Video Review: Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Pump Action Rimfire .22 Mag

Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H003TM Pump Action Rimfire Rifle .22

Did you know Henry Repeating Arms has a pump action? Enjoy this video review of a new classic.

Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H003TM Pump Action Rimfire Rifle .22
Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H003TM Pump Action Rimfire Rifle .22

Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H003TM Pump Action Rimfire Rifle .22 Magnum 19.75″ Octagon Barrel 12 Rounds American Walnut Stock Blued Finish

Specifications and features: Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H003TM Pump Action Rimfire Rifle .22 Magnum 19.75″ blued octagon barrel 12 round tube magazine Hammer safety Side ejection Blued steel receiver with grooves for scope mount Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8″ dovetail slots American walnut stock with straight grip 38.5″ overall length 6 lbs unloaded Made in the USA

The Henry Pump Action Octagon .22 joins faded jeans, mom’s apple pie, and a restored ’57 Chevy as an all-American icon. Now fitted with a blue octagonal barrel, it resurrects the great old days of the traditional shooting gallery. The Henry Pump Octagon, available in calibers .22LR or .22 Magnum, is one gun that is built for fun.

It also sports a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, and Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8″ dovetail slots enabling you to change sights if you choose to do so. Beautifully finished American walnut is used for the stock. The .22 LR version can hold 15 rounds of .22 LR and 21 rounds of .22 Short. The capacity of the .22 Magnum is 12 rounds. If you must extract an unfired cartridge from the chamber, we have included a grooved release button at the right front of the trigger guard. When pressed back, the lever unlocks the forend allowing it to be retracted to eject the unfired round.

Do you own a pump-action rifle? Share your experiences with pump-action rifles or thoughts about them in the comment section.

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  1. I have a Winchester model 61 and a Rossi model 62. Both shoot very well, and are lots of fun. I am considering a Henry pump 22 mag but don’t like what I’m reading in the comments.

  2. I too purchased a .22 Magnum Octagon barrel Henry rifle and as Ed previously stated, this gun is a waste of money and doesn’t deserve to be in my gun safe with all the other guns that never needed to be sent back! I do wish to purchase a lever gun in either .44 Magnum or .357 Magnum. Based on my personal experience and reading enough reviews, I will NOT be purchasing a Henry Rifle. I contacted customer service and they were eager to send me a return shipping label so I can send it back to fix or replace. I don’t have the patience or confidence to return the rifle, but I will so that hopefully eventually I’ll be able to sell it to some sucker so I can get a well-made firearm.

  3. I have the 22 Magnum version also. It is the second one in my possession, simply because the first one had to go back to Henry 3 times. Wouldnt feed, wouldnt strike the primer, just nothing but problems.
    On the positive side, I e mailed Anthony Imperato advising him of my issues, and the 3 trips back. He personally went to the assembly area, and proceeded to instruct the manager to select a new rifle for me. Within two days it arrived at my house. This one is perfect in every way.
    Best customer service in the industry in my opinion

  4. I have one of these in .22 Mag. Actually, it’s the second one. The first one, bought in 2009 had to be sent back. After firing a round, the case would seize up in the chamber, and had to be driven out with a cleaning rod.

    the second rifle works well, and I’m happy with it.

  5. I have an heirloom Stevens pump “visible loader” with an octagonal barrel. It was my father’s,and was built in 1931, the only year they built the octagonal barrel model. Over the years it’s has some repairs (extractors and firing pin replaced) and refinishing, but still shoots very well. It’s a fun gun to shoot.

  6. I have the 1890 and a 1906 Winchester pump 22. They are both over 100 years old and still shoot as new. They still come up for sale on a regular basis. Don’t buy a new one when you can own a piece of history, made in the USA by highly skilled craftsman.

  7. I have a Remington 572 BDL pump in .22LR that I’ve enjoyed for years. I never knew that Henry made a pump in 22 Magnum but that has jumped to the top of my want list real quick. I have a Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle and I’ve been very pleased with its performance so I’m guessing this rifle is a high Quality item.

  8. I’ve also experienced the ‘out-of-battery light hits’ as described in the video. The reason is the tendency of the shooter to hold on to the pump ‘handle’ and pull slightly backward. You must keep the pump completely closed, which can be done by using your forward hand just in front of the pump, with your thumb and index finger actually gripping the magazine tube.
    It would be nice if Henry tightened up the whole mechanism to prevent the cocked pump handle from moving rearward at all.

    Otherwise, it’s a fun gun to shoot! And so is my Henry .22lr lever action!
    Especially after I put Williams peep sights on them both.

  9. I bought this rifle about 6 months ago and it does not shoot very well. To 0 in the iron sights had to be moved so far lright that they are barely on the rifle and then wasn’t great. Put a scope on it and the scope would not move far enough to 0 in either. I think the rifle is junk! The pump action is rather ruff too. It just sits in my gun safe.

    1. Ed,
      I found Henry’s customer service to be impeccable.
      Call them about your problem and follow their diirections. They will make it right because they take great pride in their product.

  10. About 33+ years ago, as I was getting ready to retire from the Army and relocate from Washington to Central Texas, I happened by the old Hunters’ Haven of Interarms in Alexandria. I purchased a Rossi M62 pump .22 which is a copy of the old Winchester M62. I still have that old pump, and one of the fun and interesting things about it is that one can slam fire an entire magazine of ammo by simply holding the trigger back and running the forearm back and forth. It is still a good shooter. Last anniversary, my wife bought me a Henry Golden Boy .22 lever rifle with octagon barrel. It is a sweet little piece, and if this Henry pump .22 is anything like my Golden Boy or…..that old Rossi M62… ought to be a good and fun gun.

  11. It sure looks like there is someone in front on his firing line at the table under the shelter. That is very poor gun safety and I do not want to even watch this video after I seen that.
    Is this the kind of gun safety we want to teach children and non gun owners ?

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