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Terrorism on American Soil—Are You Prepared?

Terrorist attacks

September was National Preparedness Month; so by now, we should all have supplies ready for any natural disaster that could happen. However, recent events suggest the biggest threat on the horizon may not be natural at all. Instead, it is much more sinister and perhaps more deadly. It strikes with little—if any—warning and anyone, anywhere around the globe, may be the victim of its wrath. We need to prepare for something much more horrifying than Mother Nature. Are you prepared for the fallout from a terrorist attack?

Terrorist attacks

Much of the world stood aghast as the recent terror attacks in Paris France unfolded. The world’s intelligence agencies have been saying for months that ISIS did not have the capability to project its power. Other attacks were lone-wolf inspired. There was also President Obama’s extremely off-base analysis that ISIS is a JV team, which makes you wonder how secure we really are and how serious the country is taking the threat. As recently as the week before the attack in Paris, the President was again downplaying the threat. Will he ever learn?

The Paris attacks proved they were all wrong. ISIS, ISIL, or whatever you want to call it, is real and it is coming. You cannot contain that type of threat. You either wipe it out, or it hurts you. The bad news is that our forces are not going to be unleashed anytime soon. The current Administration is more than content to leave ISIS to its successor or another country. Meanwhile, the United States has already accepted thousands of ‘refugees’ from Syria.

Do you believe it is too late to ‘close the barn doors’ here at home and prevent an attack?

The 9/11 Memorial in New York
Remembering 9/11: Terrorism strikes with little—if any—warning and anyone, anywhere around the globe, may be the victim of its wrath.

Our intelligence methods and sources are being degraded as the terrorists get more sophisticated. For instance, there is a little thing called the “darknet.” The darknet is an Internet system of networking that uses specific protocols and encrypting. Primarily used for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing, it has been adopted for use by sophisticated terror organizations. The servers and communication lines are often hosted in unfriendly countries such as Russia, making it much more difficult for U.S. intelligence sources to penetrate. The are also encrypted communications and instant message services the U.S. does not have backdoor access to monitor.

In the past, following military doctrine, the U.S. looked to disrupt any one of the critical three Cs—Command, Control, Communications. Eliminate any one of the three, and the enemy will be seriously degraded. In the past, this strategy reduced the Al Qaeda threat significantly. However, newer technology and less cooperation from friendly nations have made this more of a challenge—if not outright impossible in today’s environment.

Likely Attacks

Terrorist with a fake bomb in a training scenario
While large coordinated attacks are of major concern, smaller lone wolf-style attacks are more likely to affect each of us.

We all wish there was a crystal ball to foresee the threat. There isn’t one; however, we can put together a few pieces of information to make predictions. We know the terrorists like significant dates or events. The Twin Towers came down on 9/11, the London Bombings were on 7/7—killing 52 and injuring over 700—and the Mumbai bombing on 7/11. The Paris attacks were on Friday the 13th. All of these numbers are significant. Looking back, we know the significance of Friday the 13th. On October (Friday) 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France, with the assistance of Pope Clement V, ordered all Knights Templar arrested. The act was considered by many to be a war on religion. The arrest warrant began, “Dieu n’est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume.” (“God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom.”)

Is that a stretch? It is hard to say. And it is always easier to try to make a connection after the fact than predict the future. Even if it gives us a day, it would not give us a location. What we do know, however, is that ISIS will strike again, and if not ISIS, then another terror group. You need to be prepared.

Make a Plan

While large coordinated attacks are of major concern, smaller lone wolf-style attacks are more likely to affect each of us. Adequately preparing for these types of attacks can help minimize the impact. What would you add to the list in preparation against the imminent threat of a terrorist attack?

  • Firearms and ammo, match their firepower with the AK-47, AR-15 or 12-gauge shotgun
  • Dust or gas masks, plastic sheeting and duct tape, to help filter and seal-out contaminated air
  • Hammer, nails and wood to board up windows
  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Solar or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency two-way communications
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Can opener for food
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger

I know Donald Trump said it, perhaps others did as well, but this would have been much harder in the U.S. Unlike France, we have a Second Amendment and an armed citizenry is a great defense.

Get proficient with your firearms and carry for your own personal protection.


If successfully attempted or carried out, do you think an attack would be a small-scale local event like the Boston Marathon bombings or something larger such as an attack on the electrical grid or water supplies? What supplies or preparations do you think are necessary for an active shooter situation or mass casualty?

Add your suggestions and ideas and lists in the comment section and we will compile and publish them for the entire community.

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  1. Terrorists get 100% of firearms and explosives from Western & Eastern Nations, thus they are not independent but by-proxy armies of them.
    Century Arms & Arsenal are two manufacturers of AK-47s in USA.

  2. ISIS members are the real cowards, they are not a real army. They are just a bunch of terrorist some little babies they don’t get what they want, so they have to scare others. They cover their faces to hide. Like they cover the faces of their ugly women (BAG) they should all be shot on site, since they are not a real army (S.T.K.) Shoot to Kill. If I came across any and they were trying to kill I would kill as many as I could. If I came across any that were still alive I would force feed them Pork, the other white meat.

  3. The real terrorists are the US Govt (and their NATO lapdogs).

    Please stop spreading their propaganda and scare tactics.

    1. @ Will,

      No problem. The way you wrote it was quite clear it was not directed at me, but rather it was in support of me. Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to clarify. Clarification was probably still necessary for the antagonist on this forum that get so many other things wrong as well.

  4. No, it’s Obama. He is letting over 600,000 Syrians into the US. Don’t try and justify Obama’s HORRIBLE PRESIDENCY!!!

    1. @ RON.

