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Taurus GX4 — Budget-Friendly Micro 9

Taurus GX4 and Spare Mag

Sometimes, it’s hard to get excited about a pistol until you get it in hand. This was the case with the Taurus GX4. At first glance, it’s just another micro compact 9mm that is all the rage right now for concealed carry. The Springfield Hellcat, SIG P365, S&W Shield Plus, there are plenty of options in this size range. Although, I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with the Taurus’ take on this pint-sized wonder nine.

Taurus GX4 Features

The Taurus GX4 features texturing on the grip that makes this small pistol easy to handle, even during strings of rapid-fire. It’s a good balance between being rough enough to really lock in your grip and not so rough that it irritates the skin during carry. Front and rear slide cocking serrations make manipulating the slide easy whether you’re charging the pistol, clearing malfunctions, or doing press checks.

Taurus GX4 and Swiss Army Knife
The large flathead driver/bottle opener on a common Swiss Army Knife works well for turning the notch for disassembly.

The striker-fired action is paired with one of those flat-face triggers that are all the rage now. Personally, I could take it or leave it, but I know it is a welcome sight to many shooters. Additionally, the front of the trigger guard is flattened. This allows the shooter to brace the pistol against a barricade or hook the support hand index finger for improved control. If you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade, Taurus also makes the GX4 T.O.R.O., an optics-ready version of this pistol, that comes from the factory ready to mount a red dot sight.


Manufacturer: Taurus
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 11+1 rounds
Barrel length: 3.06 inches
Sights: White 3-dot
Overall length: 6.05 inches
Height: 4.4 inches
Width: 1.08 inches
Weight (unloaded): 18.5 ounces

Micro Compact Pistol Size Comparison
The GX4 stacks up well against the competition.

Range Results

The Taurus GX4 performed well at the range. A concealed carry pistol such as this needs to be accurate and reliable to earn its keep in the gun safe. It’s important to test fire any pistol you plan to use for defense to ensure proper function. For a small pistol, the Taurus shoots well. It’s no 40-ounce tack driver, but the GX4 grouped well at common self-defense ranges, and would likely still perform out past that. Shooting at around 10 yards, I was able to consistently get groups around 2.5–3 inches.

The grip allowed for good control, even with sweaty hands and there was enough real estate that I felt I could really lock it in. I actually preferred this grip shape to the standard SIG P365 grip module — a common competitor. It felt slightly thicker and seemed to fill the hand better. I wish that Taurus had included an extended magazine option that provided a little more grip for the pinky, but a quick search proved a 13-round mag is out there.

Taurus GX4 and Target
The pistol demonstrated good self-defense accuracy.


Quality protection doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The Taurus GX4 is a compact and reliable self-defense pistol that is perfect for concealed carry and can easily double in a home defense role. If you’re looking for a concealable pistol that packs a healthy reserve of ammunition, you’d be wise to consider the GX4.

What are your thoughts on the new micro 9 craze? How do you think the Taurus GX4 stacks up against the competition? Share your answers in the comment section.

  • Disassembled Taurus GX4
  • Taurus GX4 frame
  • Taurus GX4 and Spare Mag
  • Taurus GX4 and Swiss Army Knife
  • Micro Compact Pistol Size Comparison
  • Taurus GX4 and Target

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Comments (14)

  1. Bought this pistol earlier this year. Found this pistol to be reliable,accurate,and compact for it’s purposes. Never has failed to feed,eject,or fire. Even my reloads,{45yrs reloader},have been dependable. Usually carried a 5 shot short barrel revolver,now the gx4 is my concealed carry preference. Found a few old but good condition knife pouches,fit my spare mags perfectly. Taurus surely made a quality semi auto pistol. For a 9mm,it has become first choice I strap on when I leave my house.

  2. Taurus has elevated their game a few years ago and they continue to put out A+ products that match and even out performs the other competitors. Taurus revolvers were top notch and reliable and it’s good to see Taurus enter the sub compact n micro semi pistol arena and they are doing awesome

  3. I have had several Taurus pistols and I love the GX4 and it came with the 13 round mag which gives you much better grip since you now have a place for your pinky. It shoots great and the grips give it excellent handling, the only thing I changed were the sights, I put on some truglo tritium sights to have better shooting in darker situations.

  4. I watched a comparison on tv of the Gx4 and S&W’s cxs. I purchased the smith because I am a 1911 guy, lol. I’m fond of the single action trigger verses the double action trigger pull. Just my opinion, and I sure love the feel and the performance of my new purchase.

