There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Charging Criminals for a Change

DOJ Cracking down on unlawful gun possession graph

There’s a new sheriff in town and criminals are increasingly finding out what that means. President Trump issued a directive, which seemed novel to some, and common sense to most lawful gun owners. According to a recently released memo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department was directed to focus on getting illegal guns, and those who possessed them, off the streets. The result? Well, according to the memo released by the Justice Department, during April, May, and June of 2017, federal prosecutions for unlawful possession of a firearm were 23 percent higher than the same period last year.

DOJ Cracking down on unlawful gun possession graph
Common sense gun control? Targeting the criminals instead of the law abiding citizens? You make the call.

Federal prosecutors brought unlawful possession charges against 2,637 people (during the months previously mentioned), mostly convicted felons, according to the Justice Department. During the same period in 2016, prosecutors working in the Obama administration charged 2,149 people. There was also a 10 percent increase in the number of prosecutions for using a firearm in a crime of violence or drug trafficking.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement that “Following President Trump’s Executive Order to focus on reducing crime, I directed federal prosecutors to prioritize taking illegal guns off of our streets, and as a result, we are now prosecuting hundreds more firearms defendants.” As Mr. Sessions’ statement noted, the prosecutions send “a clear message to criminals all over this country that if you carry a gun illegally, you will be held accountable.” According to the statement, the second quarter figures are part of a significant trend in prosecutions: Based on data from the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA), in Fiscal Year 2016 (starting October 1), 11,656 defendants were charged with firearms offenses under 18 U.S.C. 922 or 924. EOUSA projects that in Fiscal Year 2017, the Department is on pace to charge 12,626 defendants with these firearms crimes. That would be the most federal firearms cases since 2005. It would also be an increase of eight percent from Fiscal Year 2016, 20 percent from 2015, and an increase of 23 percent from 2014.

Do you support President Trump’s order to target illegal guns and the criminals? Do you think it will make a difference? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Based on several comments it appears some folks don’t understand what President Trump has directed AG Sessions to actually do here. There has been no change to existing law or any new law enacted as a result of this action. It is simply President Trump performing his sworn duty to carry out the existing laws that Obama failed to enforce.

    There is nothing new here. These laws have been on the books for decades. The only difference is President Trump’s integrity to uphold these laws, compared to a corrupt Obama who selectively enforced only those laws he felt suited his un-American ideologies.

    As such, those of you commenting that the removal of firearms from known felons to be somehow anti-gun, is a preposterous position to take. We are a Nation of Laws, so we either follow the letter or we too are as corrupt as any number of third-world countries.

    First-world countries are prosperous because they don’t ignore laws whenever they don’t like them. Instead they work to legally change those laws that are found to be unjust. Obama on the other hand corrupted far too many young minds into believing we can just ignore the Constitution and the rights and laws it enumerates.

    It’s no wonder we now see this new lawlessness of our youth manifested in anarchical and terroristic groups like ANTIFA and BLM. With a proven willingness to destroy property and kill people, these youth came of age throughout Obama’s corrupt and lawless 8-year reign.

    These youth were raised during an administration that flagrantly ignored the law whenever it wanted. Not to say other administrations haven’t had their share of controversy, but Obama and his entire administration and political party openly took his corruption to unprecedented levels like no president before him.

    Some of the highlights these Obama youth were subjected to are:

    * They saw Obama order immigration laws to go un-enforced, just to replace Americans with cheap illegal labor and more liberal voters. All while tricking our youth into believing it was about social justice and equality for all.

    * They saw Obama and his AG illegally run guns into Mexico, kill federal agents, and never made to answer for it.

    * They saw Obama cover for his Secretary of State who stole classified information for her own personal use in furtherance of her “pay-to-play” scheme.

    * Meanwhile the youth also saw the same Secretary of State ignore requests for additional embassy security which killed an ambassador and his security team. Rather than make her answer for that, Obama instead helped cover it up on National TV claiming some fake protest over a YouTube video and then orders the arrest of the innocent filmmaker.

