What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?

2-17 NRA Leadership Forum

What has President Trump accomplished in his first 100 days that matters to gun owners? That was a question asked at the 2017 NRA Show. Before we look at that, let’s take a step back and set the ground rules. Republicans and Democrats both own guns. Both parties have politicians that have been staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and had members who have attempted to trample it. As far as I am concerned, of the two political parties (anti-gunners and Americans) there is only one choice and that is the gun loving, Second Amendment supporting, American party. The rest of your voting decisions are your own.

2017 NRA Leadership Forum Now back to the first 100 days as it applies to the Second Amendment. In the first 100 days, President Trump returned to the NRA Show to speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Conference. The last sitting President to come to the NRA Show to speak was Ronald Regan in 1983. That is significant on its own merit, but this was not a pre-election visit. This was more of a thank you for your support visit, which is significant in its own right and should not be undervalued. Whatever else you may think of President Trump, he returned to say “Thank You.” However, that was not all he said. I cannot say all of his statements put the crowd on its feet—primarily because, as soon as Trump walked out, he received a standing ovation and for the next 25 minutes or so, the crowd remained on its feet. Most notably Trump declared, that an “eight-year assault” on gun ownership rights had come to a “crashing end” with his election. That message was well received, as was his warning that followed. Calming the crowd, Trump warned that simply electing him president wouldn’t suffice. There are plenty of politicians and forces that are still actively seeking to destroy the Second Amendment, as we know it.

With that, President Trump also offered a little encouragement with his promise, “You have a true friend and champion in the White House. No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans. Instead, we will work with you, by your side.” Words are one thing and deeds are another, so I did a little research to determine what President Trump has done for gun owners in the first 100 days. In February, Trump signed a measure that reversed an Obama era rule barring gun sales to certain people seeking medical assistance, including mental health issues such as PTSD and depression.

Trump noted that his administration, via Interior Secretary and former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke rolled back a regulation banning lead ammunition on wildlife refuges that was implemented on the last full day of the Obama presidency. About an hour later, during the leadership forum, Zinke explained that there are lands and streams that need to be protected, need a lighter footprint, and restrictions in those cases are appropriate. However, the previous regulation was overreaching and too severely limited public lands that were protected as multi-use and needed to remain open to multi use, including hunting, shooting, and fishing.

Donald Trump at NRA Leadership Forum Arguably, the most significant action to gun owners and the Second Amendment in the first 100 days was Trump’s successful nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. While there is no guarantee how a justice will rule on a particular case, the majority opinion from the floor was the new balance of the court opened the door for legal challenges to pending Second Amendment cases. For example, The NRA has already launched legal actions against the assault weapons ban in California.

Of course, gun owners have a wish list longer than your arm, and the President did not specifically address many items. I would like to have heard more direction on national reciprocity for concealed carry. However, I do admit some trepidation about having the Federal government creating regulation over states rights. It is a bittersweet issue, but one where I believe the ends justifies the means and national reciprocity needs to be enacted.

No mention was made of any legislative or executive action to reverse the policies and laws regarding short-barreled rifles (SBRs) and short-barreled shotguns (SBSs). An AR pistol is fine, as is an AR rifle with a 16-inch barrel. However, shorten the barrel or throw a stock on the pistol and somehow it is suddenly more dangerous and a federal crime… Likewise, the President did not mention anything surrounding the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 that would essentially remove all of the federal regulations surrounding suppressors.

Was Trump’s message and first 100 days mostly positive? No. Not mostly. I would challenge that within the Second Amendment camp, it was all-positive. However, you are free to disagree in the comment section. As for the NRA, it came out strong to support Trump as a candidate and is showing no sign of changing that position.

“We are very pleased,” said Jennifer Baker, an NRA spokeswoman. “He ran as one of the most unabashed pro-Second Amendment candidates in my lifetime, and he really has kept his promises and done a lot for people who care about the Second Amendment and the Constitution in his first 100 days.” What is your opinion of Trump’s first 100 days as it applies to the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners? Has he done enough? What would you like to see the Trump administration do next for gun owners? As for national reciprocity, how do you feel about states rights versus federal regulation?

Share your answers to these questions and others in the comment section and remember to please keep the discussion focused on gun issues.


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  1. I haven’t read all of the comments others have left, so I’ll just answer the last question in the main article: “As for national reciprocity, how do you feel about states rights versus federal regulation?”

    My answer is very straight-forward. The 2nd amendment states, “…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That says to me that if the constitution applies to me (i.e., I am a citizen of the United States), any regulation or law that causes it to be illegal for me to carry a weapon is unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t specify concealed arms or multi-round arms or sharp arms (knives) or blunt arms (billy clubs) or any other type of weapon.

    National Reciprocity implies that it is OK to prevent me from carrying a weapon if I don’t have a permit to carry it. This isn’t a states rights vs. the federal government (10th Amendment) issue. It’s a 2nd Amendment issue.

  2. CT is, last I heard, still waiting for 26,000 people to register their assault weapons. MA, NY, CT, have no idea how many so-called high capacity magazines have been destroyed or shipped out of the state… but practically zero have been turned in. Los Angeles passed the high capacity magazine ban and, to date, the last word was the same as it has been in CT, NY, MA.

    The term is “civil disobedience”. It was used by the Founders and continues today. CA has now banned those pesky high capacity magazines and another state joins the growing list of those which have no idea what the status is of high capacity magazines. They will face the same situation with regard to the registration of ARs.

    The Tyrants in power ignored the law enforcement agencies which rejected the gun controls Moonbeam signed into law, as well as the ones the AG put before the voters. Rural county sheriffs have publicly stated that they will not enforce violations of the 2nd Amendment.

    There are several suits underway which we hope will lead to SCOTUS. The Gov of Texas has filed briefs on behalf of the people of California in these suits. Still we need more support rather than condemnation about how CA got to this point. Trump is already considering busting up the 9th Circuit. The war is not yet lost in the west. We who fight the good fight have not surrendered. We continue to resist as did the defenders of the Alamo even against overwhelming odds.

    1. Dave I have never seen the numbers on California but I did see the percentages of people in both CT and NY who did not turn in the “ill termed”
      assault rifles they owned. In CT it was 90% and in NY it was even higher at 95%. State police in both States told the Governors they would not actively enforce the law by going after people who hadn’t responded. So most smart firearm owners were disobedient and put the onus on the police not to do their jobs on pain of extreme danger. I live in Colorado and asked two active police officers what they would do if they were ordered to go collect people’s firearms. One said he would call in sick and the other said a great many police officers would get shot. There you have it. There are only about 6 or 7 million police and military in our entire Country and well over 100 million firearm owners. Most ex military that I know would fight to the death before giving up a bullet much less their private weapons. I am not former military but I feel just as they do and so do most of the people I know who own firearms. They want them, come and get them at your own risk. This is why on this issue civil disobedience works. Since they passed magazine limits here in Colorado only one case has been reported of arresting someone for having magazines over the limit and that was because he was a convicted criminal who was out of jail committing another crime. So they nailed him with that as well. Trust me no one is going to go and try to take our firearms. Those in the military and police know that if they ever did that they might not be going home that night and they also know that if they are doing that to you and me who is doing it to their families and putting them in jeopardy as well.

