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Camping & Survival

10 Survival Essentials

There are a number of scenarios where you could find yourself having to fight for your survival. One wrong turn or a simple slip on a rock could end in disaster if you aren’t prepared before heading on an outdoor adventure. Shelter and water are at the top of these ten essential items for survival list.

Picture shows a green algae bloom on Lake Erie.

Camping & Survival

When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water

Do you have plans on how you will cope if your town goes through a “water crisis?” The majority of half a million people in Toledo, Ohio were unprepared when they recently told to stop using tap water. They could not even boil it to purify it. If you do not have back-up plans on obtaining potable drinking water during an emergency, now is a good time to stock up on safe, uncontaminated drinking water. “When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water” will tell you how to get ready now for an impending water shortage.

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping Tip

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: Five Essential Survival Items

Even during the most luxurious camping trip can have tragic consequences; bad weather, accidents, bears and getting lost are quite probable during even the shortest of trips. You may think you are fully prepared, but what will happen if bears rip up your tent while you are out hiking or raccoons ransack your food? Pack along these five essential life savers to put your mind at ease.

Partially empty plastic water bottle on a sidewalk with dirt/greens in the background.

Camping & Survival

What’s In Your Water?

Safe drinking water is an essential to your survival and there are different ways to get the bad stuff out of your way so you have safe water for drinking and cooking even if there is an emergency or you’re not around a good source for water.

Picture shows a woman bundled up in a coat, sipping a beverage in the snow.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 11: Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Did you know that drinking water is just as important in winter as it is in the summer? In fact, dehydration can come along quicker in winter than summer. Further, we are less likely to reach for a cool, glass of water to regulate our temperature in the winter. Not to mention that dehydration can actually speed up hypothermia. Drinking plenty of water also helps us fight colds and other respiratory illness as well as prevent dry, chapped skin. You need to store at least three days of water for you and your family in preparation for winter storms.