    * They witnessed Obama lie about his healthcare plan just to get it passed and then his continued lies to the public claiming Obamacare is not a tax. But once hauled into court he suddenly had to admit it was a tax or face judges shutting it down.

    Obama’s list of corruption that reared our impressionable youth goes on-and-on. The difference now is that if anyone even sneezes wrong in President Trump’s administration he sets an example and fires them immediately. In Obama’s administration they all got promoted and the youth saw it all.

    President Trump didn’t make the laws, but he takes his sworn oath to enforce each of them quite seriously.

    On several occasions this President has admitted which laws he doesn’t care for, yet unlike Obama, irrespective of his personal beliefs he still enforces them because it is his duty. He knows it takes such integrity to raise us back out of the third-world cesspool that Obama believed we belonged.

    Once you understand that, you’ll begin to understand what drives President Trump.

    The enforcement of these laws to remove guns from criminals unlawfully in possession is simply an act of law enforcement that’s been done for decades. President Trump simply iterated it in an executive order to get agents back on track after Obama derailed them.

    So if you perceive that as anti-gun, then use our first-world system of justice to change the laws, but don’t stoop to Obama’s third-world methods of selectively demanding this government to ignore it. That would be illegal. That would be Obama.

    1. Another good post and very well done. You should send some of these to the DNC, it would be interesting to see if you even got a response.

    2. Trump is a complete dipstick. He knows nothing about guns, healthcare, or foreign relations. Right now he seems to think we can just bomb North Korea and the world will be right as rain. I’m still waiting for his wonderful healthcare plane where we’re all covered and costs will be so low. I can’t wait.

    3. Amen! Well said. Many catch a few words then go off “half cocked.” (sorry, pun intended :-))

  2. The best “gun control” is thug control. The trend of letting criminals off with light sentences is changing under Trump, except California where our left wing governor just changed some sentencing laws to turn more convicted crooks onto the street.

  3. Being able to legally carry across state lines so people don’t become criminals for carrying a weapon is something I want to see. The country has some strange ideas on gun laws.

  4. In the western days of the past an ex-con was given a rifle upon leaving prison as no Walmart Super Stores for food existed. Rights being restored should be automatic after a period of years. If the person is not worthy then why are they with small time sentences? The U.S. has more prisoners than any other country in the world based on percentage per populous. My main concern really is the control of less of our population having guns. It would make any opposition less of a threat. Then again…. there is no fake news to worry over, right?

  5. When Obama tried to THE EXACT SAME THING it was called anti gun and an excuse to go after lawful gun owners under the guise of targeting criminals. Let me guess…. Trump is also going to applauded for not letting the mentally ill buy guns because Obama didn’t try the exact same thing. Turn off Alex Jones…..

    1. @You are joking right?,

      Maybe you should actually try listening to Alex Jones. It might have spared you the embarrassment of being so wrong.

      The fact is Obama never “tried to [do] THE EXACT SAME THING”. But if you continue to believe your false narrative saying that he did, then you’ll also have to come up with an excuse as to why President Trump has been so much more successful at it in just 3 months compared to Obama’s failed 8 years.

      So you may ask – why has President Trump so immensely out-performed Obama in such a short period? It comes down to an agenda that America actually wants, driven by real leadership, management style, determination, and government employees that actually believe in the same agenda… none of which Obama ever possessed.

      Should you be willing enough to step outside your liberal bubble into the real World you’d realize those distinct differences are bearing fruit… and will continue to do so.

      Stepping further outside your left-wing’s echo chamber of false talking-points you’ll not find a single executive order signed by Obama that ever directed either of his corrupt attorneys general to do what President Trump has ordered AG Sessions to do.

      That makes for a H-U-G-E (the “H” is silent) difference. Obama only attempted sheepishly in the last year of each of his 2 terms to do anything involving the removal of illegal guns. Both times his feeble attempts amounted to mere mentions in statements he preferred to call “executive actions”. His so-called “executive actions” had no force and effect like Trump’s real “executive orders”.