  3. O.K. Harry… the reality is.. You’ll have to register all AR-15 firearms and anything else that is under their definition or similar , as of Jan. 1 2018. Any firearm that has a magazine, Scary flash-hider, the scarier pistol grip are assault weapons in California. You get to re-register 1 time. after that, whether death, you do not want it any more, whatever, you must turn the firearm in to police, with no recompense. All magazines that hold over 10 rounds are illegal in California. All said magazines must be turned in to the state for destruction, effective immediately. Enough reality? Any shotgun that holds a magazine is an assault weapon and follows the same rule. The laws are getting worse and worse in California. You say that is false. I say that you are a douche-bag. Everyone that has high capacity magazines is out of compliance with California’s laws. O.K. , Harry you are so smart, are you the 1 person who turns in all of their firearms and gear that are out of compliance without recompense? I bet you are.

    1. well, evil hillawitch666 only wanted the same laws as australia. it is illegal to have a pump shot gun there. they can kill me but i will not turn my guns or mags to anyone. it is an unalienable right. it is one that is not given or cannot be taken away. the right to self protection. even the Magna Charta stated that. our founders did not invent the idea, they just made sure everyone knew it.

  4. I would love it if Trump sicked the Justice Department on those in California who have violated their oaths of office in furtherance of denying certain classes their civil rights. Put such people behind bars and strip them of their assets will send a message to the progressives far louder than simple votes.

  5. There is an old adage which applies.

    It’s not what you say, it’s what you don’t say which matters.

    Does anyone believe that gun grabbers would openly announce that as their intent? The first NFA (1934) was held up as a Public Safety measure. So was Prohibition. So was the AWB and a zillion other things.

    Those who would seek to control others never announce that that is their intent. The first thing they do is create an enemy to turn the masses against. Guns, Constitution, whatever.

  6. Wayyyyy too simplistic.

    Going back to at least the 1960s, when CA became a hotbed of anti-establishment radicals, and the following decades when masses of people left their homes in other states to partake of the free education through college, higher welfare rates, and other such traps, the left overwhelmed the right by first electing progressives to low level political positions. Those were subsequently elevated to ever higher political positions where they could gain ever more control over the political system. That and they took over the educational system; grads becoming professors and teachers.

    Pat Brown, Moonbeams father, bankrupted the state, and that brought about a revolt and the election of Ronald Reagan. No jobs were cut, no taxes raised (in fact they were lowered) and the state came out of deep debt. Since then, the progressives who joined with the GOP to elect Reagan, returned to their normal haunts and we suffered through a series of Dems and GOPs like Swartznegger who acted like Dems because they tried to compromise and got their clocks cleaned. The Dems then flooded the state with anti-business regulations which drove businesses and conservatives out of the state. What remains of the conservatives still fight the good fight but it’s like Custer or the Alamo. We are gravely outnumbered.

  7. I think, though I can not verify, the CT has one of the highest rates of “Civil Disobedience” thus far… soon to be followed by California. Not sure about NY and MA.

    I salute the patriots in CT!

  8. I do not support the ban on “assault” weapons. I do accept some restrictions such as criminals and mentally ill, or at a range out in the middle of Kansas where a “club” can use them safely (lol).

    The truth is that very few “assault weapons” are actually in private hands. The rifles that all the bleeding hearts complain about only look like real military rifles, erroneously called, “assault rifles”.

    For 21+ years I used the military version which is known as the M-16, and which the military classified as the “M16 Rifle”. It was never called the “M-16 assault rifle” by the armed forces. I still have my original field book which was issued with my rifle in Vietnam. The title is “Care and Maintenance of the M16 Rifle”… not “Care and Maintenance of the M16 Assault Rifle” (check out eBay – search for “army pamphlets, care and maintenance of the M16 rifle”).

    Not one GI in Vietnam would have willingly gone into battle with the civilian AR15 version of the M16. Not against the AK47 with its 30 round magazines and 90 round drums.

    The AR15 was sold to the public in 1964 as the Varminter… ‘good for farm and ranch against predators’. It included the carry handle, bayonet lug, pistol grip, flash suppressor, and removable 20 round box magazine (which was all we had when I was slogging in Vietnam).

    The term “assault weapon” as applied to ARs came into use when Sen Feinstein used it to identify all the firearms she wanted to have banned by the AWB she authored. It didn’t matter to her that it was a lie, and it still doesn’t today.

    Further, when the AWB ended, a part of the agreement reached with Feinstein was that the AR would be redesigned so that it could not be readily converted into a fully automatic rifle. The manufacturers agreed and sales were resumed. Feinstein, to this day, still calls them “assault weapons” and still boasts how many have been kept out of the hands of criminals due to her efforts.

  9. Soooo… nobody is allowed to change their view. Hmmmm That sure does not help the pro-gun side of the issue. We’re trying to convince anti-gunners that they are wrong but I guess if the POTUS isn’t allowed to change views, then the antis have no reason to do so.

    Guess I have been wasting my time trying to convert people here in California. I suppose I can go back to those I have converted, and who are now armed, and tell them I was wrong and that they should hand their arms and ammo in.

    How I recall the words of Joe Biden about teaching the spouse to just fire off a couple of rounds. Then there was Osama and that lame photo op of him holding a shotgun and claiming he shot skeet every weekend. And both of them are fans of the Brady Bunch.

  10. At last check, HE is the president for everyone in the United States! Not just the ones who pay him off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So he needs to step in in California and help those of us who need help against the liberal anti-gun nuts and fast.

  11. I understand your point and it makes sense, however, California is a piece of crap liberal state and it will continue to be a P.O.S. liberal state. No amount of grassroots activism is going to change this problem. The Unions, the illegals, the payoffs, etc. is all stacked against any dialogue other than their own. Liberal, Climate change, Get as many illegals as possible to vote for you by giving them free everything, not gun bans, but complete weapons removal. Not until there is a complete ban, so that no one is allowed to possess anything more dangerous than a very dull better knife, and even those will be taken away. Unless Jesus Christ himself comes to California and helps us, we are doomed. ALL OF OUR SO-CALLED RIGHTS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY. That is why I said that Trump needs to do something to at least slow the problem, I know that he cannot fix it.

  12. information you requested and were seemingly unable to Google for yourself.

    That’s the trouble with most people today. On the Left and on the Right. You believe most of what you read on the web and all your favorite Palliations.

    That is the bus going over the cliff…. see you all at the bottom.

  13. Yo all that commented on What Has Trump Done for Gun Owners in the First 100 Days?.

    Don’t forget to whip on your way out of this forum……

  14. Don’t blame President Ttump, blame your fellow Cslifornians and the traitorous idiots they elect.

  15. To all of you that think President Trump is doing so badly, do a search of “Organizing For Action”. Their main purpose is to twist and lie about everything President Trump is doing. AND it is headed by obabo, the reason he stayed in D.C.

  16. I think that the president should sign a “Presidential Order” to repeal the Firearms import ban on the so called “Asualt Weapons” from China and other countries. I mean who remembers the days when you could pick up an SKS for under $75.00 or get a case of ammo for said weapon for about $65.00 ? This being said as long as we keep the background checks in place to keep said weapons out of the criminals, then I don’t see why we cannot begin to import these weapons to law abiding citizens? I know I was dreaming that President Trump would do something like that within the first 100 days, but hey we can all hope.

    1. Heck with background checks. Let us mail order firearms like we did before GCA ’68.

  17. “”The America We Deserve” : Donald Trump, year 2000:
    “I generally oppose gun control but I support the ban on assault weapons, and I support longer waiting period to purchace a gun”,
    Yes Mr. Trump we, the, little americans,.got just what we deserve.
    Trump used to rail against ” Republicans who “Walk the Line and refuse even limited restrictions”.

