Timing is Everything — Well, Timing, a Gun, and Backup…

When you hail from a town named Warrior, well… there are times when you are more prone serve up a little southern justice first and dial 911 second. Here is a story the mainstream media won’t show, but we got a holiday chuckle out of it and thought you would too. I guess you could say guns saved Christmas for a few folks.

Now, do not get us wrong. There is a lot of liability to taking the law in your own hands—especially when firearms are involved. No one is advocating using your firearm in any manner other than to preserve your life/another person’s life or prevent great bodily harm to yourself or someone around you.

That being said, the following video shows a few southern guys and gals being naughty and nice.

In an ironic twist of fate, a victim of a home burglary was being interviewed on live TV when someone off screen starts yelling, “They got ‘em! They got ‘em!” Much to the victim’s chagrin, her husband and a couple of relatives recognized the burglars driving by as the robbers in the home surveillance video and jumped into action. They managed to box them in with a couple of trucks and and hold them at gunpoint until the sheriff arrived to take them in to custody.

Again, this is something we would recommend that you not do. The liability is far too high for even a minor misstep. Law enforcement is under the microscope every day for their actions and procedures, and citizens have a lot less legal protections than law enforcement.

P.S. Did you check out the gun the woman using the truck for cover is holding? Merry Christmas

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  1. I don’t know where the town of Warrior is located, but it sounds like they have a sheriff and DA with some common sense. If this event had occurred in a jurisdiction run by a liberal mob, the sheriff and DA would be checking the books to see what crimes the victims and family members could be charged with. Vote for the conservative candidate.

  2. Is this what you call ‘poetic justice’? Just driving around looking for another home to break into and just happen to pass by the owners of a home you broke into a short time ago. Sometimes, really bad things happen to really bad people and that’s good.

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