      DON’T YOU READ? IT’S “TWELVE-THOUSAND” Syrian’s! NOT 200,000, and certainly “NOT” SIX-HUNDRED THOUSAND. Stop Using Paul Ryan’s “INFINITE IMPROBABILITY” Mathematics…

  5. Remember the police and Goverment reactions after the Boston incident, with no thoughts of iegal search and siezure warrants how they went house to house prowling.
    Under Martial law you cannot refuse entry nor stop them from carting excesive food items down to the DHS FEMA distribution points, your
    local faith based charity religious organization.
    If they do not confiscate your weapons they will take note of types and amounts at what
    You could have 25 years of food stored and soon be seeing your neighbors eating it.
    We already have government ability to mandate evavuation and tell you what you can take with you and you will have to wait who knows how
    long before you can return .
    Living in a rural setting may be far more disadventahous in say a radiological disaster
    caused by terrorist act, as country folk are just as dumb as city folk and no better prepared, and in fact live with a higher sence of false security than reality dictates.
    I can only write of socio/political reality and how power reacts to the masses of powerless and they to it.
    It is not just joe blow burger flipper and mill and clerk worker that within 5 days will be
    helpless you have tens of millions gov
    employees and bureaucrats that are close to power who will get first dibs on all federal aid.
    It is already a proven they will not refuse or question the why of an order.
    Do not let but the closest know of how and what you have prepared for.
    In a national emergency from terrorist attack , become invisible among the visible by becoming the helpless victim.
    The terrorist within a week is the starving or malicious power freaks on your blocks and they far outnumber the real terrorist.
    Learn knife and lethal hand combat moves it is doubtfull if under martial law tou will dare pack out of home.
    Go to every gov and public charity and humbly beg for aid; remember body sweat and a little dirt under nails with low cost clothing and if false teeth leave them home.

  6. Preparation in the natural is always wise, but also preparation in the Spirit. It won’t matter how much you’ve prepped if you don’t have Jesus Christ. Add a Bible to your prep list! Also, I hope that all are aware that 2nd Amendment supporters (along w/ Evangelical Christians) have already been classified as domestic terrorists per the DHS. Our own government has created the ISIS boogeymen as an excuse to strip us of our rights. God bless America, and God have mercy on us!

  7. To preparedness list, add – at least one week’s supply of prescription meds,
    powdered milk and/beverages, wire cutters, duct tape, rolls of bandaging cotton, vet wrap bandages, sanitary pads/briefs/liners – all good for cuts/burns, safety pins, betadine/iodine cleanser, goggles, rubber and heavy duty outdoor gloves, heavy duty aluminum foil, lots of zip ties of various lengths including very short and very long, marine grade spliced and unspliced rope various lengths and widths…

  8. Honestly, I worry far more about the government using an attack to crank down the police state some more than I worry about being directly affected by a terrorist attack.

  9. If these theorists cross my path,I will take out as many as possible, and when I say take out I don’t mean to dinner. Locked and Loaded!

  10. Read the book Living Terrors, What America Needs to Survive the Coming Bioterrorist Catastrophe. Written by Michael Osterholm and John Schwartz. Dr Osterholm was former Minnesota State epofemiologist. John Schwartz is a reporter for the Washington Post science and technology department.
    This book will describe scenarios that will scare you and give further in site into what only one person or a cell could be potentially capable of. I think this book was published around the year 2000, and we all know things have gotten more sophisticated and worse since then. Everyone should really read this book!

  11. Rather than wait for the inevitable shift scenario,
    just take each of the 1000+ people currently being watched by the FRI and Home Land Security and just round them up into one place,, (Gitmo) seems appropriate, or just deport them asap. If they were not considered a threat, they would not be on this ” watch list “. It is assinine to continue to just watch and wait. If we had them all in one place we could also interrogate them for further knowledge regarding other terrorist cells. Seems like good old common since to me.

  12. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without air. Unless you’re going to join a group of marauders and live off what you can plunder you’ll need more than weapons and ammo. If the grid goes down for an extended length of time you’ll need food, freeze dried or dehydrated sealed in cans or mylar with o2 absorbers. A way to collect, filter and purify water. A way to provide heat, light and cook. We have food stored that will last 25 years, water filters and bleach and kerosene for heating and cooking as well as lamps for light. Kerosen lasts a long time, unlike gasoline for a generator. We have coaloil lamps that belonged to my grandparents, all they will need is a new wick once in a while. What we don’t have yet is a group, a community that thinks like we do and can be trusted. We look at the money we spent as insurance. You insure the things of value never expecting to need to use the insurance, and so all the money you spent over the years may be for naught, except for peace of mind.

    1. As strange as it may sound to some, the Mormons really understand prepping and they have a wide range of material to help you calculate the needs for your family and guidance on how and what to store. They also have access to a wide range of sources for long shelf life foods and other necessities. I have bought lots of stuff through them, and will continue to do so. Religious beliefs notwithstanding, they have their heads together on prepping.

      Look up the local Mormon groups in your phone directory and tell them you would like to participate in purchasing preparedness supplies and they will probably be cooperative. It depends on the individuals in charge, but I have never had any issues in ordering stuff through them. Just look up Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    2. @ Bohica66.