  18. I take it none of you guys in here praising Trump, actually read his book. There’s a good reason he was so buddy-buddy with the Clintons after the Brady Bill was signed, and it’s spelled out pretty clearly in his thoughts on private ownership of military firearms in his book.
    The bottom line is, he doesn’t trust us and he thinks we’re morons, furthermore, he’s stated pretty clearly that he views our beloved US Constitution as an obstruction that does nothing but get in his way.

    But by all means. Continue to swallow the promises he keeps making. At best, he’s another shill who knows how to stir up a crowd. At worst, he’s a dangerous megalomaniac who wants us as subjects, not citizens.

    The gun grabbers have a new face, and it’s bright orange.

  19. I wish he had allowed the immediate re-importation of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines. I believe some Garands have been approved, but why not all?

  20. He can say that he is all for guns, he can say that he is the best PRO-gun president ever. But, when all is said and done, he is a buffoon that is doing much more harm than good. Here iN California, has he helped us, NO! has he sent anyone to help us, NO! does he give a rat’s ass about us, NO! by doing all of his crap, he is going to allow the P.O.S. liberals to take everything in a year and a half. If he does not act now to enact some sort of change for those of us in California, Everyone will lose there guns within a decade! YES, everyone! we have already lost all magazines over 10 rounds, all semi-auto firearms, and just about any gun with a magazine, oh and we must register just to buy ammo, and buy a license to buy ammo. IF HE DOES NOT START RIGHT NOW, WE AS A NATION ARE FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jenn: Getting Gorsuch confirmed could very well help Californians if the current lawsuits against the gun control laws make it up to the Supreme Court.

    2. While folks in California may be looking to Washington and President Trump to solve their problems with the leftist liberal California government that is taking away the rights of gun owning Californians, an inconvenient truth concerning this situation is that Californians installed their leftist liberal government by voting such leftist liberals into office. Sure…..Wouldn’t it be nice if President Trump came along with an executive order forbidding the states to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of their residents? Unfortunately, that is not the way it works. This thing called states’ rights keeps getting in the way of federal mandates and it takes a while for the feds to do much about it. Witness that California is essentially a sanctuary state that flaunts it’s disobedience of federal immigration laws, and when the feds attempt anything in response, that wacky 9th Circuit Court of Appeals blocks what the feds try to do.

      So…..In retrospection, it seems that the fate of Californians really is in the hands of Californians…..who keep on electing left wing wackos into state offices. Methinks that some grassroots activism is called for in the Golden State. It will take time, but with assistance from state gun rights organizations and the NRA, some progress can be made. But blaming the President of the USA for California’s woes is misplaced…..when the ability to rectify the situation lies within the state boundaries.

    3. we have already lost … all semi-auto firearms, and just about any gun with a magazine.

      Reality is bad enough. Try to stay close to it and your arguments will be stronger.

      That’s laughably false.

  21. It’s going to take more than 100 days for most of the public to realize we’ve been duped again. Bunch of promises in exchange for 200 years of progress. The solution to our nation’s problems is not to hand it over to the thieving billionaire’s club.

  22. Where did you go to school?
    The assault weapons band was a sun set bill that didn’t get sent back up to the Ex. Branch for signature.

    Somebody please grab the wheel of this bus and save us before it goes off the cliff.

  23. The Second Amendment is the only license required for a law abiding and competent American citizen to carry a gun. The Constitution was designed to limit the Federal government not to expand it into controlling every aspect of our lives. Our rights are unalienable and granted by our creator, Government does not grant rights. Government is an agent of the people that is responsible for protecting our rights not for infringing upon them. The Tenth Amendment clearly protects States and citizens rights to regulate rights within their respective boundaries for their citizens.

  24. Getting old sucks. I realize that I am only 55, but this conversation has brought a lot of thoughts into the brain only to be forgotten by the next one! So here goes for what it is worth: Matt: Thank you for staying in here and plugging away at this. I feel you are a little misguided on the support of President Obama, but you are correct. He was not able to take away or trample on our gun rights during his tenure. However, things were put in motion that could have affected those rights if the line of anti-gunners had continued to reign. This is one of many reasons that President Trump came to be in the position he is in… When you spoke of having a Republican in the oval office and Republican control of the House and Senate, technically you are correct. However, it seems today that the two parties have become one – A career politician party as I have come to call it. And as for President Trump, I consider him the American Party! And it is strange, that he is at odds with the career politician party. He is a threat to them just like we are. Our government of career politicians are afraid of us. We have an incredible military. I served and retired from the U.S. Navy and I am very proud of our military heritage. But our military is not the main reason that we have not been invaded at this point in history. We have not been invaded because of us, American citizens who are legally armed and considered dangerous. As our enemies from abroad have stated in the past, there is a gun behind every blade of grass in America. Our government seems to have been moving toward the one world order/global nation for a long time. We were a hinderance to that happening. Disarming us would have been the next logical step in that direction. That movement was close to having the American public split 50/50 when President Obama came into office. Their administration started stirring the pot and openly encouraged minority groups to rise up and cause as much civil/religious unrest as possible under the veil of freedom and personal rights. Firearms were put under a microscope and that image was thrown out over the media as evil. Christian Americans came under fire as well because believe it or not, the Christian faith is still the majority in our population. Like the frog in a pot of water, the temperature had slowly been risen over this long period of time to where it was just about to boil and cook all of us frogs out here. It just seems like President Obama and Mrs. Clinton lost patience in this plan and decided to jump the temperature up so that it would be their mark on history. Hillary was a shoe in for the next presidential election and not one career politician even tried to stand up for us and fight. What they did not take into account was the number of Christian organizations and Veterans groups, and organizations like the NRA and a whole bunch of the American population that still were not ready to die in the pot of boiling water. We began to work hard behind the scenes and through never ceasing prayer and tons of hard work Donald Trump suddenly and unexpectedly appeared on the scene. ‘We the People’ put him in our highest office in rebuttal to where our government has been leading us. Now we are asking, “what has President Trump done for us in his first 100 days in office?” Shouldn’t the question be, “what have you as an individual done to support President Trump in his campaign to make America great again in his first 100 days in office?” Have you helped to strengthen our sovereignty, secure our borders, and increase the safety of American citizens One man cannot do it alone, not even the President of the United States. Our country was founded to be a bottom up run government, not a top down one. We have to start removing these career politicians and replace them with Americans who know and understand that when America functions as a sovereign republic and our representatives work for their constituents in their communities, counties, and individual states, we and the worlds population will reap the rewards. As much as I would love to own and operate a fully automatic, silenced firearm anywhere I choose to go in America, that will not change the fact that what we currently have in regards to firearm freedoms/rights, as long as we are responsible with them, can maintain a safe and secure America. Let the NRA fight those battles and let the Trump administration fight the battle against Federal government over-reach and we can focus on making America great! We can focus on fiscal responsibility starting in our homes, living within our means. As that happens, our local, county, and state governments can clean up their houses as well. Once the states straighten up, the Federal government will fall into place. Our votes will carry the most weight in this uphill battle! We will all never agree on everything we face, but as long as we can see the value that each and every one of us brings to the table, we can and will work out our differences just like our nations founders had to. And when that happens, America will continue to be a light for the world. I guess my point is stop bickering and roll up your sleeves and get to work!

    1. AMEN brother! The more people hear that exact messege, the more people will start to realize that the government works at OUR will and pleasure not their own. But our society needs to start acting like the free and civilized one that so many(like yourself) have fought to preserve.

