue to use them. There is no quick fix to America’s gun violence problem. Sometimes it’s crazed kids going on an awful shooting spree, and sometimes it’s inner-city gang violence, or simply violent crimes. If you take guns away, criminals and terrorists will make bombs, use vehicles, hijack buses and planes. Where do you draw the line? What comes after semi-autos? handguns? BB guns? bulldozers?

  56. How was it Pelosi’s former driver was a chinese spie and that your biggest holdings are chinese but yet you try and pass legislation that has no chance of stopping crime. IT’S NOT THE GUN, IT’S WHAT PULLS THE TRIGGER. You fail to realize man will commit violent acts with a twig or the jaw bone of a ass.

  57. It is quite obvious that liberals intent is to strip away our Constitutional rights one by one in order to enact a tyranny in America. Jefferson noted that the cause of liberty would need to be refreshed with the blood of Patriots to preserve it. There is a reason that 2nd Amendment is right after the First. George Washington said that guns are next in importance to the Constitution itself. The Founders feared a standing Army so much that was the reason for 2nd amendment. The militia is the body of the people, and an armed population a check against the rise of tyranny!

    Our second Amendment is a shortened version from one article in the original bill of rights of Virginia. Look the long version up in the history books, and the intent is clear. The limitations on 2nd Amend. Are unconstitutional clearly. It is the right, no the duty, of all patriots to resist any attempt at confiscation by any mean necessary. Including by force of arms. And note many in military and law enforcement have signed oaths to not confiscate the guns of law abiding Americans.

  58. Another issue is that you have politicians writing these laws that have little or no background with firearms. Its not so much Republican or Democrat, its more mis-informed politicians on the law commitys. Senator/ Rep selection should be more responsible.
    It is OUR job to get out and Elect proper representitives EACH Election .

  59. When it comes to listening to fools who haven’t a fart’s chance in a tornado, to think I care about whether or not I am in compliance with some non-constitutional administrative ruling will be the least of my concerns, instead of listening to fools and traitors I exercise ALL my God Given Constitutional rights not caring what some, one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal bureaucrat wants!!! Instead I will focus on center mass, maintaining fire discipline, and assessing immediate threat vectors!

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear, yes I am a Christian, and yes I carry a gun. One might think I carry a gun because I don’t trust God. Well you would be wrong. I have complete faith in my Lord; it’s crazed lunatics and an oppressive government that believes it has the right to dictate what I can and cannot have, can and cannot think or say, can and cannot eat or drink etc., I have no trust in! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE. Molon Labe

    ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

    “Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.”

    Why is it every time tragedy is carried out by bad people stupid people want to start taking rights away from good people??

    Cain murdered Abel with a rock! Lieberals at the time blamed the NRA !!!

  60. The only thing I saw in 1994 when the ban went into effect was to radically
    increase the prices of any gun that resembled those banned. Made me wonder if Sen.Dianne Feinstein is getting some kind of kickback from the
    gun makers or sales outlets. It made no difference then and will do exactly the same now. Just drives the prices up.

  61. Have you noticed that its always jewish democrats who demand that our 2nd Amendment rights be trampled? Or are Feinstein and Schumer and Blumenthal just more coincidences?

  62. Like ALWAYS…….where is the NRA in all this? We are ALWAYS asked to support ($$$$) the NRA……yet we don’t see any PRO-ACTIVE pre-bill action by them….only the public announcements AFTERWARDS how “bad” such new legislation is, and that they will “fight” it. Yeah…..close the barn door after it left the barn. Typlical…..they want your membership $$$ , no issues with that, but what lobbying efforts and such….. that they are always accused of doing ( by the Left)…or expected to do (by the Right)….is actually happening? How influentual are they to stop garbage like this? They got a good thing going by tugging at your patriotic emotionss to join….but then what happens? Even here, who is making the fastest public out-cry against this? The NSSF….NOT the NRA. Where is THEIR public statement? When it comes….if it comes….it’ll be too little, too late.