      You could also consider a 3-D Food Printer (Protein Resequencer), using Textured Vegetable Protein as a Medium. Prices range from ~$500.00 USD to ~$7,000.00 USD. About the Size of a Medium Hot Water Heater…

  13. First off do not let the likes of GMan ,military and those who profit by spreading fear and building mass phobias on this site be your only source of survival of chrm daiation and bio threats.
    Fine tape the doors and then head upstairs for unless a vrry warm day and chem is aerosaul it will fill lowest levels outside and icluding your downstairs or cellar
    Isolate downstairs and be prepared to knock holes in interior walls.
    How many filters for each members mask, you needto replace every 12 hours.
    Do you own chemical detectors they are relatively cheap $250 and some are bio and chem. They eat batteries have lots.
    Do you have dual band radiation detectors, know how to calibrate , and understand old background from new, you are a fn zombie readings.
    Cost from $350 each band to realy goodunits for under $1000.
    YES RADIOS AND LAPTOPS AS THE GOVERNMENT NO LONGER MONITORS FOR Rdiation andWoods hole went with their info into cyber death, you best find others who are partof when Fukushima blew began cowd share of nuke readings and we have people not just in every state and Canadian provi ces but in France Germany, Luxumburg and gaiing more in Latin America as all wildlife dies and fish are pretty sick looking.
    If an official or and his pseudo civilian experts say go to bunker. You be preparedto run lime hell in your hazmat and mask.
    They are to ptotect their jobs not your butts.

    1. @ Hide Behind
      Here we go, behind your obvious paranoia, we see the exposed truth, linked like a weld to your fear, lies your ignorance and lack of education. Putting together a cohesive sentence requires an education, which requires an open mind. You lost at both unfortunately. Fear is all you have now. Sad.

      Stay inside and gear up. All of you. But most of all, stay inside.

  14. Belgium will maintain the highest terror alert level for the capital of Brussels for a third day Monday. NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT, NO STORES, CURFEWS. 3RD DAY! IT COULD HAPPEN HERE. WE BETTER HAVE MORE THAN 3 DAYS FOOD AND WATER.
    You might cutback on rock concerts, sport stadiums, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. American lifestyle should now change if we want to live. where we work, eat and play. keep your loved ones safe and carry a concealed weapon. Dont be a dead sheeple.

  15. All the government intelligence collection and security agencies WANT to prevent bad things from happening. They are good people. Their intentions are good. However, as the article alludes to, just like your local police officer can’t be every where, neither can intelligence and security services.

    Local police normally arrive 4-20 minutes after a call-in to a violent event and arrive in time to take statements and pictures of the violence that has already occurred then attempt to identify and then find the bad guys.

    What you do in those first 4-20 minutes can make the difference in how or if you live the rest of your life. Your protection and safety is up to you, not someone else. YOU are the first responder.

    I disagree with the thought of the larger metro areas being THE prime areas to target. The soft under-belly of America (or any country) are the tens of thousands of small towns and burgs spread across the nation. Their local governments, their police forces and emergency services have neither the training or resources to harden their towns or burgs to any degree, or to deter attacks of any kind, nor to respond effectively to them once they have occurred. Again, you will be the first responder to what happens to you.

  16. This war with Islam has been going on for hundreds of years, stopped at the gates of Vienna:

    America has faced ‘Death Cults” before: Bushido Japan and Nazi Germany–death was a religion to them. The difference this time is that even if the USA stays in Iraq or Afghanistan in an effort to change their culture as they did Japan and Germany (~50 years), the world of Islam is too great–it would re-infect both countries and the war would never end. So how will this end ?

    I think it will be direct conflict in the ER as the Syrians (73% are military aged males who, strangely, left their wives and children behind) infiltrate. Your moron president, Mssr Obama understands all this and still wants an initial 10K admitted to USA with and eventual 100 – 200K settled. This is seppuku of the first order. It will start with millions of Europeans fleeing to the USA to get away from the Islam-inspired open warfare that will take place on the Continent (~5-10 years from now ?). Lucky for USA these will be normalized Europeans, however, they will bring their godless ways to your shores. Why is this important ? In the clash of cultures, the strong one always wins. European “culture”, or the ties that bind, are loose and the EU will fold like a cheap tent in a breeze. American best be in a position to secure Europe’s nukes as each country falls. Islam’s original strategy was to “outbreed then out vote” the Europeans–but their culture of hatred cannot refuse immediate violence, to wit: Paris.

    War is coming to America, too. This is a decent article on preparation.

  17. I think they would hit a big city to create larger collateral damage.
    But if seen in their black Jammie’s they will get their asses blown away.

  18. A cheap reliable source of communication is a hand held marine VHF radio with rechargeable batteries, capable of 20 mile transmissions and not dependent on cell towers. They are restricted to marine communications but in an emergency…I have two and would readily use them.

    1. @ Stan T,

      Whoa there. I had always heard to get the marine band radios as they supposedly offered the best transmission distance. However, about 2 years ago I heavily researched radios as part of my prep and storage for bugging-in or bugging-out. I was shocked to discover the marine radio was NOT considered the optimal choice across notable prepper sites or emergency radio aficionados during SHTF scenarios.

      Marine band radios are initially attractive because they are authorized to have a little more powerful transmission wattage without the licensing usage required of other radio bands. But the downside is that marine radio bands are heavily monitored and strictly regulated for waterway use only; which makes testing and practicing with it prohibitive by inland dwellers.

      Instead preppers and radio hobbyist alike recommend getting your HAM license, which I discovered can be had for a nominal fee, and free in some areas. There are also numerous free prep-test training web sites available. Ultimately this turned out to be quite an easy license to obtain after a solid day or two of focused study.

      Thereafter they recommend getting a set of really inexpensive yet versatile radios such as one of the highly programmable line from Baofeng. To that you add an inexpensive after-market antenna that beefs up range.

      And finally, visit one of the many SHTF radio websites for instructions to download free software that will re-program all your radio frequencies to turn your Baofeng handheld into a super SHTF survival radio with a perfect blended combination of the most important HAM, FRS, PMR, GMRS, MURS, MARINE, WEATHER, and BUSINESS channels.

    2. Wow, outstanding write up. Thanks for sharing the benefit of your time and research. Going to look into a HAM license and radio setup per hour recommendations STAT. THX.