    2. Mike, your words and way of thinking is worth their weight in gold. When I read that Trump was running for the WH, I was glad and happy that he would be someone that we needed, That he was not a career politician. I voted for him and I’m glad I did. You sir should run for office, it’s men like you that we need, Eddie G. Temple, Ga.

  25. I hope no one has forgotten the elephant in the room. I didn’t see anything about the UN small arms treaty. We need to get Trump to unsign what Obama and Kerry were trying to get us into. As long as it has their signature, we are in danger of having our Second Amendment rights eliminated by the socialists at the UN.

    1. Right, because it’s not an issue. The UN small arms treaty is about international gun trafficking, not civilian gun ownership. You can just look it up, we went over this when it was announced as another scare tactic here.

    2. It affects ammo production and reselling, even domestically (in order to comply with the tracking requirements).

      Seems like you are pretty uninformed, Matt.

    3. Tim,
      Would you mind quoting those provisions of the treaty that you think apply to activity you object to? Otherwise, it’s hard to see where your comment applies. Just saying….

    4. Sure, the specific areas I have issues with:

      Article 3 Ammunition/Munitions
      Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1), and shall apply the provisions of Article 6 and Article 7 prior to authorizing the export of such ammunition/munitions.

      Selling small arms ammunition (which includes hunting ammunition) to foreign nationals here on hunting trips (think Canadians coming down) is an export. That has the potential to require more paperwork from mom and pop shop resellers.

      Article 9
      Transit or trans-shipment
      Each State Party shall take appropriate measures to regulate, where necessary and feasible, the transit or trans-shipment under its jurisdiction of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1) through its territory in accordance with relevant international law.

      That has the potential to interfere with our ability to take firearms and/or ammunition across state lines.

      Article 12 Record keeping
      1. Each State Party shall maintain national records, pursuant to its national laws and regulations, of its issuance of export authorizations or its actual exports of the conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1).
      2. Each State Party is encouraged to maintain records of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1) that are transferred to its territory as the final destination or that are authorized to transit or trans-ship territory under its jurisdiction.
      3. Each State Party is encouraged to include in those records: the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1), conventional arms actually transferred, details of exporting State(s), importing State(s), transit and trans-shipment State(s), and end users, as appropriate.

      The first section idicates that the record keeping is limited to that authorized by national laws, does that include states where there already is a registration? The parts that really bother me is the paperwork required for transit within the terrority (why should anybody else know I am taking my firearms up to my vacation home to go shooting off the back porch?) and the information on the end-user.

    5. Hang in there Tim, this is going to take a minute. Most of this doesn’t apply to you or any other private citizen in the US.

      “Article 3 Ammunition/Munitions
      Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1), and shall apply the provisions of Article 6 and Article 7 prior to authorizing the export of such ammunition/munitions.

      Selling small arms ammunition (which includes hunting ammunition) to foreign nationals here on hunting trips (think Canadians coming down) is an export. That has the potential to require more paperwork from mom and pop shop resellers.”

      This example in not an export. It won’t have any effect on you or your Canadian friend.

      “Article 9
      Transit or trans-shipment
      Each State Party shall take appropriate measures to regulate, where necessary and feasible, the transit or trans-shipment under its jurisdiction of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1) through its territory in accordance with relevant international law.

      That has the potential to interfere with our ability to take firearms and/or ammunition across state lines.”

      No, this only applies to arms in transit that are applicable to export. Taking your gun that you purchased in the US across state lines isn’t affected by this. By State they mean country, not state in the US.

      “Article 12 Record keeping
      1. Each State Party shall maintain national records, pursuant to its national laws and regulations, of its issuance of export authorizations or its actual exports of the conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1).
      2. Each State Party is encouraged to maintain records of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1) that are transferred to its territory as the final destination or that are authorized to transit or trans-ship territory under its jurisdiction.
      3. Each State Party is encouraged to include in those records: the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1), conventional arms actually transferred, details of exporting State(s), importing State(s), transit and trans-shipment State(s), and end users, as appropriate.”

      This is what the ATF is already doing. Nothing new here.

      In short, this isn’t a gun grab, and it will have ZERO effect on your ability to own and transfer your guns.

    6. Transferring anything (even just talking about a subject) to a foreign nation is an export, and can get you into trouble with applicable ITAR/EAR regulations. You might want to brush up on the legalese of exports, because you are incorrect.

      The treaty specifically says all conventional arms (which includes ammunition by its definition) transiting through its territory. It says nothing about them needing to be an export. They want to keep track of the items to be aware of a potential export.

      No, the ATF does not keep any information on the end user. The dealer where a firearm is purchased keeps the info. And if there is a private sale or transfer, they don’t have any information on the end user. Not to mention that would also apply to ammunition (where only a few totally backwards states currently do background checks on the purchaser).

    7. Matt you have been just commenting negatively against just about everyone here. How about you just make your own thread and get it all out of your system.

    8. It’s not about making negative comments, it’s about pressing for critical thinking and the truth. The guy above thinks the UN small arms treaty is a gun grab. I asked him to show me where that was stated. If you think that’s a negative comment, I can’t help you.

      This is a discussion forum. I hold a different viewpoint. That isn’t a bad thing.

    9. Not once did I call it a gun grab, you keep saying that is what I think, yet not once did I say anything about removing our ability to purchase firearms or own them. I said it would make it more laborious.

      If you don’t want to be viewed as ‘the enemy’, as you put it, try not putting words in people’s mouths.

  26. I am miffed that I wasted my vote on Trump. I have been “Donalded” and each time I hear more of his false promises I get where I want to toss cookies. Could someone pull his knife out of our backs?

    1. I do not understand your “wasted vote on Trump”. I thank God he was elected and will do everything I can to support him. Can you imagine where we would be if H.C. won instead?

    2. How right you are F Miller. Not only would we have Hillary and Billary breathing down our necks but their comrades in crime, Bloomberg and G. Soros money helping those two that are bent on disarming the law abiding people of this nation.

    3. I think by the time Trump is done, the majority in here are likely to agree with Wayne.

  27. ” However, I do admit some trepidation about having the Federal government creating regulation over states rights.”

    REPOST — of my comment on Rallypoint, as CW3 Harvey Keck

    I do not have the slightest trepidation about having the Federal government enforcing the 14th Amendment on those states who think they can ignore the rights of all Americans to ALL of the Bill of Rights, even those 2nd Amendment rights they “don’t approve”.
    The states have no more right to deny another state’s approval of an individual citizen’s fitness to keep and bear arms, documented with a CCW, than they have to ignore that state’s endorsement of such “good character” documented with a badge and police ID.
    LEOSA is the Feds telling states that they must respect out-of-state LEOs RKBA. It is not such a leap to have them do the same for us “civilians” with a CCW.

  28. “However, I do admit some trepidation about having the Federal government creating regulation over states rights.”

    I do not have the slightest trepidation about having the Federal government enforcing the 14th Amendment on those states who think they can ignore the rights of all Americans to ALL of the Bill of Rights, even those 2nd Amendment rights they “don’t approve”.

  29. Wayne,

    Is there anyway we can make a formal petition to
    send to the representatives and President Trump to PASS the HEARING PROTECTION ACT? This BS about suppressors needs to be just as available as firearms, esp if the patron has a CCW!

  30. In the 8 years during the Obama administration, gun rights only EXPANDED. I got my CCW in Illinois under Obama. Gun laws passed under GW Bush were REPEALED under Obama. Look it up, these are the actual FACTS. No one came after my guns under Obama and Trump has done NOTHING to protect or expand the rights of gun owners, except to allow mentally ill people to buy guns, which is a threat to EVERYONE. This guy turned out to be a total whack job and a fraud. I wish I could get my vote back.

