Top 10 Christmas Movies — With Guns!

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It’s the perfect time of year to gather with loved ones and watch those Christmas classics. But as you’re making the standard rounds this year, you may want to mix in a little firepower. Here are the top 10 Christmas movies — with guns — that you should watch this holiday season! 

Die Hard

This first one is likely to already be in your holiday rotation, but Die Hard is definitely a must watch; the battle of Nakatomi Plaza is one I watch every year. John McClane and Hans Gruber battle it out in this undisputed (no matter what my wife says) Christmas movie. 

Die Hard HK P7M13
The P7 and suppressor is a classy combo. Image Source: IMFDB

Of course, the movie features the legendary Beretta 92 as the hero’s sidearm throughout the film. This classic cop pistol is perfect for our detective protagonist and the open-top slide design is as recognizable as it is beautiful. 

Further, we see a few HK firearms, specifically the MP5 and P7M13. The roller-delayed blowback 9mm subgun is still at the top of my wishlist, but I believe the real gem is the rare stainless squeeze-cocking pistol. Manufactured before a concern for simple design and few moving parts, the P7 design is decidedly unique. It works by pre-cocking the striker when you squeeze the grip, shortening and lightening your trigger pull when you continue the firing sequence. Unfortunately, these pistols were costly to produce and were only offered for a short period. 


Fatman is a lesser-known action-comedy in which Chris Kringle finds his gift delivery service struggling after the U.S. government cuts his funding as more and more children are deemed naughty. To make matters worse, Kringle must defend himself from assassins after they receive lumps of coal as punishment. 

Santa packs some heat in this one. Primarily, a Colt 1911A1 and a Colt Walker single-action revolver. He is even seen dual-wielding them both in a snow-packed shootout. The classic 1911 needs little in the way of introduction, however, the Walker .44 is something to behold. Briefly produced just before the 1850s, the new revolver was designed for the Texas Rangers. The size, weight, and power quickly made it a symbol of strength and authority. 

Fatman Colt Walker
The Colt Walker is one big wheel gun! Image Source: IMFDB

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is an action-comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. as a burglar, Harry Lockhart, who ends up in an acting role after a botched Christmas heist. He’s then paired with a private investigator, Gay Perry, to shadow for the role and the two are pursued by the scorned killers he robbed. 

Both men carry a Vektor CP1 as their main sidearms throughout the film. The CP1 is a South African-made firearm primarily intended as a concealed carry weapon for law enforcement. With a gas-delayed blowback system similar to the HK P7, it’s a fairly soft shooter. It has a double-action trigger and is chambered in 9mm Luger. Additionally, the rounded edges and sleek design provide a unique silhouette that looks good on the big screen. 

NAA Mini Revolver Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The NAA Mini Revolver can be carried anywhere. Image Source: IMFDB

Notably, the film also features a NAA .22 Mag Mini Revolver that is retrieved by Gay from a less than ideal location before giving it to Harry. Although it is incorrectly referred to as a derringer, this single-action, 5-shot .22 is small enough to pack anywhere — anywhere! 

Violent Night

Violent Night is a newer offering that tells the story of a bleak Christmas night where Santa Claus finds himself the only thing standing between a wealthy family and a dangerous group of mercenaries led by Jimmy “Scrooge” Martinez. 

The movie includes some unique and heavy firepower that adds to the action. The main villain Mr. Scrooge carries a Grand Power X-Calibur. The X-Calibur is a 9mm DA/SA pistol with a rotating barrel system similar to Beretta Cougar and Px4 Storm. It features numerous aggressive slide cuts that give it a stylish and tactical feel. 

Violent Night HK HK416
Santa with an AR-15, what more could you ask for on Christmas? Image Source: IMFDB

Later in the movie we see Santa Claus clearing rooms like an operator with a Heckler and Koch HK416 rifle. The HK416 was designed for Special Forces and is one of the most bomb-proof AR-style rifles around. It features just over a 10-inch barrel and is chambered for 5.56 NATO. Additionally, it runs on a piston-operated gas system for improved reliability in harsh environments. 

Additionally, one of the kill squad members uses a M240B belt-fed machine gun for some ‘spray and pray’ after spotting Santa on the roof. It certainly gets you in the Christmas spirit. 

Lethal Weapon 

Lethal Weapon is a well-loved “buddy cop” hit and a Christmas classic. Riggs and Murtaugh are at it trying to uncover a drug smuggling ring comprised of dangerous mercenaries and former CIA members. 

Given Riggs background as a Special Forces sniper, it’s only natural we see him using some quality long-range firepower. The HK PSG-1 is based on the heavily-tested G3 battle rifle, with a significant amount of modifications done to achieve the desired accuracy standard. HK added an adjustable stock and ergonomic pistol grip, as well as strengthened the action for improved accuracy and durability. The result is one of the most idolized sniper rifles that developed an almost mythic reputation.

Lethal Weapon HK PSG-1
The HK PSG-1 is a legendary sniper rifle. Image Source: IMFDB

Retiring cop Murtaugh, of course, uses the more traditional S&W Model 19, but also briefly carries a S&W 459 he picked off of a mercenary in his chase down Hollywood Boulevard. The Model 19 was found in the holsters of cops for decades. The K-Frame provided a good balance of concealability and power back in the day. 

Keen-eyed viewers will also spot the tiny Beretta 950 Jetfire that our villain Mr. Joshua carries and uses during a standoff in the desert with Murtaugh. 

Christmas Story Red Ryder BB Gun
Who else had a Red Ryder growing up? Image Source: IMFDB

A Christmas Story

Ok, so, not a real firearm. However, the childhood inspiration many of us received from A Christmas Story was too real not to include. The Red Ryder BB Gun has been used to teach kids about gun safety and how to shoot for decades. Ralphie is mesmerized by this lever-action rifle, like many of us still are today with our beloved firearms. 

