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Get Ahead of Assault Weapons Ban 2

100 Round Beta C-Mag for the AR15

As the next four years looms over us and with the threat of a new Assault Weapons Ban possible, none of us at are taking our chances. Over the last few days, and today (November 7, 2012) we are buying lower receivers and high-capacity magazines for ourselves.

We have no idea what’s in store for the industry, however we do know how the industry was affected in 1994. Unfortunately, the original AWB drove firearms, full-capacity magazines, and rifle part prices sky high. Demand remained high, as did the prices for the 10 years the AWB was in effect.

Further, The reports that California Senator Dianne Feinstein has already met with the ATF’s legal staff to talk about her intentions. It is rumored her plan is to “eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of “weapons in possession.”

Judging by the rapid sale of lower receivers and firearms that we have experienced in the last few hours, the buy-up is only going to get worse. Suppliers and manufacturers aren’t going to be able to keep up.

As of today, we still have Glocks at market prices, S&W M&P high-capacity magazines, and other items that we predict will sell out quickly.

Lower Receiver Parts Kits

The lower receiver is the only piece that requires a serial number and registration. Afterward, you’ll need a lower receiver complete parts kit, which contains every piece to make the lower receiver functional. Next, to complete your AR-15, you will need a stock kit, complete upper and sights.

  • DPMS AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit
  • Black Dawn AR-15 Lower Parts Kit
  • CMMG Lower Parts Kit with 2 Stage Trigger

Collapsible Stocks and Pistol Grips

Make your AK-47 even scarier with a black adjustable stock and pistol grip. Both made by ATI for stamped receiver AK-47s, the side-folding and the 6-positon collapsible stock include the stock, pistol grip and Picatinny rails.

Made in the USA, Magpul’s ACS-L AR-15 collapsible wiggle-free stock comes in black, foliage, and flat dark earth (FDE).

High-Capacity AR-15 Magazines

Spend more time shooting and less reloading with true high-capacity AR-15 magazines:

  • Clear plastic 90 round AR-15 drum magazine that includes stripper clips and a mag loader
  • 100 round Beta C-Mag AR-15 drum magazine, made in the USA
  • 60 round mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum Surefire AR-15 magazine
  • SGM Tactical 100 round drum magazine with speedloader, 2 graphite tubes, and a nylon pouch

High-Capacity Handgun Magazines

  • 33 round Glock 17, 19 and 26 9mm factory magazine
  • 20 round S&W 59/915 SMI-A2 9mm ProMag magazine
  • 20 round SIG Sauer P226 .357 Sig or .40 S&W magazine by ProMag
  • 32 round SIG Sauer P226 ProMag magazine
  • 32 round Springfield Armory XD 9mm ProMag magazine
  • 20 round Springfield Armory XD .40 S&W ProMag magazine

Check out our complete line of full-capacity magazines here.


We have current military-issue steel-core .223 Remington ammunition in stock. This is the original U.S. Military Lake City M855 ammunition loaded with SS109 penetrator projectiles, brass cased ammo firing at 3,025 fps.

What items have you purchased or plan on purchasing just in case? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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Comments (32)

  1. Hell, I just sold all my survival gear and guns because the wife is pregnant with our third son and can’t work. Just lost the Glock in hock today. Anyone want to help out a broke ass paramedic with no means of self-defense other than the Gerber or the “Homie-be-cool-stick”?

  2. Yep. I laid in decent supplies of my favorite calibers before the election just for this eventuality. By the time I run low, the phony terror will be over. I’ll buy from CTD again, but not when they’re playing these games.

  3. so with all these negatives will the marketing people at CTD change their strategies and send us all a heartfelt apology ?

    or maybe the ammo is flying off their shelves and they are tripping over stacks of 20’s?

    Makes you wonder. Are we the dumb ones thinking CTD will do what is right? After all aren’t they just another online source ? They aren’t my family, they aren’t coming over to watch the Superbowl, they don’t care about ME why do I care about them ?

    Or are they the smart ones moving inventory and making money?

    The good thing is we all have choices. And I choose not to participate in a falsely created ammo frenzy . . .

  4. If they jacked up the price of the ammo, i wonder how much more they are charging for mag’s? I can’t wait to get home and check my last CTD catalog.

  5. Same thing happened when Obama was elected the first time. I purchased an AR15 a year before the election for around $850 (Stag Arms). A year later he is elected, the price doubled and hung there for about 18-months. Then started to gradually decline. It was back around that price, adjusted for inflation, not too long ago; although I haven’t looked today. It’s all hoopla to make money. Government is run by big business, how else can you explain a close to $1 billion campaign fund for Obama? So why can’t big business make money off those of us who can afford to purchase for collection, hunting, defense, etc?

  6. Exhack—I didn’t notice that ammo mark up until just a little bit ago, after already having posted on here. I am convinced that CTD had an Obama reelection party. I’m not even trying to be funny. Everything they have done since Tuesday night, has been so swiftly carried out. They didn’t hesitate. This was clearly premeditated.

    Whether I am right or wrong about this, there is no denying their absolute lack of business ethics.

  7. And thatguy, THERE. IS. NO. CRISIS. Even if Obama wanted to do an AWB – and there’s no indication he does, other than his mealy-mouthed answer during the 2nd debate – the House is too hardcore right wing to pass it. The only crisis is in the copy of marketing staffers for gun and ammo sellers, who are manufacturing and packaging fear of an AWB to the gullible and using it to jack prices through the roof.

  8. Ramon, they have every right to exploit irrational fear. I have every right to duck that sucker punch, too. It’s funny … if you click the link to the generic lower receiver parts kit, you see that the two other companies CTD is marketing through their website that are selling the same kit, are selling it $10-20 cheaper than CTD. I yukked it up over that, too.

  9. If you raised your prices I will not buy from you again. That’s gouging, it was wrong with gas on Sept 11th, and its wrong with this crisis.

  10. I don’t mind CTD changing its prices in response to national events. Nobody has a gun to his head forcing him to buy from CTD, and this is a reminder at least that elections have consequences, in this case negative ones.

  11. $150 increase on the 1Krd box of M855 in 48 hours?!?!?! WOW. CTD must’ve maxed out on bundled contributions to Obama-Biden, they make great bogeymen for your pricing strategy. FAIL.

  12. DSLAM — Yup. It’s obvious they still have loyal customers over the years but for people like me, this is a HUGE turn off. Companies during 08 were called out for their price gouging. I guess in an attempt to get around that, they are promoting fear to raise awareness that they have items for you to buy.

  13. More fear mongering by CTD. Notice how they helpfully provide links to all the things you will need to buy before the big bad dems take all firearms and first born children. All this “hey, you never know what could happen” talk is to get you worried. Buy! Buy! Buy! from CTD, they want to sell you as much stuff as possible.

  14. Like I said, I am pro choice and I know MANY republicans who are as well. This was a fabricated war which was extensively fueled by the Left media. It would have never been illegal. What’s sad is people like your granddaughter and 1/2 of the country don’t care about economics or foreign policy. All they want is a president who goes on The View and now supports gay marriage, even though he was once opposed (Romney is also a flip flopper). What your grand daughter and the other 18-28 year olds are clueless about is the fact that on the route we are headed, there will be no country to give them their abortion rights when we run out of money. The amount of layoffs that have been announced in the last few days is very disturbing. Even more companies are cancelling health plans and only offering ONE, more expensive and less beneficial plan. These are the things that matter. Not birth control and not abortion that is never going to be illegal.

    As far as getting an ultrasound on your junk in order to get a vasectomy…..I get it done all the time for cancer screening. What’s wrong with getting a testicular cancer screening? Don’t women volunteer to get mammograms? That’s much more invasive than an ultra sound.

  15. OK, John, we can bend some. No, he won’t try to ban guns outright. That would be suicide for him and his party. He may try to find a way to tax ammo sales, supplies or shipments but it won’t work in every state. “Yea, Montana!!!”

    And it wasn’t Romney’s war on women that hurt him. It was him not withdrawing support of the party’s Todd Akin types. And the ultrasound requirements in place like Virginia that women brought up and fought to get taken away. It was not important to men, women complained and brought it up. If somebody told me I had to have ultrasound stuffed up my privates in order to get a vasectomy, darn right I’d complain, most men would. It was the Todd Akin types and the 40 Republican candidates who opposed abortion in cases of rape or incest and Paul Ryan was among them. That hurt the GOP. Even if Romney says, “No”, his vice president saying something else does not engender confidence. There is no such thing as legitimate rape. How legitimate would they take it if it was their, your family member, was how I heard one woman put it, baseball bat legitimate, that’s how. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, called his comments “wrong, offensive, and indefensible” and was just one in a chorus of Republicans calling on Akin to drop his U.S. Senate bid. Remember a lot of young 18 year old college women voted this time around, they took this serious. My granddaughter, a freshman voted this time. To her and thousands like her, it was important enough to bring up. To make it illegal, makes them criminals for getting rid of some crackhead rapist seed. I don’t ask for an answer but I doubt very seriously if you’d get a kick out of raising up your grandchild from a sour situation like that. As for the price gouging and buy, buy, buy tactics from a lot of gun sources, I’m buying stock, not ammo or guns. I got enough of them. The market will never ever go down now that the genie is out of the lamp. If people are foolish enough to stockpile, I’ll sit back and collect. The Presidency has only helped sales and stocks. I am an American and a capitalist. It supports my gun habit.