    1. Bob, Are you seriously out of your mind? Hillary Clinton announced several times during her campaign that she was going to take down the second amendment. As to the communist usurper Obama had a 100% anti gun agenda. He had his fellow traveller Kerry sign the UN small arms treaty. Obama openly stated that he was in favor of an Australian style gun buy back. Bob, get real and wake the heck up.

    2. Are we really going to keep pushing the UN small arms treaty as some sort of gun grab? You can just go read the thing, stop lying.

    3. If there was indeed any “expansion” of gun rights, it wasn’t Obama’s doing. The courts made some decisions (rightfully) reestablishing some of our rights, but there was a constant assault on the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Your lies only expose your true agenda.

    4. Your statement is false.

      Gun Laws Signed By Obama

      During his first term Obama didn’t call for any major new restriction on guns or gun owners. Instead he urged authorities to enforce the state and federal laws already on the books. In fact, Obama signed only two major laws that address how guns are carried in America, and both actually expand the rights of gun owners.

      One of the laws allows gun owners to carry weapons in national parks; that law took effect in February 2012 and replaced President Ronald Reagan’s policy of required guns be locked in glove compartments of trunks of car that enter national parks.

      Another gun law signed by Obama allows Amtrak passengers to carry guns in checked baggage, a move that reversed a measure put in place after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

      Obama often mentions the expansion of gun rights under those two laws. He wrote in 2011:

      “In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that’s handed from generation to generation. Hunting and shooting are part of our national heritage. And, in fact, my administration has not curtailed the rights of gun owners – it has expanded them, including allowing people to carry their guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.”

    5. Why do you assume just signing laws are the only way to affect gun owners?

      Things Obama, or his Administration did, that affected gun owners:

      ATFE tried redefining ‘armor piercing’ ammo to dry up a cheap source of ammo.

      Using SS to to deny ownership using ridiculously vague definitions.

      Pushed for using the opaque Watch Lists as a reason to deny the NICS.

      Pushed for Feinstein’s AWB.

      UN Small Arms Treaty has the potential to increase costs and burden on ammo manufactures and resellers.

      Tightened the definition of dealer, requiring more collectors to get a FFL.

      The aforemention lead ban.

      Then you have the climate he created by lying about AR-25s being fully automatic (fundraiser in San Francisco), claiming gun shows don’t require background checks, claiming it is even possible to buy a gun online without going through a background check, etc.

      Laws aren’t the only way to affect firearm owners.

    6. If you take the 2nd Amendment at face value as intended you wouldn’t have to get a permit? A permit requirement is an infringement is it not?

    7. There is such a thing as BECAUSE of a political administration, and such a thing as IN SPITE OF a political administration.

    8. Obammer shut down the re-entry of Lend-Lease guns and ammo. Obammer put sanctions on importing foreign surplus guns and ammo.
      These actions only hurt collectors, serious shooters and gun clubs! Who’s gonna use an M I Garant to rob a Quick Mart or a Smith-Rubin for a hijacking? Mosen pistols just ain’t found in drive-by’s and P-38’s are rarely used in gun fights!

    9. There is such a thing as some good happening BECAUSE of an administration.
      There is also such a thing as some good happening IN SPITE OF an administration.

      I trust no one can find the above comment falling into any evil category, such as “profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments”.

    10. I agree that establishment Republicans have as much love of gun owners as do Democrats. But what did Obama repeal that Bush passed? Congress only passed one gun bill under Bush: the protection of lawful commerce in arms act. And that was used many times in the Obama administration to block malicious lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Illinois finally adopted a CCW program because of lawsuits brought by the Second Amendment Foundation, not because Obama comes from the murder capital of the US. And the “mentally ill” people that Obama blocked from getting guns were NOT adjudicated mentally ill, they needed assistance in managing their fiscal affairs because of medical conditions (which Trump is reversing). Your posting indicates you have a far greater mental illness than these veterans and social security recipients — you need to withdraw your cranium from your anal orifice.

    11. Bush also did NOT renew the “assault weapons ban”, which was good, and that drove the Liberal Left Mental Midgets crazy.

    12. But can you take that CCL into another state? Trump has stated he’ll push for a national CCL. If at the end of 4 yrs there is no national carry law put to congress then I’ll agree with you. Until then relax……..he in no way will do anything against your 2A rights! Obama was going after the type of ammo you could purchase as an example. For you to try and toot the Obama horn in favor of gun rights is like saying illegals are law abiding people!

    13. @Bob- You say ownership expanded? I live in CT where tens of thousands of people were legally force to sell or PERMANENTLY make their guns in operable under legislation and/or fully supported of the Obama Administration. CT has the 2nd strictest gun laws in the country now. Mainly because of a guy that was from/lived in NEW JERSEY. I assume we don’t live in the same America

  31. over the cliff…
    the focus here should be on guns not lying pollutions because if there lips are moving they are all lying

    You want good grammar or do you want good taste

  32. What an interesting…..and even entertaining…..thread of discussion! From where I sit, at my age and station in life, I am supremely glad that Hillary did not ascend to the Oval Office. While I will concede that the 2016 election was truly a case of choosing the lesser of two evils, had Hillary been elected, she would most certainly have been an Obama third termer. Hillary, however, made no secrets of her disdain for the Second Amendment and those who support it, and THAT was likely the third rail that cost her the election.

    Donald Trump may not be the best choice to have arisen from the Republican ranks to capture the nomination…..and subsequently the White House, but he is a damned sight better than Hillary…..and the American people are certainly better off…..than what we would be facing with another Clinton in the White House.

    1. Know what? You might be right. That doesn’t mean we should excuse Trump’s lies or turn a blind eye when he does something that isn’t right.

    2. As far as I can see from my comments, I said nothing about excusing President Trump, or anybody else, when they don’t live up to our expectations. I plainly and simply said that we are better off than we’d have been if Hillary had won the election. Like you and others, I have some problems with some of President Trump’s decisions, comments, and actions, just as I have had some problems with all other presidential administrations as far back as I can remember. With all of that in mind, at my age and experience…..and where I find myself in terms of my participation in life’s daily activities…..I tend to view online bickering as what I said…..interesting and entertaining. And…..I am not likely to get involved in it except to be entertained by it.

  33. lemming
    I had to look it up.

    Seems that lemming will run of a cliff and kill themselves.

    I fear that lemming (these guys) are driving the bus right now.

