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Video: 3 Ways You may be Stopped by Police While Carrying

Three types of interaction with law enforcement while carrying a gun video cover

Every day, innocent legal gun owners are questioned by police in public. Understand the three types of contact you will have with police, what your rights are during the contacts, and if you have to tell the officers you are carrying a firearm in this video from U.S. Law Shield.

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    1. yep, the law is above the law and will do whatever they damned well please. violating your constitutional rights is just what they are trained to do.
      Yes, it’s an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ country

  1. So that is what we know from our side, which is great to know. However, how will officers react when you refuse to talk to them in the first scenario? Do *they* know what our rights are and what they are allowed to do under the auspices of the law?

  2. There are actually four, but the first three only apply if you’re white.

    For anyone NOT white:
    #4 Shot on the spot, no matter what you do.

  3. Yes but it missed the most common situation. Voluntary contact, when they are just asking a few questions and you have the choice to walk away, and you choose to stay and talk with them.

  4. In the State of Iowa possessors of concealed carry licenses are on the polices computer. Don’t have to say a word on simple traffic stops. I don’t do any crimes so not an issue.

  5. The only problem I have with this, is that in most situations like this “Stupidity” and “Bravado” Kicks In. Most people, regardless on how Informed They Are, allow Their “Inner Genie” to Escape Out of the Bottle and make things worse by Inducing an Argument on “Their” Rights. It’s like Apologizing after a Car Accident, Totally Involuntary. A immediate reaction (Out of the Blue) to perceived Antagonistic Encounter with the Law…

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