      Simply put, “executive orders” are legally binding and MUST be put into effect whereas Obama’s wimpy “executive actions” amount to little more than a wish list of policies he would like to have seen enacted and can be optionally ignored. Thankfully most of them were ignored.

      Another difference in both of Obama’s anti-gun executive wish lists (one written in 2013 and the other in 2016) is they were quite lengthy compared to President Trump’s single page “get ‘er done” style executive order.

      In addition, Obama’s lengthy wish lists of suggestions both focused on actions intended to vastly affect law abiding gun owners and dealers, with barely a mention directed towards getting illegal guns off the streets. That made Obama’s anti-gun agenda quite obvious compared to President Trump’s executive order which specifically only targets real criminals and their illegal guns.

      So take your fake news trash you’ve collected from the excrement and bowels of the liberal left and peddle it somewhere else. I really don’ think most readers here will find any use for such literal crap.

    2. Great post but most of us know that a person like You are joking right? doesn’t concern himself with the facts or finding out the truth. So that entire comment of yours while I am sure it was appreciated by many of us as being correct and insightful was probably totally lost on this guy because people like him simply believe only what they are told and want to believe. Obama was a criminal plain and simple. All one has to do is search for the number of times he was overturned by the Federal and Supreme Courts for exceeding his authority. Then search for the number of times he violated the civil rights of either organizations or individuals which numbers about 100. You could go on and on regarding his scandals that were buried by the media and anyone who supported him or the criminals he had running various agencies including Holder, Lynch, Rice, Johnson, Lerner, Clinton and a host of others all of whom should be in jail and would be if they were anyone else. You won’t find very many on the left who would even acknowledge the any wrong doing. So while I agree with you completely, it unfortunately a waste of time to go at some of these people even though they need to hear it. Like talking to the proverbial wall.

    3. Very intellectual response. I am surprised the moderator let you even make a comment like that. Doesn’t speak well for you. Try something a bit more substantial.

  6. Where in the Constitution does it say, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, except for felons, misfits, cross-eyed monsters, dimwits, cowboys and felons, knife toters and those who wear sandals?”

    1. Best prison sentence by far is hard labor, like farming-up at 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    2. You are absolutely correct there are “NO CAVEATS” contained in the 2nd amendment!!!

  7. Florida adds extra prison time for crime with a gun, and has for a long time — but I can’t point to that making a difference.

  8. Charges may be filed but the it is the conviction that counts. Cops arrest the law breakers but the courts turn them loose to commit crimes time and again. I am glad they are starting to enforce the laws but it is only the beginning.

    1. Perhaps with Trump appointing m ore conservative judges that might change. Unfortunately not overnight but change ( not Obozo’s) change will come

  9. Not nearly enough of a difference to quote the statistic. There should be a 10 fold improvement over the Obama administration.

  10. Nice to have a President for a change who enforces the law rather than breaking it for 8 years as Obama did. These efforts should be particularly appreciated by those who live in the inner city and are terrorized on a regular basis by criminals. I hope they remember this when it comes time to vote and instead of voting for Democrats who have been giving them lip service for years they vote for a President who want see them get their 2nd Amendment Rights back so they can defend themselves.

  11. This would sound all fine and dandy if it were about prosecuting them for stolen weapons. But I don’t think they should just all the focus on guns. The the law should evenly be dispersed. I’d hate you hear that there were open carry violations or sbr violations in that new stat. To me gun theft is the issue and I really don’t care who has what at the end of the day as long as it wasn’t stolen. Background checks is probably the main reason we have gun theft at the level it is. Society isn’t that crazy and I think people can protect themselves pretty well

    1. Some common sense *security* would go a long way too. It’s all well and good to support the 2nd Ammendment, the NRA, or whoever, but advertising it in the form of NRA/2E bumper stickers on your car and/or “Don’t Tread On Me” flags flying in your front yard (or something similar) means one is outright telling criminal scum, “Hey! I own guns! Stake out my home until I am not there, and then STEAL all of my guns!”