  34. what, are you afraid of someone that does not use capitals?? you sound like one of those teachers that are teaching the students how bad guns are. a pump shot gun would be illegal in australia, but i guess you are ok with that, right?? you would rather have a criminal in office and a rapist by her side, i guess. obummer did not have to lie to F@@K everything up. he pardoned more criminals then all the rest of the presidents combined, tell me how did that help america. also tell me how selling guns to know criminals helped us. that little trick has killed over 1000 people, mostly mexicans. tell me how that helped?? and you are worried about capitals? remind me to thank-you for grading my writing. how is that great for a president. now, he 2 and 1/2 our debt of the country in 8 years, do you think that is good for the country?? the money supply doubled in that time also which should only increase with productivity increases, and their were basically none, is that good? now america is headed for the greatest depression it has ever seen and thousands will starve to death just in this country, how does that help us?? i am sure you will blame trump but not OBUMMER you heard it from me and who caused it, ok?? the absolute worst president this country has ever had. now of course holder took the fall for obummer, and he resigned 2 days after an appeal court ordered the release of the fast and furious documents. AN APPEAL COURT, GET IT?.NOW WHY WOULD NOT AN ANTI GUN PERSON WANT NOT WANTTO KNOW WHY THE BATFE SOLD THOSE GUNS ILLEGALLY, AND WHY DID HOLDER RESIGN? why didn’t obummer order an investigation, let me tell you, because he did it. lying is one thing and do illegal acts another. it appears the democraps can only produce criminals. WTF!! did i thank you for grading me??? WORST PRESIDENT EVER!! i use capitals to shout it, get it??? so grade me and try and tell us just how pro gun you are when you would rather that piece of democrap be in office. both her and obummer are helping to instigate these left leaning riots. i guess they think they can get a communist revolution and take over the government. WTF! do you really think that these riots and breaking the law are good for our country?? have you ever seen the right do this sort of thing? do you really think we will allow it to happen? theses people are left kids that have been taught by left school teachers. i think we need to fire a lot of school teachers if this is the sort of thing they instill in kids. the colleges are just as bad and they are pricing themselves out of business. i went for 8 years and after an ME degree went into the MBA, aso i understand exactly what obummer did for our country but it appears you do not understand. it appears we need to let that happen, let the colleges price themdelves out of business.. i guess you did not learn that communism does not work because of human nature. are you really that stupid??

    1. You’re just copying and pasting the same garbage over and over. I can tell by your writing pattern that you aren’t educated. Why lie about it? NOBODY with 8 years of higher ed lacks the basic critical thinking skills that you do. Basic grammar is easy for children, but not for you.

      I said I’m not happy with Trump, and think he’s been lying since his first day in office. That somehow makes me an anti-gun communist?

      I also love how Obama Hillary and George Soros are still the boogeymen that keep you in fear everyday. You have a Republican President, House and Senate.

  35. “Even Diane Frankenstein, (D) of Californica, has purchased and carries a gun. By you stating “the first thing I ever bought was…” Doesn’t mean squat. Even jerks can buy a gun, right?”

    But Frankenmonster doesn’t believe anyone else should be armed. I know. I’ve had enough exchanges with her only to find her back with her stock statement about having kept deadly assault weapons out of the hands of criminals… in other words, anyone in the state who does not agree with her… like Veterans who have used far deadlier weapons and yet she can’t trust any of them with a .22 cal at the range. Like you said, “Even jerks can buy a gun, right?” and Frankenmonster proves it.

    My last exchange with her was to tell her it was time for her to fade away and find a rocking chair to sit in and watch the sun set because she a) can’t tell the difference between an assault weapon and one the just looks like one, b) she has violated her oath of office by not protecting the Peoples’ Rights under the Constitution, and she is a hypocrite for allowing that she be armed and the rest of us can go pound sand.

    1. Can you tell me what I’m supposed to believe in order not to be the enemy here?

  36. i guess you would rather a criminal and a rapist be there instead. both her and obummer both wanted gun control just like australia. do you know what that is like???? no semi auto, in fact pump shot guns are illegal in australia right now. now either you are a democrap or you are against guns, and want to be a democrap. you know that pile of crap you just cannot shake off your shoes….

    i am not giving up my guns, you can kill me but i am not giving up my guns. you cannot tell me what kind of a gun i can shoot. in fact there are a lot of gun regulations that need changing and just maybe we can do it. what your last piece of crap did and that bitch is set us up for the greatest depression the world has ever seen. so when it happens just remember who set you up, no one can stop it. get ready it is coming to a neighborhood near you….

    this is not a right that can be given or taken away. it is an unalienable right. the amendments just confirmed it. everyone is born with the right to self protection. if you feel the police will do that for you, be my guest, just do not try and take that right from me. is trump perfect, no. at least he was not a career criminal, oh, i mean politician.

    1. Trump is in fact a career confidence man and charlatan. The only reason he isn’t in jail is that he can afford to pay people to drop their cases and settle out of court. Do you know how many millions of dollars he has paid to settle cases?

      Again, why do don’t you capitalize letters?

    2. While for some reason I was not able to respond to you under the comment you made to me, suffice it to say I really don’t waste my time trying to explain things to folks like yourself because there is nothing anyone is going to say to you that you will either take your time to research or believe even if you find it to be true. So do me a favor Matt and take a hike. No one on hear owes you an explanation for anything because you are irrelevant. So no more replies will be forthcoming.

    3. “nothing anyone is going to say to you that you will either take your time to research or believe even if you find it to be true”

      This isn’t even close to being true.

      Why do you post your opinions if you aren’t willing to discuss them with someone who may disagree with you?

      I noticed you don’t want to answer my question though.

      When has Obama been caught lying on tape? “You can keep your doctor”, that’s the only one I know of. What others are there?

    4. Says the guy who thinks states where most of the people don’t agree with his views are dictatorships. How stupid is that?

    5. Matt,

      Get the f#$k out of here and hike with obummer. $400 Million cold cash to Iran, the nuclear deal with Iran, what more???

    6. Hi Jay! How are those lies he was caught in on videotape? I don’t agree with many of his policies, but that doesn’t make them lies. I’m not Pro Obama, I’m Pro Facts. You can’t just make things up and think someone won’t challenge you on it.

    7. Matt, check Politifact’s “All false statements involving Barrack Obama.” 4 pages of lies/misstatements – too many to list here, but I’m sure you’ll have an excuse or rationalization for each one. And yes, *some* were made by other people in his Administration about Obama or his Administration, but plenty of lies/misinformation directly from his mouth. The one that shocks me that you can’t seem to recall was his promise to have “the most transparent Administration in history,” while his goes down in the annals of history as one of the most secretive.

    8. I did check, here are the scores for Obama and Trump. Now you’ll tell me that Politifact is just part of the liberal media and these scores aren’t true.

      True123 (21%)(123)
      Mostly True164 (27%)(164)
      Half True160 (27%)(160)
      Mostly False70 (12%)(70)
      False71 (12%)(71)
      Pants on Fire9 (2%)

      True18 (4%)(18)
      Mostly True50 (12%)(50)
      Half True59 (15%)(59)
      Mostly False81 (20%)(81)
      False131 (33%)(131)
      Pants on Fire64 (16%)

    9. “When has Obama been caught lying on tape? “You can keep your doctor”, that’s the only one I know of. What others are there?” (Matt)

      A rather odd response to my reply, Matt… you asked for examples of lies by Obama only being able to think of a single one about the ACA, so I replied with the information you requested and were seemingly unable to Google for yourself.

    10. Lie? Obama just screwed the country at will! Obama was elected because of his race, not his credentials. he snubbed his nose at the military, Vets, Police and the working middle class.
      Obama racially divided and segregated this country.
      As for President Trump. He was never in danger of going to jail and name a multi-millionaire who hasn’t been sued or settled? Believe it or not, President Trump already saved this country from the evils named Clintons.
      Last you sound like a Liberal SJW school teacher?

  37. So he overturned the lead ban, overturned the rule keeping people who are potentially mentally unstable from purchasing firearms. That’s it?

    1. Nominating a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t think Heller was wrong is a pretty big one also.

  38. A law/or executive order that would criminalize any politician with 25years in prison for attempting to pass any anti-gun legislation It’s time to stop the stupidity of the left. We need to be more demanding about protecting our gun rights in this way. Time to take the gloves off!

    1. the BATFE needs to be ditched period. also besides needing our gun rights back, we need to legalize all drugs and make them cheap enough so heroin addicts don’t need to be criminals and can be productive members of society. prohibition of anything cause crime. we were suppose to learn that from alcohol. i guess instead of learning from history we just change the name of something and expect it to work this time?? heroin addicts have no trouble finding it, it is just hard to pay for. so we as the public pay for it the hard way. we are truly idiotic. WTF!!