  63. One more time…it’s not just Dems, people. Trump is behind the bump stock ban, which is just as bad, if not worse, than any other ban. This whole “ban” movement started with Ronald Reagan, if you care to look into it. I’m not a Republican, and I’m against any form of gun control. I’m not the only one, either. So stop acting like every single Dem out there wants bans, because you are wrong. You need to start watching Republican politicians because some of them are behind what’s going on here…they are not innocent by any means.

  64. Unfortunately the Bleeding Heart Liberals/Socialist will not stop at banning semiautomatic weapons, they want to disarm America completely…We know what happens when a country has been disarmed…We’ve seen it before, it makes the population ripe for Socialist Dictatorship…Write your congressman to vote against any gun control ban/law period.

  65. Criminals don’t abide by any laws so you can’t make laws against guns to restrict criminals that is the stupidest idea. Maybe we should look into the fact that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. So with that said anyone holding public office has to swear an oath to defend it both foreign and domestic. Anyone in public office who promotes any changes to any rights in the bill of rights is committing sedition. They are slyly attempting to take control of the country thru lies and repeating lies till ignorant lazy people believe it. All believe forms of government outside of this republic are un welcome in Congress and Senate and all other offices. The very fact of any party is unconstitutional let alone any that is not a belief in upholding and defending the bill of rights. That is this country’s very core values and they do not need to change. Any form of communism was unwelcome during the cold war does any one remember that? Well it is my belief that any government that is not for this republic needs to labeled sedition so all this craziness will stop. Round up all these unbelievabing Americans and send them abroad to practice there socialist beliefs, start at the university’s and then go to senates and Congress. Get rid of the cancer before the spread is so wide so deep it leads to a violent socialist uproar in the streets against real American people who respect and defend our nation and beliefs. That’s my 2 cents if this offends you then you are the problem I will help you pack up and move over seas where socialism is cultivated. Good day

  66. Term limits! How do professional politicians become multimillionaires? It seems that liberals always have a solution to punish the innocent. Perhaps We The People should remind them who works for who. It seems most politicians would have no problem ” stepping on ” The Constitution they swore to uphold…

  67. These predator class “politicians” took an oath to uphold the constitution yet aim to decimate it with bogus and unconstitutional laws. These people MUST be held accountable with lawsuits, threats of recall or whatever it takes. The time is long overdue that we the people demand serious recourse against these new world order vile swamp scum enemies.

  68. This is what happens when limp wrists and commies have the right to vote. It sickens me to see them mixing good sport rifles in with machine guns. You can’t mix the too! They need to stay separate. Build the wall, keep our guns, and put all the gays on an island!

  69. Both political parties disgust me. But more so the Dems. Our president wants to fulfill his campaign promise and truly what’s 5 billion to them anyway. They blow that each day with the blink of an eye. Most all our politicians appear to be lunitics and now gun control. Things that are happening now relate more to social issues. Democrats want to control you, for you to depend on them. I’m fed up with is political merry go round

  70. What’s interesting is that most rank and file law enforcement officers aren’t supportive of emotionally-symbolic (but largely ineffective and unenforceable) measures such as ‘assault weapon’ and ‘high-capacity’ magazine bans. Furthermore, Dianne Feinstein is on record essentially admitting that such laws aren’t likely to be effective:

  71. Founding Fathers included 2nd amendment for a well regulated militia, and crude firearms were what U.S. Military had. So today we should have right to have and to hold WHATEVER WEAPONS U.S. MILITARY CURRENTLY USES!! So common sense interpretation of 2nd Amendment would today limit us to ownership of….well use your imagination….so we’d continue to have a well regulated militia of course!! I’m sorry if my viewpoint somewhat biased, but Grandfather owned 3 Tommy Guns teaching me to shoot them when 4 years old AND 1st job at 13 was contract killer for State of Michigan shooting crows @ fifty cents per head. Child labor laws prevented me being hired to liquidate crows at State cookoo hospital, driving patients more cookoo. Got 242 the first day and that was with my Model 15 Springfield single shot .22 given to me when 4 by Dad. Didn’t use my automatic as Eley subsonics wouldn’t cycle, netted $121, did that for 5 yrs putting myself thru University, and we had a well regulated militia as well!!