  19. It makes sense to be prepared for general problems. The more rural you are the less likely an attack and you’ll have prep time if you need. I a city it will be a bomb or ambush, not much one can do other than be armed. I think people with nuclear shelters are overboard, but then at least they have a chance. I base my prep on how and where I live.

    1. I agree that the more rural you live, the safer you are from predation. I’m prepared for being cut off from the grid or any other disaster, with maybe the exception of a nuclear attack. On self reliant, not dependant on govt, law enforcement, or any other predators.

  20. You pretty much covered the list although if I may expand on your communications. Radios to hear what`s going on is a good thing, and two way communications is also great, but I thought I`d mention some small handi-talki type communications for talking short range to communicate with family and neighbors, or a set that can also be programmed for the repeaters near you so you can talk long distance if need be.

  21. It’s already been said, Make sure you have the necessary supplies. Mental training is crucial. I think that most people lack here. Let’s not forget physical preparedness. Our bodies need to be strong enough to carry us through the hard times. I always considered myself to be physically fit, not muscle bound, but fairly strong and with good stamina. But, the years have really crept up on me and I’ve recently realized that I would be in a world of hurt if I had to depend on my physical abilities to survive. I’m trying to do something about that but I’ve got a way to go.

    1. @ Mikial.

      If the GREAT “Apocalypse” Ever Occurs (God Forbid). It’s going to be like 1820’s to 1850’s all over again. The “Trapper” mentality. A “Loose” Association with Other’s as Opposed to Communal Association with others. It might be a Generation (40-years) or more before ANY Communal Association Occurs. And it probably be BASED on the “Barter System” as opposed to an actual “Currency System”. I don’t think a Currency will be adopted until a “Collective Governance” is set up. And even that is going to be Rudimentary at Best. Something like a “Risk Acceptance” Governance (Something like, in the 1997 Movie: The Postman)…

  22. I don’t think it is logical to devote all your attention to muslim terrorists . It’s akin to watching the sky for possible enemy aircraft while strolling through a minefield ! The terrorists are here……now ….! Ask a policeman , attacks on the police is terrorism , the attacks by students on college campuses are terrorism . The ongoing attacks on all things part of Christianity or Judaism is terrorism ( by members of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT ) !
    Terrorism does not always entail bombs and guns ,it can be as insidious as ” politically correct speech ” . The gradual erosion our rights as enunciated and guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the most dangerous form of terrorism extant in America today .

  23. I don’t t it is logical to devote all your attention to muslim terrorists . It’s akin to watching the sky for possible enemy aircraft while strolling through a minefield ! The terrorists are here……now ….! Ask a policeman , attacks on the police is terrorism , the attacks by students on college campuses are terrorism . The ongoing attacks on all things part of Christianity or Judaism is terrorism ( by members of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT ) !
    Terrorism does not always entail bombs and guns ,it can be as insidious as ” politically correct speech ” . The gradual erosion our rights as enunciated and guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the most dangerous form of terrorism extant in America today .

  24. Even being prepared is not enough. Ccw permits in my state do not allow carry in most of the same places that were hit in Paris

    1. Carry anyways. If you are trully concealing your firearms then nobody but you knows its there. IF SHTF and you stop, alter or kill an active shooter ill take that fine, jail or loss of job then (which im sure will be overlooked if self defense) rather my son burying me…..and if he does At least I tried to save lives and got into the fight. I work at a building that carrying is a prohibited, kel tec p3at in a wallet shaped shoot through holster doesnt print and can draw pretty fast. Stay armed, Stay Alert

    2. @.40Al

      Agree completely. Unless you are caught carrying in a government facility like a Post Office or courthouse, etc., all the property owners can do if you do get caught is tell you to leave. If you refuse, then you can be charged with trespassing. Big deal . . so you leave.

      But if you do it right, unless there is a metal detector, no one will ever know you are carrying. I love my 5-11 covert carry pants. They don’t look like operator pants and they have hidden zippered pockets inside the regular pockets that will easily fit a compact. They also have built-in in pouches for extra mags, a flashlight and a knife.

      I do not go where I cannot legally carry, such as Nazi states, and if i enter private property such as a concert venue, I am carrying concealed whether they like it or not. All I care about is my wife and my safety.

    3. What felonies?
      If he’s carrying in a private business and they ask him to leave and he leaves there is no crime. Where do you get a felony from that?

  25. It totally sucks that we have to live in such a crazy time…who would have thought 20 or 30 years ago that this great country would look like this now?

    One thing that my fellow veteran told me about was the #1 thing to have in a survival situation is a way to PURIFY WATER! Since then, I purchased a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter that will filter 13,000 gallons of water. It gives me a better sense of security knowing I have that water filter. Your hot water heater is a source of water in a bad situation but you’d want to filter it.

    My girl and I have plenty of guns/ammo as well as our tactical vests ready to rock, tactical bug-out backpacks all loaded up, etc. It’s a good idea to don the gear and get used to the weight and moving around with it on.

    1. 20-30 years ago? I can tell you who might have worried about terrorists: the people who were terrorized by the KKK and the people who, if they’d known it was going to happen, were blown up in Oklahoma City. We’ve had terrorists in this country for many decades. Talk to me about children killed when a church is blown up during the Civil Rights struggle, or when a psycho opens fire in a church in Charleston, SC. There’s nothing new about terrorism here.

    2. @ Chris.

      Consider Lifesaver 20000, a Self-Contained Chemical Potable Water Filtration System. Capable of Filtering 20,000-liters or ~5,283-gallons of water before recharging. About the Size of a 5-gallon “Jerrycan”…

    1. Or maybe it’s another Timothy McVeigh. Right-wing, American, radical, armed to the teeth and now dead. Pre Obama.

    2. @ Ron.