  5. The GX4 is rather special when compared to other micros. To go back, micro 9’s were around long before any of these iterations came out. Kimber’s micro, Sig’s 938 are just two of many that produced micros. Springfield Armory had the 911 falls in there as well. The difference is they were all micro 1911’s.
    This new adage are set out for striker fire enthusiasts.
    Out of the bunch of these newer models they are like apples to apple sauce. The 365 is king. It’s the perfect mesh of grip, trigger feel and accuracy. Rugers max I have yet to test but got a very positive feedback from others in the field. The SW we were testing when a power outage took the lights out. We slapped torches on the bench but that was quickly halted so my buddy got twenty or so rounds off before I even got to try it out for review.
    So, this leaves a truly tested and tried GX4. Taurus has stepped their game up and hit it out of the park once again. This gun shoots pretty flat for a micro and the grip allows very solid control and allows fast follow ups. We were running double tap singles at twenty yards timed, one in each lung and one between the eyes all in rapid succession on a standard silhouette target and accuracy was fantastically available. We ran targets out to thirty and fourty yards and were still stacking some rounds with smaller groups of five inches sub.
    This gun is fast to pull aim and fire in my hands and can trust my well being to this little rocket.
    I can put three on target that’ll wreck an autopsy in 1.7 seconds , ironically barely missing my record with another Taurus variant in .22 that’s built for competition shooting.
    Out of the group, I’d say the 365 is sworn on high function and checks all the boxes but for the money, Taurus GX is the best I’ve worked with. It’s that good. So the author here mentioned the added screwdriver (flathead) to takedown the firearm for cleaning but we saw no screwdriver and simple used the side lip of the bullet casing which was just enough to fit into the slot and turn. Easy no fuss at the bench takedown that needed no tools.
    These guns can be had for $249 at many shops and anyone on a budget will be very happy if they buy one.

  6. I have been looking at the Taurus G2-3&4 for my next gun. The other possibilitie is a Glock 26 because I already have a Glock 17 and the mags are interchangeable. The price of the Taurus is reasonable but I’d then have to get 7-10 mags for it whereas I already have 15 Glock mags and would only need a few pinky extention sleeves.

  7. Has Taurus resolved their customer services issues?
    I’ve heard of many stories of customers waiting a very long time to resolve service issues…

  8. Please feel free to delete the first comment. My normal carry is a Ruger 380 it can seals extremely well in the front pocket I don’t think anybody’s ever been able to see it there and since I’m a small framed guy it works best I did check out the G series from Taurus found they were very well balanced and the reset was basically the same as the Ruger’s still it’s a little larger than what I’m comfortable carrying. Good article and it is a very good weapon just not my first choice 10 yards is 10 yards.

  9. My regular carry is a Ruger 382 compact that you can conceal in your pocket nobody will ever know it’s there and I can come out in the blink of an eye. I did check out the GeForce

  10. I agree with this whole article. Taurus has been getting a bad wrap for a long time. Every pistol I have owned , with the exception of the P58(a cheetah clone) and that was probably the loads I was running, I have had nothing but reliability, and, I might add, you can also head over to LakeLine industries and pick up a whole slew of after market parts for, not just the gx4, but a long line of Taurus pistols. Like, I purchased a barrel with a compensator hole milled in it. They made it a 1/2 inch longer to accommodate it and pinky extensions for the 10 and 11 round mags.

  11. I’ve gone through a half dozen well regarded contenders for my EDC gun, including offerings in 9mm and 380 ACP from Sig, Glock, Walther, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Mossberg. Each of them are fine guns in their own way, but none proved “just right” for me. Out of curiosity, I bought a Taurus GX4, swapped out the factory installed backstrap for the optional “deeper” one that came packed with the gun and …presto!. I was immediately impressed by just how good this pistol felt in my hand and the really amazing grip it provides. I also purchased, directly from the Taurus parts department, a couple of the available magazine bases that adds just enough extra length to give my little finger something to hang on to – plus the orange dot “Glock fit” night sight that glows nicely in the dark. Several trips to the shooting range and 500 rounds later, I have a new respect for Taurus and zero FTFs or FTEs or any cycling problems with any of the several brands of 9mm ammo I”ve put through the gun. The GX4 simply gobbled up any and all types of ammunition and bullet designs. Accuracy if not exactly match grade but acceptable for a sub-compact 9mm. I recommend this choice for EDC. It’s a good one.

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