Similar to the lever-action guns of the Old West, this air rifle feeds from a magazine tube and features notch and post iron sights. 

Franchi PA3 Reindeer Games
The shorty shotgun often makes an appearance in action movies. The Franchi PA3 is a neat one. Image Source: IMFDB

Reindeer Games

One of the main guns throughout Reindeer Games is not really a firearm at all, rather a water pistol mimicking the Beretta 92FS. Ben Affleck plays Rudy Duncan, an ex-con who’s roped into another heist by an deranged trucker named Gabriel (Gary Sinise). When carrying out the job, Gabriel doesn’t want to give Rudy a real firearm, so instead he slips him the water pistol, which is later filled with whiskey. 

Later, Rudy is also seen using a stainless SIG P226 which provides him with a bit more firepower. 

Gabriel is a fan of short-barreled firearms, choosing to use both a Franchi PA3/215 shotgun and an Olympic Arms K23B AR. The Franchi is a perfect action movie gun, with the overfolding stock and pistol grip, this is one small and convenient overall package. Likewise, the Olympic Arms pairs a SBR AR-15 platform with about a 5.5-inch barrel that looks very mean on screen. 

Colt King Cobra The Long Kiss Goodnight
The 6-inch Cobra is an intimidating choice. Image Source: IMFDB

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Samantha Caine, aka Charly Baltimore, is a suburban mom and teacher who gets bumped on the head and finds herself remembering her life as a secret agent. She enlists the help of a detective named Mitch (Samuel L. Jackson) to help fend off her previous coworkers. 

Mitch uses a Colt King Cobra as his main gun — a notable departure from the traditional Colt Detective Special. This 6-shot .357 Magnum revolver has a massive 6-inch barrel that certainly draws attention when he points it in everyone’s face. 

The Desert Eagle Mk1 also makes an appearance, the .357 Magnum version of this hand cannon is used by One-Eyed Jack as he loses his eye and fires at Charly for revenge. 

Home Alone BB Gun
In a kids eyes, a BB gun is as cool as a real rifle. Image Source: IMFDB

Further, a Ruger KP94 can be seen in the waistband of Timothy (the main antagonist and rogue CIA agent) as he offers Mitch a choice — since it’s Christmas, he can be killed with a gun or knife…

Home Alone

Alright, another childhood home defender using a less-than-lethal BB gun. Although, this time it gets some action on two less-than-intelligent burglars. On his great vacation Home Alone, Kevin McCallister dawns a pump-action BB rifle and shoots both Harry and Marv as they attempt a break-in. This is actually a modified Red Ryder in which the lever action has been removed and a fake pump action was added. However, the true home defense spirit is still with this kid. 

Of course, the cinematic Thompson 1921AC submachine gun makes its way on a screen within a screen, as Kevin uses the old movie Angels With Filthy Souls to deter his unwanted guests. 

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 

Finally, James Bond and Christmas, how much better can you get? In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, our spy hero takes on his rival, Ernst Blofeld. Although not a traditional Christmas film (let’s be honest, like most of these) it is set during the holiday. When James Bond (Geroge Lazenby) rescues a woman from drowning and realizes she’s linked to a European crime organization, he knows she’s just the ticket to help him locate the enemy. 

Walther PPK James Bond
The Walther PPK is a slick little carry pistol. Image Source: IMFDB

Of course, Agent Bond carries his trusty Walther PPK, a double-action/single-action .32 or .380 perfect for concealed carry. This snag-free design features rounded curves and softened edges, which makes it comfortable to carry, even deep concealment. At one point the importation ban made these harder to come by, but since Walther began manufacturing more models in the U.S., you can easily get your hands on one. 

The movie also features several other classics, such as the SIG P210, Browning Hi-Power, and Colt Official Police. 

What’s your favorite holiday action movie? Share your picks in the Comment section.

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Comments (9)

  1. I always believed that Chick Norris’s Invasion USA belongs on this list. It is a completely underrated movie. If you haven’t already seen it, you gotta check it out.

  2. Since the Christmas decorations got machineguns, I like RED as a favorite movie and I think the cast selection for the characters are great.

  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is my favorite Bond film, though I really prefer Fleming’s novels; and I picked up a new PPK just last week.

  4. Colonel K– that is The NIGHT the Reindeer Died and it is a subpart of the movie Scrooged, which is readily available.

  5. Now Alex, we must at least give Honorable Mention to “Scrooged”.
    The Commercial Promo for the IBC holiday special “The Night the Reindeer Died” was an absolute “Hoot” as Terrorists assault Santa’s Workshop and Mrs. Claus, the Elves and Good St. Nick himself choose from a well-stocked Armory to do battle. Then to have Lee Majors pull up on a Snowmobile and aid the Kringles by unleashing a fusillade from his trusty XM 556 Minigun to put the enemy to route.
    Also, when Frank Cross’ (Bill Murray’s) deceased boss Lew Hayward (John Forsythe) appears, Frank produces a Stainless Snub-Nose Revolver. It’s not on screen long or close enough for me to discern the make or model but the muzzle looks to be a. 44 caliber.
    Plus I mustn’t neglect the Side-by-Side 12 Ga. that Eliot Loudermilk (Bobcat Goldwait) bursts into Frank’s office with.
    While the weaponry isn’t a major player in the film it does have an intricate role, making “Scrooged” about the funniest spin on a Christmas Carol that I can think of.

  6. You left out “White Christmas” which starts with a Christmas during the Battle of the Bulge and sets up the entire story line.

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