  72. Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving. That’s how gun control works.

  73. If you allow misinformation to be distributed then people will believe it. A good well thought out program of education to properly inform the public that ‘machine guns’ are prohibited by law and are tightly enforced and controlled by the ATF needs to be made public and that the cost of these is cost prohibitive.

  74. The Senate is currently in GOP control 53-47 so NO, senator DiFi’s new anti-gun bill will not pass in the senate. In The House it would pass right now but fortunately they have to have control of both houses of Congress to pass new legislation.

  75. The people of the welfare state of Commiefornia have spoken. They wish to live in a socialist Utopia. I guess they didn’t pay attention in history class. Socialism doesn’t beget communism, they are the same animal. And why are people so proud of the name “socialist”? The last “socialist” uprising I can remember is the National Socialist movement in Germany in the 1930’s. We called them Nazi’s and we fought a war costing millions of lives to defeat them.

  76. You can’t print my response to these bills….but its not going to stop, best case scenario is to keep buying guns and ammo and hope for the best…

  77. I believe that when Americans voted in a conservative Republican Congress Andorra current POTUS the opportunity to eliminate these harsh extremists ideals. However unfortunately both failed to act and now again look what a mess we have gotten ourselves in to.

    Thanks again for doing nothing and letting the misguided media based upon a false narrative influence the American public

    1. I think one of the problems could be the NRA allowed Extreme liberal public opinion to get them to back off the banning of bump stocks. This allowed the DOJ To change the ATF’s rulling and gave them the opportunity to try and label them as machine guns. President Trump was swayed by the NRA’s lack of interest, Reading to all this rhetoric

  78. Democrats most important agenda is “PEOPLE CONTROL” which is exactly what gun control is. If they had their way, cameras would be installed in our homes so they could monitor us 24/7.

    1. These socialist that morons voted into congress show the stupidity being bred into and allowed to enter this country in today’s times !! SUCH STUPIDITY !!!

    2. I think one of the problems could be the NRA allowed Extreme liberal public opinion to get them to back off the banning of bump stocks. This allowed the DOJ To change the ATF’s rulling and gave them the opportunity to try and label them as machine guns. President Trump was swayed by the NRA’s lack of interest, Reading to all this rhetoric

    3. Jim wrote: “I think one of the problems could be the NRA allowed Extreme liberal public opinion to get them to back off the banning of bump stocks.”

      This is not the first time NRA’s ambivalence led to more gun control.

      Back in 1986, when corrupt New Jersey politician slipped his patently-unconstitutional ‘Machine Gun Ban’ into the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of 1986, I tried, as both an NRA Life Member and an ATF licensed Title II, Class 2 Machine Gun Manufacturer, to challenge this amendment (H.A. 777) as a violation of the 2nd Amendment. Their response was that there were too few machine gun owners and machine guns available to waste their lobbying efforts.

      I told them at that time that to do nothing would invite that infamous “camel” to stick it’s anti-gun “nose” further under the side of the tent.

      Can you say ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 1994’?

      I knew you could.

    4. Any government that took away the peoples way of the defending them selves later, within a short time, enslaved to people. I feel the biggest problem is the American people allow career politicians, Which after a time in office feel that they are royalty and we are their subjects even though they work for us. We must strive to aluminate career politicians or we are going to lose our country.

    5. They can watch you with 5G smartphone camers, and crooKS are doing that now, with 4G and 3G, if they get in.

      Point: government should never be so big – in any way – that they have control on us! Criminals should not have the control to they extent they do now, the same ways!

      Government must stop ignoring criminal activity, and not allow criminal control that is already pervasive! The government wants the drug and sex predator network health, such that the government has easy cooperation by ignorant voters, willing to relinquish rights/control for security!

      Government will never truly keep you and I safe! Not even with absolute control!

