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Tornado in Oklahoma

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Preparing for a Tornado

Tornadoes can produce winds in excess of 300 mph and do not discriminate destroying anything and everything that gets in their path. Are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Read this article for tips on staying safe when a tornado is bearing down.

Spring has definitely sprung and with that comes not only weird, but also severe weather patterns.

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Three Steps to Take to Prepare for Unpredictable Severe Spring Weather

Spring has definitely sprung! And with that comes crazy, unpredictable weather. Tornados and snowstorms in the same state? Wild fires and flash floods are also a threat in the greater part of the United States. Start by stockpiling water, canned goods and emergency lighting. You will need more than that, though. Be prepared for all of it with our three simple steps.

This pictures shows a large tornado in the distance.

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Can You Outrun a Tornado?

On the night of Wednesday, May 15, 2013, an EF-4 tornado ripped through the North Texas town of Granbury, killing six people and injuring many more. That same night, I was driving home from running errands 72 miles away in Dallas. As I was entering downtown Dallas, my riding partner exclaimed, “Look at that weird car! What is that?” I glanced over to see a car pulling off the highway that appeared to be the Tornado Intercept Vehicle from Discovery Channel’s television show Storm Chasers. Being fully aware these professional guys know more about tornados and severe weather than I do, should I have pulled over as well or kept driving? What are you supposed to do when on the road and a tornado is approaching? Can you outrun a tornado?

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Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Certain natural disasters can undermine even the best prepper’s planning. The tornadoes that devastated the citizens of Oklahoma provided a one-two punch that was too much for most to resist. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims affected by this disaster. At times words and even prayers are not enough.