  16. Rational — You spew good rhetoric. You’ve been watching a lot of MSNBC. I can’t even find the motivation in myself to waste my time and refute everything you said but there are 2 big ones I would like to address for other readers. Number one, and least important, I am a pro choice Republican. I am very into personal freedoms. I don’t smoke weed but if you are my neighbor and want to toke up, go ahead; just don’t blow it in my face. You want an abortion for whatever reason, go ahead; just don’t ask me to pay for it. The same goes for birth control. This “war on women” that you are diving into was the most ridiculous attack of the whole campaign. Why, when our economy is toast, are we worrying about petty social issues like this? No one even brought it up until the Libs attacked Romney and KNEW it was against his religion so they hit him with it. The birth control issue is by far the most ridiculous. This just further proves the entitlement mentality of America. Who even came up with randomly selecting BC as something they want their employer to provide? Well, I am going to campaign to have employers provide me with free dental veneers. As far as Romney being against those 2 issues, he even stated he would NOT change the laws on those issues. But somehow this is a, “war on women” and he is,”inspecting their wombs.” But hey, you have obviously drank the koolaid and you clearly think Birth Control and Abortions are more important than the economy.

    Secondly, Obama CAN and WILL infringe on our gun rights. Will he outright BAN GUNS? Absolutely not. Nobody has even stated this. So again, you stray from the truth. We already saw the Clinton AWB and know what it included. Obama won’t ban guns but he will ban ‘features’ and otherwise make attaining certain guns nearly impossible. Don’t be surprised to see ammo get taxed through the roof and OSHA making it illegal to order more than a few hundred rounds in a single shipment. California already has mandated ‘bullet buttons’ and magazine restrictions. They had NO problem passing those laws. What makes you think the Feds, especially Obama when he elects his new Justices, won’t follow suit?

    You are as nearsighted as you are biased. You believe in what you want and don’t look at the whole truth. I am not condoning people go out and panic buying, and I am also disgusted in Cheaper Than Dirt fueling it. They have no business writing up something like this. As a company, they need to sit back and let their customers do what they want. If they want to advertise a sale, go ahead. But to tell them they need to start buying products because they’re going to be banned is not something I would consider ethical business practice.

  17. I shoot Perry, Butner, Oklahoma, Maryland, Altoona, Quantico, Indiantown Gap, Malabar and no one is gonna take our guns. I don’t think any politician is that bold to pass those laws and expect to keep precarious seating in D.C. Despite all the fear-mongering about the Prez, he ain’t stupid. We can carry in National Parks, D.C. and Chitown can now legally own handguns. We’ve had some of the worst gun laws under so-called good Republicans like Ehrlich in Maryland, Christie in N.J. and yes, Romney in Massachusetts. They all sell out to the highest bidder. People voted for him because the other folks kept lying and getting caught in their lies. The GOP politically abused women, latinos, gays, vets, seniors, students, blacks,union members which also means teachers,cops,firemen, emts, city, county, state and Federal workers, in Wisconsin and Ohio by supporting union busting. You can’t change your policy based on who is listening or what town you’re talking in. Obama bashing didn’t work when they got fact checked talking out of both sides of the mouth. And America is no longer just white folks, it’s a true melting pot. And Southern Baptist do think Mormons are a wild cult cause very few know anything about them. Most folks read the Bible, how many of you have ever read the Book of Joseph, the Mormon text? Kennedy almost didn’t get elected cause of the Pope and being Catholic. It’s a different country and still changing. The Republican Party has to blend or die out. The Libertarian Party stands a better chance to grow than stick in the mud Republicans and Bible banging Tea Party. The old folks might get excited about but young folks don’t care and laugh. It’s a new world and getting newer everyday. Ignorance gets wiped out by the internet, Google and Bing and get your question answered and fact checked in 30 second. The Koch Bros ($500 million), Karl Rove ($300 million) on fake BS commercials all over and they just threw their money away. Hell, they could have created their own super city or a million jobs but they were so busy crying about birth certificates and college records and inspecting some women’s body parts because she is thinking about abortion, they wasted it and still they had no voter base. And trust me, if it ever came to revolution, don’t expect the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dick Moore, Donald Trump or Karl Rove to pick up an AK and go assault with you. They talk stupid but they ain’t dumb. They spend their money to get us all pumped up but trust me, they will be waiting by the phone. And the great hunter, Ted Nugent who swore at the NRA convention he’d be dead or in jail if Obama won, has been quiet as a mouse. Just like he was when he made sure he got thrown out of his medical exam during the Vietnam War as 4-F for “unsanitary body hygiene”. Google/Bing/Wikipedia that up for a good story!!! Funny how all the so-called fighters, made sure they never put on boots. None of them and none of their kids either.