  79. If only we could charge these anti rights and anti freedom socialist pretending to be for the people with treason there would be less of them, but they won’t stop with just so called assault weapons. in fact they won’t stop until they have band and taken away all guns since they view any lawful citizen with a gun as a threat to their socialist agenda.

    1. Make no mistake, it is not just the guns. A socialistic society takes everything and claims to provide everything and all that is required is total obedience. And it starts one “right” at a time. Just sayin. Once we start defending our rights with our own government we have already lost.

    2. I agree with you! What’s really funny is that all the Leftist and extreme leftist don’t complain about Semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons when they’re in the hands of their personal security details!

    3. Again I say to correct the majority of our problems we must eliminate career politicians. Parasites that go into office as middle-class citizens and come out as multi millionaires. Parasites who vote for their own raises and benefits, Make laws for us to abide by and exempt themselves from the same laws. Until we eliminate career politicians This problem will never ever end.

  80. If the 2nd amendment is eliminated or even modified, the entire Constitution will be fair game to those that want this country to to fit their agenda, and nothing, nothing will be able to stop them short of a civil war. And you better hope the military troops side with the people who still believe in the Constitution as it stands today or there will be NO HOPE for your children. And that is a fact, Jack!

  81. She really should review history on how overreaching tyrannical governments have been dealt with in Lexington and Concord in 1776 and Paris in 1789. ’nuff said.

  82. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
    No way, no how, will I ever give up my weapons, nor abide by an Unconstitutional law that man has decreed. My Right to self defense comes from HIM, not the govt.
    Molon Labe. From my cold dead hands.
    Not as long as I am alive.
    It may be time soon, to water the tree of Liberty.

  83. As with most of you, the liberal push for a bloated government funded by taxpayers, should be warning enough. If by some total accident they do manage to pass a ban on sporting rifles and pervert our Constitution, it will be the trigger for our next civil war. In fact, most of the legislation they propose, is un-American, and anti-Constitutional. All of which is enough for me to rebel against. Unfortunately logic is wasted on the stupid. The dem/lib/snowflake/socialists disgust me to the point I cant continue this post.

    As always
    Carry on
    Forever 18 Bravo

    1. The best personal defense aid is equitable or superior to whatever may be used against me, you, or us!!!!!. One might want to ask or consider the reasons why so many settlers fled Europe or their other homelands? The 2nd amendment was ratified to ensure the public would be equipped to fight against an army (British generally at that time) and to ensure the greedy whims of the monarchy would have no power in the new world.

      The purpose of the 2nd amendment was to ensure the wealthy didn’t tyrannize and take advantage of the poor to the point of war or revolution in which you-know-who loses and remains or becomes enslaved. It’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself in this young nation as it did so many times “across the pond”, and the framers knew this.

      Since the Bill of Rights was written Crony Capitalist monopolies (The Deep State Globalists) have been growing. They didn’t acquire their wealth through philanthropy; they are definitely out to get us and that’s not paranoia, it’s just a simple fact of life. Now, lobby groups generally promote interests of the 1% whom basically own the government in a progressively increasing and obvious way.

      When government officials rely on corporations for their career’s stability, and that when these corporations decide they’re capable and ready to enslave the masses [including those government officials], will you/me/we have the personal defense aids necessary to defend our freedom in this modern technological age, or will you/me/we be stuck with rusty armor?”

      We go back to the simple question of “What part of “shall not be infringed” do these Leftopathic Corruptocratic Globalists not understand”? Any law restricting ownership of any firearm written since 1791 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore technically unenforceable !

      ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

      “Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.”

      You know we’ve hit peak first world privilege when the left protests to have our God given and constitutionally protected rights taken away from us!

      If Bruce Jenner can keep his penis and still be considered as a woman then, I can keep my firearms and be considered as being

  84. Make no mistake, the Left wants to eventually ban all firearms. In order to get public support for this they will lie with impunity about gun crime statistics and omit any information about self defense statistics which debunks their positions favoring more gun control. If we let them succeed in banning AR’s/AK’s, it will pave the way for further gun control, including seizures and outright bans.