      Since 2000, the United States has been in at Least NINE War’s. And NOW, you want to get into a TENTH War. I that America’s Calling? To be in a War every year until the 22nd Century Comes…

  26. People can have all the “Stuff”. You can have all the guns, ammo, food, water and fuel. You can have your place ready for long term bug in or your cabin ready for a long term bug out. You can have everything physically perfect but if a person is not mentally fit and ready they can fail.

    Keep mentally strong. Don’t fall for every “Chicken Little’s” falling skies. There are terrorists, criminals and mentally ill people out there but the likelihood of being a victim of one is very low.

    Still, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” are words to live by. If you see something strange call the cops. You can do so anonymously. Like them or not it is their job to check things out. Believe me, they are taking things much more seriously too. You should be a fly on the wall in the roll call room. Don’t take chances.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive


    1. @EdH

      Well said. We cannot as individuals be everywhere, nor do we know the things the police and Feds know. I have worked for years in the international security field and make frequent trips into DC and Northern Virginia, and there’s a lot going on we don’t and will never know about.

      We carry to protect ourselves from criminals. The threat from terrorists is low, but as any good Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) will tell you, low likelihood but high impact equals increased risk.

      We need to be diligent and observant. I conducted a hostile environment training (HEAT) for an organization in DC last week. I carried a 5-11 ruck filled with gear (legal) and a set of Lvl 4 body armor on the DC Metro and right into the center of the city with no one even looking at me twice. The whole time my thoughts were, ‘I could be carrying anything into the subway at the height of rush hour with no one even looking at me twice.’

      Granted, I look like what I am, a white, former military professional, but who knows? Let’s remember the DC Sniper, who killed 17 people and wounded 10, was an American born, African American Muslim convert who didn’t look like an Arabic Jihadist terrorist.

      Stay alert, stay alive.

    2. Number 1. There is no ‘1’. plan must be complete and redundant. practice and train. The hardest thing is “community”; it is the same thing the military calls command, control, and communication. In a neighborhood, city block, farmland somehow people must come together with community without exposing plans to an enemy. Without community our millions will die 1, 2, 3, a dozen, an family at a time all across America. I hear lots of talk, brag, etc. But America is void of community. Therefore we will die. We have no leaders in religion, military, business. Eighty+ % of the ministers, rabbis, denominations have sold their souls to satan. What has one damn general or colonel done since being kicked out of the military? Nothing but talk. The churches overtly promote “acceptance and tolerance of islam through interfaith programs. Most ministers are parts of the enemy. I hope God will strike them down like wheat. Cops; now this is the most putrid bunch of filth on earth. Few do the job of service and protection. Most steal goods from the robbers at theft scenes, flirt with your wife or girlfriend, lie to the courts, arrange heart attacks in jail, and as time passes they abuse the public more and more. I don’t even care who shot who; “I didn’t see anything”. PERIOD. When the SHTF they will be robbers, rapers, killers as bad as any other gang. There are a few truly good ones; maybe 20%. So, I am prepared, but not as well as I would like. The gangs, muslims, cops, feds have full automatics and explosives. Few citizens do. In the Revolutionary War our weapons were similar to theirs and sometimes better. Today they have MRAPS, armor, expolosives, far better communications, RPGs, Barretts. So what are you going to do? Better learn where the armor covers and make that your poa. True Christians, patriots, conservatives, families have no allies. WE BETTER DISCOVER COMMUNITY AND USE IT…..FAST. We would be better served by the Mafia. REALLY!

    3. @pete dixon – You wrote “True Christians” have no allies.

      Would these “True Christians” be the same “True Christian Domestic Terrorists” that are holed up currently inside the Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs?

      Would these “True Christians” be the same “True Christians” that shot 4 cops the day after Thanksgiving?

      Yea. Because for all the ridiculous fears I hear on this board about Obama’s ‘mooslems’ coming in to rule us under sharia law, this sounds like maybe we need to wipe out some radical Christian elements right here in the US of A. Talk about your home grown terrorism. We got it.

    4. Ah, and here’s Beau again, crawling from whatever hole he lives in during the week to spew more of his canned Liberal tripe into the conversation, and then of course, he’ll take great pains to tell us how he is a white gun owner. As if that makes any difference to anyone.

      Pure nonsense, and pure liberal garbage. Never a meaningful or cogent comment, just a lot of vitriol intended to distract everyone from the original conversation.

      Nice try, Beau . how’s the therapy going, anyway?

    5. @ Mikial.

      I have to AGREE with Beau, SIR. I’m Right of Center in My Thinking, NOT A “TEA PARTY” S@#THEAD. GOD Gave Me a Working Brain, and I USE IT…

    6. @ Secundius,

      Oh hey there, you may not quite want to be seen accepting the morning-after flowers from having got into bed with Beau.

      I was not able to counter-comment on Beau’s Christian bigotries at the time of his post because we (Feds) had not yet publicly released information we’d put together from the Colorado shooter’s profile.

      Had I been able to do so at the time of Beau’s original post, it would have exposed just how awfully persecutory Beau was being towards Christians. Especially given his extremely ignorant and incorrect statement that made assumptions the Colorado shooter (singular) acted out of Christian extremisms.

      Now that the information is out to the public that the shooter lived in the woods as a loner and was not religious at all… well maybe you and Beau should both go get checked for STDs (wink, wink). And next time around you should be more careful who you hop in bed with.

    7. @G-Man

      I always appreciate the fact that your posts are backed up by real-world intelligence and the (da-da-da-dum) facts. Something that many people have a powerful aversion to.

