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A surplus submachine Grease Gun


Throwback Thursday: The M3A1 Grease Gun — A Desperate Gun for Desperate Times

At a time when Total War demanded every measure of effort industrial, economic, and spiritual that a nation might muster, the United States attempted to produce a quality submachine gun that was both effective and inexpensive while remaining amenable to mass production. That gun served tank crews well into the 1990s. Guest blogger, Will Dabbs, MD writes about the Grease Gun.

Mauser C96


Throwback Thursday: The Top 5 Military Side Arms of All Time

In putting together the top combat sidearms, a number of factors influenced the decisions including design, battle performance, cartridge, performance, comparable technology of the day and reliability versus practicality, but can a Glock be considered a “Combat Handgun?” Read on to see if the author agrees.

M1 Carbine with scope


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part III)

Collecting is a journey through the colorful history fraught with fakes and poor quality examples of an otherwise highly desireable firearm. In this final installment of our M1 Carbine overview series, the author covers the good, the bad and the ugly of collecting M1 Carbines, as well as stories of the M1 Carbine for hunting and comparisons to other self-defense guns and calibers.

Winchester ad for the M1 Carbine


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part II)

Part two of this three part series focuses on the reputation of the M1 Carbine from returning GIs, the wave of popularity generated by the $24 rifles offered through the NRA and DCM in the early ’60s, and Hollywood’s contribution—plus a whole lot more!

Winchester M1 Carbine


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse

In part one of a three-part series, the author covers the genus of the M1 Carbine, its role in WWII and Korea, and the popularity it has enjoyed with shooters, plinkers, Hollywood movies for over 75 years. In this article, he delves into various versions employed in combat and the feedback—both positive and negative—from the GIs who carried into it harm’s way.

American WWII soldier with an M1 Garand rifle


The Collectible Firearms Protection Act and Why it Matters

Flip-flopping—and not due to vacations in Hawaii—is nothing new to politicians. But this time, President Obama has overstepped his powers by issuing an executive order banning the re-importation of M1 Garand and M1 Carbine rifles from South Korea. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act has been introduced. This article explains why gun owners and 2A-supporters need to support this law.