    1. Of the twenty-seven words contained in our Second Amendment nowhere do I see any caveats allowing for the feral government, any government state or local the ability or responsibility to restrict my God given and constitutionally protected right of self preservation. There are no clauses allowing for background checks, waiting periods, psychological profiling, or the registration of any firearm to anyone! However, I do see plenty of elected officials who would just as soon try and TAKE our God given right by usurpative fiat while at the same time refusing to abide by their oaths of office. Guns have but two enemies, RUST and Politicians!!!

      No one but God can dictate policy to me and my family and I will do whatever it takes to secure my liberty and the liberty of my fellow patriots. Stand in my way try and usurp my rights or otherwise enslave me, you should be prepared to back your actions up with your life as I am prepared to do likewise!!
      There comes a time when you have to stand for the Constitution or die by legislation one usurpative bill at a time.

  85. Truly, we have some ignorant members of Congress. Whatever happened to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Instead we have idiots pushing their own agendas. If they don’t like our l rights set for in the Constitution, why don’t they move to some socialist/communist country and get the hell out our way in pursuing life, liberty, and happiness? I keep asking myself how in the hell do people like Feinstein get voted into Congress.

    1. People like Frankenstien gets voted into office by the same IGNORANT IDIOTS as what she herself is and who BLINDLY follow TRASH like Frankenstien without actually looking up and verifying for themselves what she/they are saying IS COMPLETE TRASH. In other words, the Ignorant vote in the IGNORANT!!!

  86. Enough already! It seems like every time we turn around, some new idiot is trying to assert their views on everybody else. Our RIGHTS have already been established, affirmed, and upheld. I too wish for a Utopian society, where we have no fear of criminal harm against ourselves or those we love, a wish for peace, safety and security, where every dealing with another is just and righteous, where only the truth is ever spoken and people consider the needs of others as highly as they consider their own needs. WAKE UP! Wishing it so won’t make it happen, and restricting personal freedoms and choices is no less evil than overtly violent assault. We have the inalienable RIGHTS to protect ourselves, our families and homes, and to preserve our freedoms. People are tired of hearing about gun violence, people are tired of hearing about 2A rights and constitutional freedoms, well people need to realize that the surrendering of their rights in any aspect will lead to the loss of ever more freedoms. Never should we be afraid of our own government being used by individuals to further their own agendas against us. I am not nearly as afraid of the people who lawfully purchased firearms, but the people who obtain them illegally are also less frightening to me than those who believe it is acceptable to sacrifice freedom for security -especially when the freedoms they wish to sacrifice belong to me as well.

    1. Apathy gives tacit approval of what government does or is transpiring is acceptable. No one acts unless they are directly affected and at that point it is usually too late to effect change. To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the wolf, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will.

      What I find most distressing is that those who haven’t sacrificed anything for what they have are far too eager to give away what others have earned on their behalf thinking there is more where that came from

      Once we lose our freedom we will never get it back!!!

  87. Any of us wit h an ounce of smart knows that this so called Assault Weapon ban will not accomplish what the Liberal/Socialist claim it will.
    Assault Weapons are already very tightly controlled. Nothing is said about that. I believe it is the NFA of 1934.
    The goal is not to control the weapons but to remove them form the Americans that have them
    If you sit on your backsides and say ” It doesn’t affect my bolt action hunting rifles or my shot guns I use for hunting.” Guess who will be next. YOU and your hunting firearms. The Second Amendment does not mention anything about HUNTING yet we keep hearing some of our lawmakers stating “We don’t want to prevent you from hunting.”
    If they were serious about prevent gun related crime the ones doing the crimes would not be allowed to plea bargain for a lesser offense.
    Federal law requires a mandatory sentience if a gun is sued in a crime. The Liberal/Socialist want to ignore that, plea bargain. Then they are able to show that the ban is not working so the Assault Weapons now have to be removed form our un trusting hands.
    Because they fear us. .

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