      Bottom line, we are in a fight for our lives, and no matter what Liberal trolls like Beau and his followers say, it is a real and genuine fight. It doesn’t matter if the perp is a Muslim, Christian, black, white or Arabic, they want to kill people, and they don’t really care who.

      I have worked LE, notably in a Juvenile Unit dealing with Skinheads, spent years in the Mideast and Africa protecting people who were there to build schools, hospitals and water treatment plants and getting shot at by Muslims who were angry about anything that improved people’s lives, and even did major security work for some of the more high visibility Liberal organization. Yes, I have even shook hands with Jesse Jackson, who I don’t even like but who I was charged to protect as a professional.

      Why? Because a terrorist is a terrorist and no one should be allowed to bully and threaten and murder people. Period. And anyone who sides with them should step up and put their money where their mouth is.

    8. @ G-Man.

      Coming out of the “Woodworks Again”, I SEE. Any CLOSER to find Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate, or STILL an Illusive Conquest…

    9. Hello, Secundius. Nice to hear from you.

      I’m not sure just what part of Beau’s many diatribes you are agreeing with; the need to wipe out radical Christians or that we are all paranoid fools for taking steps to defend ourselves and our loved ones from anyone who would harm us, no matter what race or religion they are. Frankly, I disagree with both of those points.

      And not to cut it too fine, the shooter at the Planned Parenthood office was a lone wolf active shooter with an obvious screw loose and should be treated as the criminal he is. What he was not was a member of a highly devoted and violent terrorist network with the intention of recruiting pawns to carry out major attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Paris massacres, and with the money and organization to accomplish it. But, despite Beau’s ridicule of all of us, those people are out there along with all sorts of other violent offenders, sociopaths and religious fanatics.

      If he, and whoever else is inclined to, choose not to arm yourselves that is your God-given right. As for me and my house, we would prefer to be prepared and not need it then to not be prepared when the time comes . . . even at the risk of being ridiculed by people like Beau. God gave me a working brain too, and despite how it may appear to the casual observer, I do use it.

    10. Avoiding unnecessary “chicken little” incidents is easy. When the authorities or government says to “stay calm”, praise the Lord & pass the ammo it’s on!

  27. The difference here is that there is so much anger at our own government that people who are armed are likely to deal with anyone who appears to be involved in a terrorist act themselves. This is one of the reasons we have a second amendment. Protect our Country from enemies foreign and domestic. We are likely to see a lot of that in the not too distant future in both environments, domestic and foreign.

  28. While I sometimes have to go to the city (Denver & ‘Burbs) I live at 7500’ in the foothills (mountains to the flatlanders) where the nighttime prowlers are foxes, deer, elk, bears, and sometimes a mtn lion. Lucky there,

    but still have over 1000 rounds of .223/5.56 and 1000 rounds of 9MM, 100 rounds of 7.62, 200 12 Ga shotgun shells of various sizes.
    for my AR, Glock, XDS, Taurus, SKS. and Browning.

  29. I choose NOT to live in FEAR, Jump everytime I hear a “Back Fire” or “A Baseball Crashing Through A Window”. Maybe I’ll get KILLED by a Car that Jumps the Curb and Runs Me Down. I’ll go to “Matt’s” NOW a have my Jucy Lucy”.

    1. Good point. Neither do I choose to live in fear. The threat of terrorism is quite small for most of us. We are infinitely more likely to be killed or injured in a car accident, or some other type of accident, e.g. work, sporting, than any other type of accident. That being said, the only type of terror events that would impact us personally are attacks on infrastructure, or some sort of nuclear attack (extremely unlikely). both require the same preparation as for a natural disaster. So I say, to those who are really concerned, stock up on some food and bottled water, buy a generator, then pop open a beer or bottle of wine, and put the fear way back in your mind where it belongs, unless you just like being afraid of everything.

  30. The major population centers will be the targets, plus any major infrastructure….Us country folk will be sittin on the front porch rockin in our chairs waiting for them with more firepower at hand than you can imagine…let em come into my world….Martial law? hell we live everyday out here under martial law…

  31. I will not terrorist’s disrupt my life, however I will avoid crowded places and gun free zones. They are easier for cowards to inflict higher damage. I always have my Glock on me.
    Domestic terrorists know how crowded stores are on Black Friday, so shop online and visit with family instead.

    1. Shopping on Black Friday is dangerous enough without terrorists. Every year at least a couple of people get trampled at a Wal Mart.

    2. You got that right! I have never had any desire to fight for items in a large crowd of people, deals that can always be found online or in those stores on other days too.

  32. In the Case of France’s, it was Domestic Terrorism of Foreign Origin (Sleeper’s). But in OUR Case, ALL OUR have been Domestic (of Extreme View’s).

    1. “ALL ours have been DOMESTIC ” Ahhhhhh waving the Bullsh*t Flag on that most egregiously ignorant statement 9/11 perpetrators were Saudi Nationals❗️Ditto on attacked and United States Navy recruitment centres❗️ there are some are others,and,yes,there have been several that are loan Wolf foreign born but USA citizens. Regardless the non-Muslim world is under attack by fundamentalists radicalised members of Islam of which are statistics and experts agree more than 50% of the 1.4 billion+ Muslims on this planet AGREE/SUPPORT the “jihadi”attacks on non-Muslims.Those that disagree that this is a anything other than a religious war have their heads planted squarely up their rectums . IMHO of course ????

  33. Good read and on point. Its always a good idea to be alert no matter where you are. I am, and still find myself in situations seldom enough where my guard was down if even for a moment. I have been alert for many years now, mostly as not to be a target of crime…..but add to that very real possibility a threat of becoming a “soft target” casualty. Not cool but it is what it is. Anyone who cant pay enough attention to what is happening in the world…and right here at home is just fooling themselves. I will let them be a target instead of me. Be alert, be prepared, and above all……be a patriot of America.

