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Video: U.S. Law Shield’s 5 Reasons Legal Gun Owners Go To Jail

Video cover for U.S. Law Shield's Top 5 Reasons Gun Owners go to Jail

U.S. Law Shield President Kirk Evans explains the top 5 reasons he sees legal gun owners being arrested for.

Did you learn anything from the video? Do you have any tips to add? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. All you people who have not fired a weapon in self defense shut your faces. This was a peace officer. Read all his post then keep your mouth shut. And yes I’m a supporter of peace officers.

  2. In 1991 I was involved in a fatal shooting incident. I went to jail not for breaking the law but for voicing my opinion to the investigating officer at the scene. Simply put when he asked why I fired the second shot I answered because the guy wasn’t dead yet.

    After three weeks in the county jail charges were dropped and I was released. It took six more months to get my legally owned firearm back from the county (they claimed it was lost, then destroyed, then at another location, tons of excuses).

    In a nutshell, regardless of if you have an attorney, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the use of your firearm, two things are certain. You will likely be arrested regardless if you are justified, be ready for that. Secondly, DO NOT tell the police anything you have not been instructed by your attorney to say. i.e.: your name, you have been involved in a shooting, and you have nothing else to say without consulting with an attorney. EVEN IF (God help you) it’s a court appointed attorney, be sure to keep your mouth shut until the judge introduces your court appointed attorney. Note that court appointed attorneys ALWAYS want to plea deal even if you are innocent, DO NOT AGREE TO ANY PLEAS! MAKE THEM PROVE GUILT TO A JURY!

    1. Ken, and you will definitely and deservedly so be arrested for being a smart ass! Shooting someone is not a joke and you did not take it seriously. You deserved it.

    2. Says the guy who has never fired at an individual before.

      No, it was definitely no joke. But if you think the investigating officer is going to arrive quickly you have much to learn. You will hang yourself after the first four hours of questioning, I hope we all get to witness it.

      In my case it was clearly justified, the guy deserved to be shot. In fact he deserved to be shot multiple times. That’s what he gets for pointing an unloaded weapon at a uniformed officer while high on cocain and PCP.

      If after 4 hours the investigating officer couldn’t determine the shoot was not only a good shoot but also necessary for the second shot then he deserved to be made the fool by the Medical Examiners office.

      As for your attempts to instigate hatred over a justifiable shooting that happened in 1991, you’re a fool and just let the world know it.

      I have no problem shooting or killing when it’s justified by law. I have a great attorney on retainer for the next instance some crack head decides to point a gun at me too. Rest assured I won’t hesitate to fire multiple shots again, in fact I just may fire repeatedly until the fool hits the ground.

      Have a great day, I know at least three people who had a good laugh at your expense.

    3. Stan, I don’t think Ken was not taking it seriously. While I have never had to pull the trigger, my brother has as an LEO. He was terribly shaken and told me he would have said things but was cautioned by fellow officers. He said it was very stressful and he was a Navy vet before joining the patrol. It was adjudged a self defense shooting and he got a commendation. I will say that I was trained that you continue shooting until the threat is no longer there. A double tap is a good way to prevent further violence by the offender. It also leaves rounds in case further defensive action is needed.

    4. As a former US Marine, I knew a number of people who responded to stressful situations with humor – one who would even laugh at situations that were no laughing matter at all and they knew it and did not think it was funny, that was just their response mechanism. You cannot hold someone in a emotionally charged, adrenaline-fueled (or post-adrenaline) situation to the same standard as someone calmly reading this blog. To say “You deserve it.” is wrong. Even if Ken *is* a smart ass, that isn’t against the law and no one deserves to be subject to 3 weeks jail time – and Ken didn’t mention all the repercussions that follow that alone! – when they did not commit a crime.

    5. “Crash Crew” 81-87 USN

      What’s the first thing you do when a 727 belly flops short of the runway? Answer = Check for wallets.

      The reason I was arrested and detained in ’91 is not just that during the course of the investigation did I state the second shot was because the guy wasn’t dead but also there were other factors. Race played a roll in it just as the repeated questioning about the second shot.

      The lesson remains the same, in form the police you are involved and DONT SAY ANYTHING ELSE WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT, period.

      I was no stranger to death at the time the incident occurred. Having spent 11 months on station off the coast of Beruit and witnessed some very close friends die on the Stark in the Persian Gulf. Too many people just don’t understand you begin dying the day you are born. There are things you can do to speed up the process, like pointing an unloaded semi automatic pistol at a uniformed officer.

      Both shots fired point blank after 15 minutes trying to talk the guy down, either shot would have been fatal. He tried to raise his weapon after the first shot direct to the heart with a 357 hollow point. The second shot also direct to the heart severed the spinal cord and dropped him to the ground.

      I have no pity for fools or idiots. Even an ignorant person can learn from mistakes. This guy didn’t even know his gun was not loaded and I wasn’t about to find out the hard way if it was or wasn’t.

      I’ve had officers get sick watching me handle remains of gunshot victims, it just doesn’t bother me. Although brain matter falling on my freshly spit shined boots is rather annoying.

      Another note people should be aware of is to “guard the scene from tampering until police arrive”. Several of the hood rats tried to distract me and collect his weapon right after the shooting. Naturally they complained I didn’t do CPR or offer any medical assistance to the guy. Again it was a racially charged incident.

      The investigating officer also played the race card during his interrogation at the scene. The investigating officer was demoted within a year for his racially motivated views and left the department within 16 months.

    6. Ken, Really!?!?!? I had to read your post twice to be sure of what I thought I read. If you are stupid enough to make an idiotic comment such as you posted to an investigating officer, you deserve to stay in jail for three weeks. It’s actions like yours that can give all of us a bad reputation with LEOs!

    7. Maybe you should have read all of my comment. Especially the part about keeping your mouth shut without an attorney present.

  3. I echo Jim’s tip above. The US / Texas Law Shield seminars are excellent. The presenters at the one I attended answered all questions with very comprehensive answers (not flippant yes or no). When dealing with the application of deadly force, we cannot afford to not fully understand the law because the consequences of breaking it can ruin your life (i.e., the one you saved by using your firearm).

  4. My tip is to attend the US / Texas Law Shield seminars that are being held throughout Texas. I have been to two – one discussed the laws that went into effect this year; the second addressed mass shooting incidents.

    Both were well worth the time and the nominal fee to attend.

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