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Weapons and military equipment for army, Assault rifle gun (M4A1) and pistol on camouflage background.

If you’re like me — and most of us, I assume — you probably like pointing out the different firearms in your favorite movies and TV shows. It always puts a smile on my face when I see one of my favorite guns on the big screen. Some shows do it better than others, and I’m happy to report that “The Terminal List” does it right. If you’re looking for some high-quality firearms and excellent gun handling, this is the show for you.

Note: There may be some spoilers for those who have not seen the show, but I’ve left out most of the major plot points.

SIG M25 Navy Model Impressive Pistol
The SIG M25 Navy Model is an impressive pistol on every count.

SIG MK25 P226

James Reece’s SEAL Team pistol is the well-known SIG MK25, a version of the P226 designed for the Navy SEALs. It features phosphate-coated parts and controls, and a chrome-lined barrel for improved corrosion resistance. The double-action/single-action design is hailed for its reliability and dependability in adverse conditions. The MK25 is chambered in 9mm Luger, but there are similar versions of the P226 pistol chambered in .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP (with the P220 and P227).

Taran Tactical Glock 19
TTI takes the Glock pistol to a whole new level.
Image Source: Taran Tactical Innovations

Glock 19 Gen 3 TTI

After having his Team pistol taken into evidence, Reece carries a Glock 19. However, this is not an ordinary off-the-shelf G19. Instead, the pistol was a model customized by Taran Tactical Innovations. The TTI G19 features night sights, flared magwell, stipple job, and an upgraded trigger. TTI is known for taking a Glock to the best of its ability, as well as making firearms for popular Hollywood movies and shows. TTI’s work is also featured in the John Wick movie series. This is probably the most notable firearm from The Terminal List, as Reece can be seen with this pistol throughout the series. 

For those looking for something a bit more readily available, Edwards is seen using a Glock 19X multiple times in the show.

Black H&K 556A1 AR-15 rifle with proprietary gas piston system
The H&K MR556 A1 AR-15 uses the same proprietary gas piston system as the HK416 battle rifle.

HK416D Carbine

The HK416D carbine is carried by the Navy SEALs. It features a 10.4-inch barrel and is chambered for 5.56 NATO. The rifle is equipped with a Vortex AMG UH-1 holographic sight. HK makes some of the toughest firearms on the planet and is a favorite of elite military and law enforcement units around the globe.

Later, as a civilian, Reece uses a BCM Recce-14 MCMR carbine as his primary rifle. This rifle is topped with an Aimpoint Micro T-2 with magnifier. BCM makes a solid AR rifle that you can depend on, so it’s no surprise Reece chooses one for his personal collection.

Kimber Warrior
The Kimber Warrior is a fitting 1911 for Boozer.
Image Source: Kimber America

Kimber Warrior 1911

One of the firearms that really sets up the story and shows Reece that something isn’t quite right with the investigation is the Kimber Warrior 1911. Boozer is known for loving the 1911 and the .45 ACP cartridge, belittling the 9mm and its effectiveness. So, when he is found dead of an apparent suicide with a 9mm gunshot wound, Reece senses something’s off and decides to investigate further. Later, the pistol is seen more clearly with a threaded barrel and suppressor when Reece uses it to tackle one of the names on his list.

Picture shows a black tactical semiautomatic shotgun.
The Beretta 1301 Tactical is a fast-handling semi-automatic shotgun.

Beretta 1301 (and Benelli M4)

Shotgun use in the show is brief, but fortunately we do get to see some spectacular scatterguns. Edwards uses a Beretta 1301 Tactical while on a raid in Mexico looking for the sicario (hitman). This is a high-end semi-auto shotgun that features legendary reliability and accuracy. The 1301 incorporates a ghost ring rear sight with a blade front sight post, enlarged bolt handle, and extended magazine tube. 

Additionally, Reece is seen packing a Benelli M4 into a Pelican case along with his BCM AR-15. Developed for the USMC, the Benelli M4 is one of the best hard-use shotguns on the planet. The piston-driven A.R.G.O. (Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated) system is incredibly reliable and Benelli shotguns are made from some of the highest quality components. 

Echols Legend
Echols makes some of the finest custom rifles.
Image Source: Echols Rifles

Echols Legend Bolt-Action

One rifle that gets a fair amount of screen time is the Echols Legend bolt-action rifle. This rifle was passed down to Reece by his father and is used to cross another name off his list. Additionally, this rifle is shown again when Reece is in Mexico — when he gives it to Marco, a close family friend, as a parting gift. This .300 Win. Mag bolt gun is topped with a Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42mm optic. Reece is known to have skills as a sniper during his time with the SEAL Teams, so it only makes sense to include an incredible long-range rifle such as this.

Emerson Sheepdog
The Emerson Sheepdog is a great do-it-all knife design.

Bonus Knife: Emerson

There’s plenty of exquisite cutlery in “The Terminal List,” most notably the Emerson Sheepdog Bowie that Reece carries as part of his EDC. Both fixed blade and folding versions of the Emerson Karambit can also be seen on his work bench, as well as a Beryllium Copper alloy EOD fixed blade from the company. Emerson isn’t the only brand featured, Reece also carries a Strider SMF and displays Winkler tomahawks above his work bench, which he uses later in the show. 


If you’re a gun guy or gal, do yourself a favor and give “The Terminal List” a watch if you haven’t already. The show is jam-packed with some high-quality guns and gear that’ll have you grinning at the screen. 

What were your favorite firearms from The Terminal List? How did you like the show? Share your answers in the comment section.

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Comments (11)

  1. I have owned about six different name brand 1911’s in my life and have been a Glock nut since the 1980’s. I just recently purchased a Magnum Research MR1911GSS and went to the range last Saturday. I have never fired another 1911 that shot as well as this gun. This gun is tight and I could not believe the grouping of the 100 rounds I put through the gun. The smooth series 70 trigger was amazing and the fit and finish of this gun is outstanding. The only roll mark on the slide is MR1911GSS on the left side. This gun is what I have wanted for all those years and never found until now. I had TruGlo sights put on the gun today and when I start wearing a coat this fall, I’m afraid my Glock 17 Gen 5 will be replaced as my conceal carry gun with my new 1911 that was made in Israel.

  2. You need a picture of the top lightest weight M1911 in the world 🌎. It’s called the MagnaT5 Government & Commander M1911. Its weight from the lightest weight metal Alloy ZK material. Weight unloaded is 28 ounces and 25 ounces. Standard models of steel versions are heavy and cumbersome at a weight of 42 to 46 ounces. The MagnaT5 is becoming a world 🌎 known carry gun.

  3. The Terminal List is in my top 5 most favorite shows of all time. That being said, the books are extremely good also. That’s what makes the show so good. They did an excellent job of following the book written by Jack Carr. I hope he keeps writing and they keep making seasons of the show to follow the books.

  4. I really appreciate the information!
    Fantastic show! All Patriots should watch this! Watched it numerous times and see different details every time.
    Really makes you feel what these operators are going through.
    Hope there is another show!!

  5. How about a little info about the hatchet? It looks like a formidable weapon. And it makes a nice presentation display crossed on the wall.

  6. The series is very good, Chris Pratt is a very good actor. We’re down to watching the last show (#8) and hate that it’s the last show !! .

  7. I believe there was a Barrett Rifle (assuming a 50 cal, maybe a 416) used on the boat in the last episode by Reece’s CIA friend to provide support.

  8. My Wife and I have been watching the ” Terminal List’ series and love it. CTD is right about watching it and y’all should encourage all good patriots to watch it as well.

    CDT I also enjoy these news letter with all the articles, thanks.

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