    1. So, you think you have a ‘very real possibility’ of becoming a casualty? WTF is that? Stop being afraid. What kinda person walks around all day, every day “ON GUARD” against being attacked? So, ISIS slits someones throat thousands of miles from you and now you are so afraid, you won’t let your guard down, “if even for a moment”.

      The terrorists have already defeated you. They won!

      Here are some facts:
      – You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack

      – You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

      Here’s a cartoon that says it all:

      Here is a map of all the states that have surrendered already to ISIS:

    2. I never said i was afraid…im not. Most who fall victim to crime or these attacks are not paying attention to whats happening around them. I choose to live my life differently….and i am happier because of it. So you have a difference of opinion..good for you. I could give a rip about cancer and heart disease facts when it comes to my personal safety. The kind of person who walks around “on guard” more times than not happens to have served in the Marine Corps during desert storm, so show some respect towards my personal point of view. Too much of todays society is more concerned with being glued to their phone screen, and facebook updates about changing toddlers diapers, than what is happening in this country and abroad.

    3. @Beau: You are a naive jackass, parroting liberal anti-gun type talking points. Being armed all the time does not mean you live in fear, it means you are intelligent enough to realize we live in a dangerous world and have taken responsibility for your personal safety. Terrorists are just one more reason to carry all the time, besides the normal criminal elements and general nut cases. Just because the chances of being stuck by lightning are about a million to one, are you going to go stand on an open hilltop in a thunderstorm? I didn’t think so. But we all go seek medical help when needed even though 400,000 people die annually from medical mistakes. That sounds pretty risky to me. Here’s the link to the article:

      Being armed and maintaining situational awareness with constant threat assessment is the only way I enter “soft target” or “gun-free killing zones”. Your opinion of me and those like me count as much to us as those emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    4. Here, here….very well said. Whats really chaps my hide is that dingle berries like @beau will be cowering behind guys like us who have a means to defend ourselves, when and if we ever have to sheepdog up and run towards a bad guy doing harm. Its pathetic.

    5. More likely, dingle berries like beau will occupying a slab at the morgue because he thought the four gangbangers crossing the street towards him just wanted to ask what time it was.

    6. Danger trawl alert this guy is quoting DailyKos a extreme left wing Obama pimp website, they are for open boarder,gun confiscation and “redefining” the first and fourth amendment to the constitution
      Very dubious sinister and deceptive group produce The DailyKOS

    7. @ Beau,

      You wrote: “So, ISIS slits someones [sic] throat thousands of miles from you and now you are so afraid…blah, blah, blah”.

      You are not too bright. From just the past 24 months alone – below is a list of publicly known Muslim extremist executions carried out against Americans right here in the good ol’ US of A; not even thousands of miles from you.

      What you don’t know is this public list doesn’t even cover the incidents of disfigurement and the maimed that lived after Muslim attacks in the US. Nor does it cover the unreported incidents or political cover-ups in order to keep the numbers down during Obama’s reign.

      Trust me, as a Federal Agent I know a bit about the inside politicking that goes into adjusting the National Statistics and have witnessed firsthand the “mainstream” media’s willingness to suppress these types of stories in order to help tow the Obama line.

      Believe what you will at your own peril and stay unprepared, but don’t blast others for having common sense. Besides, why do you get all hot and bothered over someone else’s beliefs and preparedness? It shouldn’t bother or affect your life in the least.

      The only reason I’ve ever seen anyone get so worked up over someone else’s beliefs and go after them for it is when deep down inside they know it’s true and failed to prepare, and so they hogwash it to make themselves feel better about not being ready.

      Anyway, here’s that list:

      1.) Buena Vista, NJ: A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.

      2.) Ashtabula, OH: A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.

      3.) Boston, MA: Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as ‘very religious’ detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

      4.) Boston, MA: Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.

      5.) Richmond, CA: A convert “on a mission from Allah” stabs a store clerk to death.

      6.) Port Bolivar, TX: A Muslim man shoots his daughter and her lover to death and leaves a copy of the Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality.

      7.) Skyway, WA: A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic.

      8.) Seattle, WA: Two men are murdered by an Islamic extremist.

      9.) West Orange, NJ: A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas.

      10.) Moore, OK: A Sharia advocate beheads a woman and stabs another at work after calling for Islamic terror and posting an Islamist beheading photo.

      11.) Chattanooga, TN: A ‘Devout Muslim’ stages a suicide attack on a recruiting center at a strip mall and a naval center which leaves five dead.

    8. And Timothy McVeigh, a white racist gun loving American killed 168 in Oklahoma.

      On July 20, 2012, Aurora, Colorado, deranged white boy James Eagan Holmes, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured, the largest number of casualties in a shooting in the United States. Gun lover!

      April 20, 1999, Columbine, Colorado Two angry white senior students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, murdered a total of 12 students and one teacher. They injured 21 additional people, with three others being injured while attempting to escape the school.

      CHARLESTON, S.C. — Angry white racist Dylann Roof, who opened fire and killed nine people during a prayer meeting at a historic African American church.

      Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Connecticut, Gun lovin’ 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members.

      So, as body counts go. angry white dudes (American terrorists) have outperformed ‘imported’ terrorists by a huge margin.

      I am a WHITE combat veteran, and a gun owner.

      If Shooters of Color Are Called ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Thugs.’ Why Are White Shooters Called simply called ‘Mentally Ill’?

    9. @beau

      What difference does it make what color they are? Your original comment was that we are all paranoid to be concerned over becoming victims of violence. Sounds like you’re pretty aware of lots of violence. Why are you trying to turn this into some typical Liberate accusation of racism? And frankly, I doubt most of us could care less what color you are.

