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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

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The economy may be better, but that does not mean you want to empty your wallet on every gift. On the other hand, everyone wants to give a gift that the recipient will appreciate and use. Here’s 10 gifts for the outdoors enthusiast that won’t break the bank.

Plano Plastic Waterproof Ammo Can
Plano Plastic Waterproof Ammo Can

Plano Plastic Ammo Can Waterproof

Safely and easily store your ammunition or any other items in the Plano Plastic Ammo Can. This lightweight polymer ammo can offers exceptional longevity and water resistance, and Plano offers one in a military OD Green color to blend in with your other ammo cans. Plano Ammo Cans feature a water resistant O-ring seal to keep your ammo dry and protected. The lid is firmly secured with a brass latch and the heavy duty handle allows for easy carry. These stackable ammo cans are constructed with durable high quality plastic to last many years.

Universal Firearm Chamber Safety Flags

Bright orange Chamber Safety Flags that allow you to see this safety plug from every direction, allowing you to immediately determine that the firearm is safe. The polymer construction provides durability allowing for multiple uses; each flag is 3.5″ long and .20″ high. Designed to fit .22, .27, .30 caliber rifles and 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. Set contains six bright, highly visible chamber flags.

Safariland In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection

This unique product offers superior noise-blocking (NRR of 33dB) performance in a reusable, high-end earplug. Its enhanced contoured shape is easy to insert and the proprietary material offers superior long-wearing comfort, delivering solid performance that you can depend on. The patented Impulse Filter Technology, automatically engages to protect hearing but allows normal ambient audio to pass through. Great use for protection against single shot, explosions, automatic rifle fire, artillery, impulse & impact noise.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Fire Starter Kit
Ultimate Survival Technologies Fire Starter Kit

Ultimate Survival Technologies Fire Starter Kit 1.0

For over 78 years and four generations, UST Brands has manufactured and sourced survival equipment on the market. By maintaining standards in quality and service, its innovative products have been helping save lives since 1936.UST brands offer a range of products for survival situations and emergency preparedness- from backcountry rescue to home power outages. UST is continually adding new items to its UST line of patented one handed fire starters, signaling devices and survival tools. The watertight case helps keep all of your fire starting materials dry until you need them.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Simply dip the LifeStraw into the water and suck to provide hydration. Over 99% of bacteria and protozoa are removed through the groundbreaking filtration technology. The LifeStraw is practically weightless, doesn’t use batteries, chemicals, or moving parts, and is additionally BPA-free. It’s perfect to take along during outdoor excursions or store with other emergency preparation supplies.

Birchwood Casey Deluxe Firearm Restoration Kit

Want to make that old favorite firearm look like new again? Here’s a complete kit that combines Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue and Tru-Oil Stock Finish, the proven leaders in do it yourself firearms refinishing.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 oz Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue
  • 3 oz Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish
  • 3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser
  • 3 oz Walnut Stain
  • 3 oz Blue and Rust Remover
  • 3 oz Stock Sheen and Conditioner
  • Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth
  • Barricade Rust Protection Gun Wipes
  • Complete Instruction Guide
Champion Metal Auto Reset Target
Champion Metal Auto Reset Target

Champion Metal Auto Reset Target

The Champion Traps and Targets metal auto reset target is designed specifically for .22 caliber rimfire projectiles. This target will not only test your skills as a shooter but it is also extremely fun to shoot steel target. Seeing your target move and hearing the sound of the projectile striking the steel is fun for both new and experienced shooters. Get some of these targets today and set up your own shooting gallery!

Champion Traps & Targets, Trapshooting Shell Pouch

The  Champion Traps & Targets, Trapshooting Shell Pouch provides easy access to shells while providing ample room to store empty hulls. The pouch also features a quick-zip bottom to quickly unload contents. This is a must accessory for any Trap, Skeet, or Sporting Clays shooter!

Lucid Tac Pen, Anodized Aluminum, Black, L-TACPEN

The Lucid Tactical Pen is precision machined and hard anodized from 6061 aluminum. This pen is a functional and practical writing instrument, as well as a perfect for whatever the situation may call for. An excellent choice for self defense when other means may not be viable.

Cheaper Than Dirt! Gift Cards, the Perfect Gift for Everyone

Make it easy for yourself, and let the person you’re shopping for get what they want, when they want it, with a Gift Card from a Cheaper Than Dirt! Simple to buy and use, our gift cards never expire and have no hidden fees. Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are available in any denomination from $25 up to $1,000. Redeem gift cards at checkout when making an online purchase.

Do you have a recommendation for holiday gift? Share it in the comment section.

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  1. I definitely use the plano ammo boxes. Great for my reloading supplies, gear in the truck, range supplies and yes, ammo. They don’t weigh 40 thousand pounds like the steel 30 cal cans.
    Another great gift might be a year membership to NRA, or a subscription to a great magazine.

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