  18. Why. Someone explain why, do these people insist on taking guns from honest law abiding citizens, who’ve had to jump thru all the hoops to legally own these weapons, and enjoy them, without posing any danger toward anyone else around? And yet, nothing is said about those who would use these weapons for any type of crime. No newly agressive laws pertaining to harsh, and swift justice for crimminals. I’ve been a good boy for sixty years, hence I can freely own and enjoy responsibly, even working with Police thru Neighborhood Crime Watch programs. I’ve got 30 years of hunting under my belt, with many nice guns. But, that’s not what the 2nd Amendment is about. I’d never had or wanted a military weapon until recently. I bought an AK-47 to pair with the riot shotgun I also just bought primarily for security and defense. I have much better weapons for hunting, although these don’t seem to be of any concern to the upright citizens surrounding me. Likewise, the crimes commited with these evil black folding stock guns don’t seem to warrant special attention or consequences. If a man commits a crime with an AR-15 or AK-47, or a Winchester Model12, or Savage 111 Chieftan, what’s the difference? The risks for the criminal and consequenses don’t reflect any differences, do they? None of my guns have caused any crime. No gun causes crime. So, while we’ve all paid our dues, and jumped thru hoops to own the AK-47s, and AR+15s, and even class III folks with M-16s, and 14″ barreled shotguns, HEY! What about those two kids standing over there, the ones car-jacking the old couple with a stolen AK, and a Marlin Glenfield model 60? Is the penalty any different for either suspect? Is the penalty any different than it would have been even ten years ago? We live in a world where we defend our families and our property by shooting intruders, only to be sued by survivors. Where criminals are given the same level of meals, lodging, and health care in the beurocracy, whether they used an AK-47, or a Browning Sweet Sixteen. Now, I don’t vote, never have, so I always figured I can’t complain. But it seems to me that the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve heard many, many folks complain about Obama. More so than with any other President I can remember, and I’m 60. Then, this year, during voting, after all the complaining about him and his ideas has come to a head, it seems like all we heard was about the unusually high voter turn-out. Many more than in recent memorable elections. All the dis-gruntled voters, more voting provisions, huge turn-outs……….and yet he prevails. That’s why I don’t vote. Oh, I’m not trying to make a statement or anything, I just feel there’s a corruption in Politics that is bigger than all of us. When the mindset is to come after my guns, rather than cut the hands off criminals who use them in their crimes, or prosecute me for deffending my family and property on some loop-hole, while housing, feeding, clothing, and medically treating criminals, when people emphaticly complain for years of the actions of an elected official, then turn out in herds to vote, and he confidently hangs on, well, I just don’t know. My hat’s off to those of you who serve, or have served in the military, Police, Fire, and Rescue Emergency Services. Thank you all for your undying and stead-fast dedication to your vocation. Yes, we need change now, but I don’t like what I see coming.

  19. I understand the message you are relaying but this comes off as nothing more than inciting panic to help clear your shelves. This is shameful.

  20. Seriously, think about this for a sec. While Dems have the White house and Senate, Reps have a big majority in the house, and there are plenty of center-right “Blue Dog Democrats” who wouldn’t risk their rural districts over an AWB.

    So unless there is a massive swing in the house, and a continued Dem majority in the Senate after the 2014 election, this isn’t happening.

  21. Fear! Uncertainty! Doubt! Paranoia! BUY BUY BUY!

    Obama has been great for the gun industry. All the tinfoil hatters are going nuts and wearing out their credit cards.

  22. yesterday i ordered 1,000 rounds of 9mm . my concern is i shoot in the C>M>P> national matches . WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW ! ! !

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