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Picture shows a bullpup design pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.


From Range Toys to Long Range: Five Cool New Firearms

From range toys to long range, these five new firearms are undoubtedly cool—no matter your reasoning for purchasing. Daniel Defense’s DDM4v11 is an affordable AR-15, but in no way made just for entry level. Cheaper Than Dirt carries the only AR-15 platform rifle chambered for .30-06 made by Noreen Firearms. JRC makes bugging out by the sea almost fun, Smith & Wesson’s M&P 22 Compact is made right here in America and for bullpup fans who won’t wait for the Kel-Tec KSG, we have the perfect alternative—the UTAS-USA Hunting pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.

IWI Tavor Right Side Quarter


Art of the Gun: IWI Tavor

The IWI Tavor just recently came to the US, and it has gotten a lot of press. Though we’ve written about it before, here’s why we selected the Tavor as this week’s Art of the Gun.


SHOT 2014 — Kel-Tec’s New Bullpups the M43 and RDB

Kel-Tec unveiled prototypes of the M43 and RDB at SHOT Show 2014. They both operate on an adjustable short-stroke gas piston system and are chambered for 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington. Both bullpups have a longer bolt travel than you are more likely used to, but this helps with controlling full-auto versions. Three of the awesome features that jump out at me of both the M43 and RDB are the downward ejection, fully interchangeable parts between the bullpups and 100 percent ambidextrous controls. Both feature a 17.5-inch barrel with a ½x28 thread ready for a muzzle brake or suppressor.


SHOT 2014 — Will the Bullpup unseat the AR? Desert Tech’s Micro Dynamic Rifle

If the AR platform has a challenger going forward, it may not be the AK. Although not new, the bullpup design affords the versatility and shootability of an AR with the same length barrel, but an overall shorter length rifle. The bullpup seems to offer all of the advantages without any of the disadvantages. Last year, IWI saw success with its bullpup design—the Tavor. For 2014, Desert Tech is introducing its own bullpup—the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR).