Top 10 Handgun Posts of 2017

Chrome revolver top and SIG Sauer Emperor Scorpion bottom

Handgun articles are a favorite of readers who visit The Shooter’s Log, and interest in handguns cuts across all types, sizes, budgets, and uses. Here is The Shooter’s Log’s top 10 handgun and accessories stories of 2017.

What’s your favorite pistol? Which pistol does The Shooter’s Log need to review next? Share your answers in the comment section.

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Comments (7)

  1. My favorite pistol is our Coonan 1911 Classic in .357 Magnum. Their motto says it all. “Nothing left to envy”

  2. Gotta say, I have nothing but great things to say about my Canik TP9SA. Accurate, ergonomic, reliable, high capacity (18+1), and eats anything. Realitively light, and not huge. Shoot one, you’ll see.

  3. P89 is still my favorite handgun. Own several other models of S&W and Ruger. Just like the old school feel of the P89. Tough and reliable even after thousands of rounds downrange.

  4. My favorite handgun is the Kimber solo. Carry it every day iwb small of the back. Shoots to point of aim . It is the CDP model.

    1. Wow ! you actually have a reliable one ! good for you…my cousin had the top of the line one.. nice size, feel, trigger, sights, BUT was a $1000 Jam-O-Matic ! took a big loss dumping that thing but he’s glad he did

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