  39. The 2016 General Election was one in which, for me, there was no option but to support and vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was a complete and utter disaster, and third party candidates are never viable, though some folks attempt to justify their votes for such candidates based on their personal principles. To those who are so inclined, I always point to the damage done by Ross Perot when his candidacy facilitated the election of Bill Clinton in 1992. While our left-wing liberal brethren continue to nip at President Trump, the reality of his election and first 100 days shows that the man really is committed to the mantra…..”Make America Great Again”. The so-called mainstream news media are loath to give the president any credit for anything, but his record of accomplishment is really pretty good…..and I look forward to even more positive accomplishments as time wears on.

  40. To little BUT not to late,
    The President needs to step it up a bit so as to solidify any actions before the Midterm Elections can be a drag on that progress. Mr. Trump’s political missteps in the first 100 needs to give way to votes in Congress that can be won without giving up ground as far as gun wrights are concerned.

  41. Just read somewhere that Trump also directed that arm braces for pistols would no longer be a class III regulation. I would also like to see full auto allowed in new weapons, such as M-16, even that Glock pistol that’s sold to LEOs but not civilians, not that I would want that….Wonder if the 200 dollar “sin” tax will done away with too? Suppressors also should be considered safety equipment and maybe a health preserving device, which should be part of Trumpcare, you know…Credit or a rebate for verification of suppressor use!!!
    The reason why the Liberals hate Trump even more, is that giving one’s WORD actually means something to Trump, It’s just the opposite for most of the democrats. There are only a few exceptions.

    1. Trump just said yesterday that he doesn’t stand behind anything he says. How can you say his word means anything when he’s kept almost NONE of the promises he made to us with his first 100 days plan.

    2. Matt, you seem to mistake this GUN forum for the Huffington Post. You come here to argue with all of us gun enthusiasts. We don’t want or need or welcome YOUR politics. Try sticking to the pro gun agenda we all seem to discuss. Seems you would rather have Hillary in office or Burnie Sanders?? Probably the socialist Sanders. He doesn’t lie! Trump may exaggerate, but it’s doubtful he lies, especially from the example of Obama or Hillary has given us. I think you have made negative comments toward every person who has shared THEIR opinions.

    3. “You come here to argue with all of us gun enthusiasts.”

      I AM a gun enthusiast. The first thing I ever bought with my own money was a Remington 511 Scoremaster.

      “Try sticking to the pro gun agenda we all seem to discuss.”

      What did I say that was anti-gun? I think Trump is an obvious liar, and he even said he doesn’t stand behind his words the other day in a CBS interview. That doesn’t make me anti-gun.

      “I think you have made negative comments toward every person who has shared THEIR opinions.”

      Just because I disagree with their statements and engage them, doesn’t make my comments negative. It seems most of you can’t defend your position on anything.

    4. You sure talk like a Liberal Left Mental Midget. You should be glad that Trump is in office, you say you are pro-gun? The alternative to Trump was Either communist or socialist. You really are showing your agenda. If Hillary was elected, you would have had better luck finding, buying, and using a gun in Australia. The whole USA would be just like Californica. I, for one am SO HAPPY, Trump beat her. If you aren’t, you can’t convince anyone here that you are really Pro gun. Even Diane Frankenstein, (D) of Californica, has purchased and carries a gun. By you stating “the first thing I ever bought was…” Doesn’t mean squat. Even jerks can buy a gun, right?

    5. Let me see if I understand this. We aren’t allowed to be critical of Trump, because the alternative in the recent election was a communist or a socialist?

      I love my guns, but they aren’t the most important thing in my life. Does that make me anti-gun?

    6. Sure, Matt. You can be critical of Trump. You already have, and nobody here will change your mind. That is what’s great about America, don’t you think? You are entitled to your opinion. Have you finished yet?
      Three important things in Life. My God, My Gun, My family,My country. Oppps. That was four…

    7. Matt maybe not anti gun, but definitely liberal. Perhaps you are in the wrong forum. Seems that you just like to agitate people and are full of hate. Do people in your real world think you are an ass too?

    8. Last time I checked this is called the Shooter’s Log. Not the republicans only log. You act like calling me liberal is some sort of silver bullet. Call me whatever you want. I’m a gun owner who didn’t vote for Trump. If you think I’m the enemy, shooting sports are done.

      I’m not full of hate at all, I just like to press people when they make statements that are untrue or exaggerated. They freak out and call me names, but I’m the one who’s full of hate?

  42. As I have observed in the responses to many subjects covered here, there appears to be a generally negative response to anything less than total and immediate victory.

    For many of us living in dictatorships (CA, WA, NY, CT, MA, etc) we recognize that what has evolved over many more than just the past 8 years is not going to be solved overnight. We are still trying to get the left to accept that they lost the election… which should have told them something but which apparently fell on deaf ears.

    The fact that Trump ditched the press dinner and spent his time with us tells me we still have a friend. It should be obvious that a POTUS always has far more on his plate to deal with than just our concerns.

    We are a nation divided on many fronts… and that has been intentional. It has been the same tactic used by communist and socialist revolutionaries for many decades. Divide and conquer and they are still using it. When even members of our own party are willing to throw Trump under the bus rather than show a united front, we have problems beyond gun control.

    I want to see a return to the 1950s when we kids could take our BB guns and .22s out any time we had our chores and homework done. A time when BB and pellet guns, blowguns, slingshots, and so on were not, as they are in CA, classified as firearms. (Can’t remember when the last bank was robbed using a slingshot, BB gun, or blowgun!)

    For many in forums such as this, it may be hard for people to see that a POTUS has to wheel and deal, like it or not, to get anything done. Ronald Reagan learned the hard way that what he was able to accomplish in CA as governor he was not able to institute at the federal level, and he had political experience.

    A House Divided Will Not Stand. Get on the ones like Ryan and let’s help Trump achieve his and our goals.

    So, let’s “trust but verify” in the words of Ronald Reagan. Give Trump room to breathe but keep the 2nd up front in his mind.

    1. No states in the United States are dictatorships. Just because there are more people that disagree with you than agree with you doesn’t magically make the state a dictatorship.

      Trump skipped the “press dinner” as you put it, because he can’t stand ANY criticism, even if it’s warranted.

      The press is supposed to hold the President accountable, just because they aren’t saying what you want to hear doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    2. I am from CT. I know the pain. Shooting a BB gun in the wrong situation can get you a year in prison (doesn’t matter if its pink with orange polka dots). Its considered a firearm even it it has no firearm components (like the spring loaded types). Makes me sick

  43. the right to self protection with the best weaponry one can afford not what a government state or federal will allow you to have. the Magna Charta stated it and it was know even before that. it is a unalienable right. it cannot be given or taken away. limiting any government from taking that right is what and why the second amendment was put in the bill of rights. all those rights every individual has and no government should take them away. just as freedom of speech and religion. the right not to incriminate yourself. due process and all of those rights everyone is born with.

    now just because a government takes them away does not mean it is right. they have no right to do so. so being able to defend yourself everywhere in our country is your right, not something a state can give or take away.

    this country has been drifting toward communism for a few decades now. i do not feel free any more. both parties are guilty of taking our rights, but the democraps are definitely worse. just because you call your self a socialist does not mean that you are not you are for a communist style government. those folks are crazy to believe that that form of government will work. as we learned in school it looks great on paper and when you throw in human nature it falls apart. all i can say is i hope we can change course and head back to capitalism. capitalism works because it is the people that decide what is produced and how much. most people in power are never satisfied, they always want more power and money.

