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USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Expo

USCCA Expo Stage

This past weekend’s United States Concealed Carry Association Expo was an absolute blast. Manufacturers from across the firearms industry came to promote their top products — especially those geared toward concealed carry. Additionally, USCCA was there representing its valuable services and assets for civilian shooters and concealed carriers alike. The Ft. Worth Convention Center was packed with booths, but these were the most noteworthy and my personal favorites.

Top Gun Booths

Of course, some of the coolest products I saw came from firearm manufacturers. SIG Sauer was there with dozens of guns. From seemingly every variant of its P320 series, to my personal favorite pre-production P210 Carry, SIG brought its A-game. 

Canik showcased its new METE SFX and SFT pistols that have some of the best striker-fired trigger pulls and resets that I’ve felt, especially for the incredibly low price points. I’ll be honest, having never handled a Canik pistol before, I was wary of the quality. However, after getting my hands on some, you can tell Canik takes pride in its products.

Daniel Defense, HK, and Walther were also there allowing shooters to tactically fondle some of the top firearms on the market. I enjoyed lusting after the HK SP5 and imagining I was in Nakatomi Plaza. I even took a moment to hold a Walther PPK, feel like James Bond, and inevitably regret selling the one I used to have.

USCCA Expo SIG P320 Pistols
SIG’s pistols were certainly show-stoppers.

Accessories and Gear

It was not just firearms. There was plenty of gun gear there as well. Holosun brought its full range of red dot sights for both handguns and rifles. Having the opportunity to compare the different reticle options was extremely beneficial because it allowed you to see how they appeared to your eye in person.

I clutched my credit card tightly as I visited Spyderco’s booth where I refrained from handling every one of the (probably) hundreds of knives. However, I did take a look at the new Balisong SmallFly 2 that I’ve had on pre-order for almost two years and it’s just as nice as I hoped. Spyderco’s rep didn’t have any info on delivery dates but said there’s been a delay due to COVID and supply-chain issues.

I found a new item for my Christmas list when I saw the new DIY pistol kit at 80 Percent Arms. The company redesigned the jig to further prevent user error when removing material near the locking block. There was a new handgun frame that accommodates inserts that make it sized for either compact Glock 19 or full-size Glock 17 magazines. 

Krate Tactical highlighted its line of steel targets. Constructed out of AR500 steel, the targets and hangers are built to withstand the beating of repeated gunfire. With the different sizes of gong and silhouette targets — even a spinning wheel — there are tons of different configurations you can make.

Of course, you can’t have a concealed carry expo without holsters. Galco, DeSantis, and Crossbreed were all there with their most popular options. IWB, OWB, paddle, pocket, shoulder, leg-drop, whatever holster style you’re into, multiple options were on display. 

80 Percent Arms Glock Lower Frames
80 Percent Arms has some great products.

Women’s Concealed Carry

One of the most extensive parts of the show was dedicated to concealed carry for women. There was everything from female-specific classes and speakers to carry gear developed for women. There were also plenty of gun-toting women there to answer any questions.

There were holsters made for carrying without a belt, concealed carry bags, dressed-up gun belts, and pocket-carry options. There was also women’s clothing designed for concealed carry. 

USCCA Expo Women's Gear
There was an assortment of concealed carry gear for women.

Classes and Presentations

The USCCA Expo offered some amazing firearm classes and presentations over the three days. From defensive shooting tips to legal process information, one could gain a pretty healthy understanding of what’s involved with personal defense with a firearm. This is especially important with the thousands of new gun owners the 2A community has gained over the past couple of years. 

USCCA Expo Class
There were plenty of different classes and demonstrations every day.

Shooting Range

For those who love to get hands-on, there was a shooting range inside the trailer of a big-rig truck. Shooters were able to test-fire some of the most popular pistols for concealed carry. This is a great way to get a feel for the equipment, so you can find the best option for your needs.

USCCA Expo Shooting Range Area
It was great to see an indoor shooting area at the expo!

In Summation

The USCCA Expo was a hit. New concealed carriers were able to get a good grasp of the basics and find high-quality gear, and veteran shooters had the opportunity to reassess their systems and upgrade their equipment. I had a great time and found my next CCW holster!

Did you attend the USCCA Expo? Tell us what you thought in the comment section!

  • SIG P210 Carry
  • Holosun Red Dots on Pistols
  • Daniel Defense Rifles on Wall
  • SIG P320 Spetre pistols
  • SIG P210 Legion
  • Sticatto Pistol
  • Women's Concealed Carry Gear
  • Femal thigh holster
  • Spyderco Knife Case
  • Steel targets
  • HK Pistols on wall
  • HK rifles on wall
  • USCCA Expo Class
  • 80 Percent Arms Glock Lower Frames
  • Walther pistols
  • USCCA Expo Shooting Range Area
  • Mantis X Booth
  • Canik Mete pistols
  • gun magnet holsters for car
  • USCCA Expo Stage
  • Galco Holsters on three walls
  • Galco Women's purse for carry

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  1. As you mentioned there were many good exhibits for women, and my wife took one of the women’s self defense classes. For myself, the highlight was to meet Colion Noir in person. I have followed his youtube channel for years and year, what a thrill to meet him.

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