      Gang members and drug traffickers need to be hammered with stiffer sentences, and not be eligible for early release programs of any kind. Better still, they should be declared domestic terrorist organizations and dealt with accordingly. Chicago, Washington D.C.,and L.A. (which is right in my own back yard) would be better places to live in/travel through.

    2. what we have is a terminal case of Lieberalism!! Far too may crimes committed because people want the easy way out and so they turn to crime lying thievery etc. That and no real penalty for said actions again because Lieberal penchant for not caring for the law

  12. Probably doesn’t have to look far for his inspiration! Considering his “Inspiration” has been Staring Back at him in the Bathroom Mirror for the last 71 years!

  13. I take issue with the premise that the real problem is illegally carrying or posessing a firearm. This demonized firearms, and is just another unnecessary form of gun conttol. Prosecute and punish the crime committed with the firearm, not the mere presence of a firearm. If you deem citizen x, y or x to be unsafe in our society, keep him locked up.

    1. Bob,

      I think you’ve got it all backwards. In the majority of these removals, the perpetrator that committed the original crime has already previously been “prosecuted and punished [for] the crime committed”.

      Thereafter, as a condition of their prosecution, part of their punishment is that they are to be stripped of the right to bear arms and ability to vote, along with the removal of other rights that are otherwise guaranteed to be protected and reserved for non-criminal citizens.

      However, many of these prosecuted felons flagrantly disregard their punishments and choose to carry firearms anyway. In these cases, the act of simply carrying a firearm or merely possessing one in their home or vehicle is unlawful for them – whether they use the firearm in a new crime or not.

      Therefore, it is these particular prior felons and their unlawfully possessed firearms that the President crafted a memo, in order to re-focus and renew federal law enforcement efforts to rightfully target and pursue these types of criminals and remove their firearms.

      In conclusion, I must point out that only you appear to believe this presidential memo has somehow formed the “premise that the real problem is illegally carrying or possessing [sic] a firearm”. No one else has stated as much.

      So again, these are offenders that have ALREADY been convicted for their crimes and are now being sought after for violating the conditions of their punishment – which just happens to be unlawfully possessing firearms.

    2. agree, Bob. Tbis is just another police state ploy to create the illusion that they are fighting crime where it can’t be fought. It shouldn’t be gun control and determining ‘who should have a gun’ coincidental to the crime. This, is essentially opening the door to universal gun control by focusing on the weapon, not the person’s behavior. It Can’t be the mentality that ‘some people shouldn’t have a gun’, because not only can that never be a positive ongoing condition, but it opens the door to abuse and the slippery slope of totalitarianism because Everybody, at one point or another in life, ;shouldn’t be around any potentially dangerous objectds.

      If the person themselves is a cronic criminal and imminently dangerous to the public, then HE should be banned from the public for however ling it takes to be rehabilitated. NOT the firearm.

      Because just the fact that a vehicle or some other readily available ‘means’ in society can easily do as much carnage as a firearm, but is not prohibited to possess reveals the true underlying eventuality of ALL encompassing agenda behind so-called criminal gun possession laws. which will sooner or later include all so called law abiding citizens after the eventually make enough laws to make virtually everyone in cdriminal violation of something, and then finally achieve their total disarmament agenda.

  14. Any sensible person be they a gun owner or not has to agree that the President’s action and the Attorney General’s follow through are welcomed without criticism.
    NOW, if they enforce all federal laws and lean on states that don’t enforce federal and their own laws the country will be so much better off.

    Too many criminals have no fear of wimpy prison terms let alone a slap on the wrist and a “naughty boy” comment from those weird left wing judges.

    My family left Mexifornia after 40 years of reasonable enjoyment excepting the last 10 of those years. TN is the place to go people.

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