      I have conducted quite a few training sessions on surviving an active shooter incident, and I always started each session with a rundown of active shooter incidents that reveal they are all races and persuasions; black, white, and Arabic. But the current group of sociopath murderers are Muslims who are threatening to mount major attacks in US cities like they are already doing in other countries. What is so difficult to grasp about this?

    10. @ Beau,

      I merely pointed out facts that utterly destroyed your contention that the dangers of “ISIS is thousands of miles away”. Regardless, just as we’ve come to expect from a liberal – when you get intellectually counterpunched with facts, you change the topic and run.

      However, this time around I can racist on top of idiocy. In your effort to “cut and run” to another topic you managed to force color into the issue which makes you a racist as well.

      Newsflash… a Muslim, or Follower of Islam, is a religion not a race. Those that have chosen to take their Muslim faith to terroristic extremes hail from all over the world and from many different cultures; so the act of terrorism has no color, that is, until you just gave it one.

      What an ignorant and racist liberal you’ve shown yourself to be.

    11. Beau: progressive anti-liberty drivel, including your links. And tough language behind the keyboard from the crowd that hasn’t a man among them.

    12. Actually, being on guard is a good thing. If you are driving, be on guard for oncoming traffic. If you are riding a bicycle, be on guard for motorized traffic. If you are hiking in the mountains, be on guard for trip hazards or falling rocks. If for some reason you HAVE TO enter an area notorious criminal activity, be on guard for potential assailants. If you own and use firearms, like I do, be on guard that they are used AND stored safely. If you carry a firearm, concealed or not, safety on or off, DO NOT carry a round in the chamber unless you EXPECT to use it. Otherwise, you stand a far greater chance of killing yourself or a love one, than of protecting anyone from harm. But, don’t give much thought about being on guard against terrorists, something very unlikely to be a personal threat to you, unless you work at a symbolic landmark like the Statue of Liberty, or the Lincoln memorial.

    13. Beau;
      Even though I do mostly agree with you, 1st, I think your facts have probably changed recently. The possibility of a terrorist attack has increased in the last couple of years. Still not my 1st concern. Also, it never hurts to be prepared, and it’s always smart to be aware of your surroundings. It doesn’t have to be a terrorist that ruins your world.

    14. @ Beau,

      After the Islamic terrorist attack that killed 14 innocent people in California yesterday, I felt the need to return once more to tell Beau and others that agreed with him how disgusting his antagonistic insults were towards others for merely wanting to be better prepared. Especial given it took only a matter of days for another attack on U.S. soil to be added to the list of previous attacks I proved to Beau. What was it you wrote Beau, that they were “thousands of miles” away? Well maybe we should force you Beau to go talk to all the families of all those victims so you can chastise them as well. Maybe share with them your ignorant philosophical retort in which you lamely asked, “What kinda person walks around all day, every day “ON GUARD” against being attacked?” Evidently there were 14 innocent souls yesterday that were just as unprepared as you are.

  34. Second amendment goes out the window should Obama declare a national emergency and martial law thanks to his opening the borders to let anyone in without vetting

  35. I have 99% of this stuff on hand. I should get some gas masks and maybe several NBC suits. Now I just have to convince my wife to let me set bolts into the house walls inside next to all the windows and doors so I can make pre-fitted 3/4 inch plywood covers. I’m ready to screw/nail them up, but I would rather have something I can bolt up and take back down. This ain’t happening.

    1. @Sean

      Another option is to cover your windows with blast/shatter resistant Mylar film. It is not too expensive and is easily available, and you can install it yourself. Another plus is that you can still see out to know whats going on around you. I have used it in the Middle East and Asia to cover windows to prevent them from shattering in the event of an explosion and filling the room with flying glass, but it is also very good as a crime mitigation.

      It is very tough and a bad guy can’t just break the window out and climb in because it will stay together sort of like a car windshield.

      Another advantage is that objects thrown at the window will not break the glass out and come inside. This would include rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails and tear gas grenades. It would not stop a bullet.

      You can order it here:

    2. Sorry, I should have added that we have it on all ground floor windows and any second story windows that could be accessed from the outside.

    3. Mikial,

      Thanks a lot for the tip on the 3M film. Sounds like a very good idea. I will follow up for my self and pass it on to all our children and good friends who have a clue. Good tips like this is one very good reason to visit this blog. Most of us have some knowledge of firearms and some training and/or experience. But, tips like yours really add to our knowledge base. You did us a service and I appreciate it.

    4. @MacII

      You are more than welcome, my friend. If we don’t take care of each other, then the wolves will have us all.

    5. @ MacII.

      It you want to have use of your “Window’s” as Window’s, Some “Glaziers” can Sandwich “Sapphire Glass” (GORILLA Glass) to existing Glass. To make them More Impact Resistant…

    6. You can get the recycled metal sheets, they use for hurricanes in Florida. When I lived in FL. My had the metal sheets installed on all my windows. And even got to use them several times. Also, these metal window coverings work well for security when going on vacation, etc. After a hurricane passed. I still left the coverings on to deter people from looting. Due to electricity was still out for weeks. As well as, no fuel. If it wasn’t for batteries, stored water system and propane gas cylinders. Not sure what my family would do. I also, like what Mikial said about the Mylar film coverings. Though people prepare with firearms, ammo. People tend to forget things like basic security, first aid kits, fuel, etc. To truly survive and thrive. You want to be well rounded in your preparations. More than likely, you’ll be providing some of your resources to neighbors, family or friends. Who were subsequently negligent in preparing. Nice article. I wish more people were conscious of being prepared. It can be the difference between life and death. Too many people rely on believing the govt. will come to their rescue…which might occur. But could be weeks till they arrive. Rely on yourself and you should do fine.

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