World’s Ugliest Military Rifles

We were standing around the office the other day talking about guns. I know what you are thinking, that’s a big shock, right? We were discussing how appealing some of the new guns today are looking. The Italians made the ARX-160, the SCAR is a thing a beauty, and nobody has ever looked at a G-36 and said “wow, that’s ugly.” This got us thinking. What are some of the ugliest, most hideous military weapons ever made? We decided to list a few of the guns that only a mother could love.

British SA-80

Oh my, what were our cousins across the pond thinking with this one? They shoved a pistol grip under a giant buttstock and called it good. In service, the initial reception of the rifle was poor. British soldiers complained that the rifle was unreliable and fragile. Tests on the rifle later identified an excess of 50 faults. Most notably the magazine release catch, which could easily be caught on clothing and therefore accidentally release the magazine; the plastic safety plunger which became brittle in cold climates; firing pins that were not up to repeated use and prone to fracture, if used in automatic fire mode. Although this report identified many issues, and engineers corrected some of the rifle’s problems as a result, (e.g., the magazine release guard and trigger); these modifications only addressed seven of the 50 issues and complaints over the rifles reliability. This rifle just makes us want to say “bollocks.”


The French FAMAS has been in service since the 1970s. This gun does work quite well however. The FAMAS has seen action in several theaters with great success. The French troops refer to is affectionately as le Clarion (“the Bugle”) because of its shape. We refer to it as le Fugly. Being a decent weapons system won’t keep it off our list, it is just too darn terrible looking, also its French, enough said.

Korobov TKB-022

We promise we don’t hate all bullpups, but good gosh this is an ugly gun. These weapons did have the best barrel length to overall length ratio among Russian weapons of the time, however. In testing, the rifles performed very well. They were more accurate than the AKM, and had ambidextrous ergonomics. The Soviet army eventually rejected the gun since the design was too radical. There were also concerns about the displaced center of gravity to the tail end of the weapon. Durability of the weapon’s plastic housing during prolonged operations under difficult conditions or during storage was also an issue.

Fedorov Avtomat

Well the Russians managed to make it on our list twice. The Fedorov Avtomat was an early attempt at an assault rifle. It had many modern features despite Fedorov designing it in the early 1900s. It had relatively light weight, a large detachable magazine, an intermediate powered cartridge, and selective fire capabilities. It’s recoil-operated action was however, sensitive to fouling, and early models did not have interchangeable parts.

What are the ugliest guns you can think of? Comment below and let us know what monstrosities you’ve come across.

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Comments (9)

  1. Dardick revolver.

    Thunder Five.

    ANY Hi-Point pistol. OK yeah the carbines too.

    Nambu Type 94 pistol. Ugly and probably the worst-designed military pistol of all time.

    Swiss Stg 57 rifle. Very functional, but ugly nonetheless.

  2. HK G11 was butt ugly, but of course never made it into full service.
    FN F2000 is also an ugly gun, which was picked up by a bunch of different countries special forces.

  3. I’m suprised that the Egyptian Rasheed was left out. The design reminds me of a cross between SKS and a sturgeon and the rough tooling marks don’t add to the rifle’s charm.

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