    is capitalism perfect? NO. nothing is perfect but it comes closest to perfection. it appears to me those ultra left are trying to start a communist revolution to make sure they succeed in setting up a communist form of government. china looks good, they have been increasing their standard of living at a break neck pace and have now almost broken their necks, to do it. they built many cities that no one lives in. how long do you think that will last? just as our slide toward communism has done to us, the whole world is on the verge of the greatest depression it has ever seen, and the loss of life will be worse then any war.

    obummer believes the government can do what it wants and just print money and borrow to do things that communism claims it can do. take care of everyone in the land from cradle to grave. it does not work. we are about to face and pay for the fiscal irresponsibility of obummer and old yeller. it will not be trump’s fault, but they will try and blame him for it. things are going to get very ugly. to keep going and gain the control they have wanted for decades, they are almost there. total control of everyone in this country and the world. how? with electronic money. once they have installed that, they will be able to control every dime you spend from a key board. of course we would not let them do that, but when everyone is starving to death all they will care about is getting food. the only way they will let the banks reopen is with electronic money. once they have that in place how can they run out of money?

    the problem is all of these policies and spending money they do not have will just decrease the value of our money. they could destroy the value of it and have tried very hard for the last 8 years. i only hope we can stop it or our freedom will be gone. i am very worried about what these ultra left folks are and have done to our society. not good, not responsible. the elites almost have their new world order. it is a great plan and they have already destroyed the middle class..

    at least trump is in not hillawitch666. the elites pawn and quite the criminal. i am worried for our society, i hope i am wrong in my beliefs. i would love to be wrong, i want to be wrong, and i would gladly be wrong.

    1. Art. It seems as though you are afraid of communism. Does it bother you that Trump has appointed several people to cabinet positions that are being investigated by the FBI for ties to Russia?

      Why do you use a period to end a sentence, but don’t capitalize the first letter? I worry about our country as well. As soon as normalized grammar goes out the window, we’re screwed.

    2. he is certainly better then the criminal. he was not a politician. and yes i did not agree with everything he has done but far superior, way far, then the alternative. we all learned communism does not work in real life, at least most of us did in school. i guess the younger folks have been taught by communists. capitalism works because it is the people that choose. no one can control the economy. this country is headed for the greatest depression the world has ever seen because no one allows for a free economy. remember trump did not cause it obummer did. we went from 8 trillion in debt to 20 under obummer. under him the feds doubled the money supply which can only be done by productivity increases. obummer figured he could spend what ever he wanted and old yeller and the feds helped him. how? by trying to control the economy. all they did was postpone small corrections and replaced it with one gigantic one coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

      obummer pardoned mmofre criminals then all of the other presidents combined. not only did he put those criminals on the street agiain, he also was responsible for fast and furious and project gun runner. holder took the fall but anyone with a little logic can see where it came from. so he sold guns illegally to known criminals and the death toll for that is still happening. the democraps seem to only produce criminals. i am neither right nor left. i am for freedom for me and the economy. the USSR failed and china is just about to fold because a group of people making decisions will never get it right. communism does not work and i am not afraid of it. i would rather not have our country continue toward it any longer. that road is just a stupid one to follow. communism has to take the guns from those it enslaves so they can control the subjects easier.

    3. I’ll try again. Art. It seems as though you are afraid of communism. Does it bother you that Trump has appointed several people to cabinet positions that are being investigated by the FBI for ties to Russia?

      Why do you use a period to end a sentence, but don’t capitalize the first letter? I worry about our country as well. As soon as normalized grammar goes out the window, we’re screwed.

  44. Well there are a number of things to be considered most important of all that President Trump is not going to be a Dictator and Law Breaker like our former Muslim Terrorist President Obama and his minions Clinton, Lerner, Lynch, Holder, Johnson etc. etc. Therefore to get much of what needs to be done he needs a totally dysfunctional Congress and Government system to work with him which is unlikely unless Republicans get the stones to do away with the filibuster in both Houses of Congress. Once that hurdle as been cleared it should be fairly easy sailing despite the problems establishment Republicans will try to create to protect their individual empires. Trump is not the problem the rest of our dysfunctional government is.

    1. What made Obama a “Dictator and Law Breaker” that Trump hasn’t already done himself?

    2. For starters breaking the laws of the land, releasing Gitmo prisoners without notifying Congress, paying ransoms for Iranian hostages, telling boarder pattrol and ice not to do their jobs and enforce the law, being overturned numerous times by Federal and Supreme Court for administrative over reach, inciting riots by making comments contrary to the ultimate decisions fo grand juries in racial cases, being caught in constant lies on video tape, disrespecting the Constitution of the United States and using executive orders to punish everyday workers and Americans, favoring illegals by not enforcing our laws and then having taxpayers foot the bill for them to the tune of over 113 billion a year, holding the record for withholding more freedom of information requests than any other President in History, and the list is actually endless. But of course none of those things makes a difference to people like yourself because you actually think people like Clinton, Lynch, Holder, Lerner, and the folks who put Veterans on waiting lists until they died were all patriots. Now despite all the BS about Trump how come no one has come up with anything to prove the allegations they have made about him??? Also, do some research on all the laws Hillary has broken and because of Obama and his cronies she got off the hook, The check how many people are in jail for doing the same things or far less. People like yourself are just hypocrites plain and simple. So do me a favor don’t even respond because most of you folks only want to believe what you want to believe and facts have nothing to do with anything.

    3. Most of what you said just isn’t true. If you read it on Breitbart or some other RWNJ website, you can bet it’s usually wildly exaggerated or just plain untrue. When has Obama been caught lying on tape? “You can keep your doctor”, that’s the only one I know of. What others are there?

    4. the democrapic party is controlled by communists. the elite that want to control everyone. at least the right did not riot break laws when obummer was elected. both him hillawitch666, and sorrys have been fueling these riots and encouraging them. WTF! you stickup for them., wow. all you say is trump has done the same things, yet you give no examples. you say untruths long enough and it becomes the truth, it is not going to work. while there are a lot of corrupt politicians in both parties the democraps have way more why is that. it feels good not having a career politician running the government. it is not a swamp, it is a sewer.

    5. When has Obama been caught lying on tape? “You can keep your doctor”, that’s the only one I know of. What others are there?

    6. Matt, you seem to be having fun playing devils advocate, yet to those of us who have done the research, and looked at the facts, Your kind of ignorance is the biggest issue . Good luck, please move to a country where communism or socialism is the form of government, since you apparently can’t understand our fear of that. Then, maybe, we’ll have a wall built by then and you can contemplate being on the outside looking in. You from californica? Liberal crap. Entitled, thinking it’s all for free. Clueless.

    7. I understand your fear of socialism. It just seems blown out of proportion, and is used as a mechanism to demonize anything you don’t understand or agree with.

      What does anything I’ve said have to do with communism or socialism?

    8. Apparently you havent been paying attention, Matt.

      Not running for a second term if her didn’t cut the deficit in half.

      Calling the AR-15 a fully automatic rifle.

      Claiming he never drew that red line in the sand.

      Claiming the steel industry was as strong as ever.

      Claiming he had shovel-ready projects ready to go.

      Claimed Bush started Fast and Furious.

      Claiming he didn’t raise any taxes.

      Those are off the top of my head.

    9. Thanks for those Tim! Did you have time to let us know where in the UN small arms treaty there is language that will affect the commercial ammunition supply?

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