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Spring has definitely sprung and with that comes not only weird, but also severe weather patterns.

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Three Steps to Take to Prepare for Unpredictable Severe Spring Weather

Spring has definitely sprung! And with that comes crazy, unpredictable weather. Tornados and snowstorms in the same state? Wild fires and flash floods are also a threat in the greater part of the United States. Start by stockpiling water, canned goods and emergency lighting. You will need more than that, though. Be prepared for all of it with our three simple steps.

Diamondback DB9, Baofeng radio, paracord braclet and pocket knife

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What is Your Emergency Communications Strategy?

I was intrigued to see where he was going with the conversation though. In my thinking, Ham radio was a dead art. Sure, it had its purpose—in its time—but we have cell phones, email and text messaging today. Communications are much easier than they were 30 or 40 years ago.

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It’s Not Prepping… It’s Practical. A Single Woman’s Guide to Why You Should Prep

People panic when the weather gets bad and buy up all the staples. However, if you anticipate what could happen, you would not have to scramble to get the essentials. For those of you already anticipating the possibilities and are ready for what could happen, do not mind bugging in for a few days because of bad weather. Even if you do lose power, you have enough fuel and food to keep you comfortable. Sounds practical right? If you think hard enough about it, I’m sure you can come with a few benefits of storing some food, water and other essential “survival” gear and not because zombies are coming. Stocking up on supplies might make you feel a little “crazy cat lady,” but don’t worry; here is a list of 15 really good reasons to be practical.

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30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 5: Create and Stock a Safe Room

FEMA describes a safe room as a room that offers “near-absolute protection” from winds up to 250 miles per hour, remaining intact, even if the rest of your house or office is destroyed. A safe room can be an already-existing room such as a closet or bathroom reinforced to protect against severe winds due to tornados and hurricanes, or a room build inside the house specifically to be a safe room. Since new construction might be cost-prohibitive for you and your family, you can also designate one room in the house or office as the “safe room.” The main objective is to put as many walls between you and the severe weather event as possible. Read this article to learn how to prepare.

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Staying Safe and Warm: How to Prepare for an Ice Storm

America is experiencing some of the worst winter weather it has had in four years, affecting millions of people from the Midwest to the East Coast. Hundreds of thousands of families have been without power for up to a week. Ice storms can be devastating, causing enough dangerous conditions to shut down entire cities. An ice storm is categorized by the accumulation of 0.25 inches of freezing rain—just enough to add 500 pounds of extra weight to power lines. Due to the extreme weight of ice, power lines, large trees, tree branches and utility poles can snap, causing blackouts that can last for weeks. Since road travel can be extremely treacherous during severe winter storms, it is best to prepare and stock up now before old man winter hits.

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Mission Ready Personal Survival Kit — SEAL Approved

Unless you add a survival expert to the kit—or can fit him or her in your pocket—the kit will be of little use unless you know how and when to use it. Carrying a handcuff key is great. However when the SHTF, you had better already have a plan in place to secure the key and keep it from being discovered before you need it. A compass is of little use to someone who does not know how to navigate with a map or shoot a back azimuth. How did your list stack up?

US Military General Purpose Waterproof Box

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Prepping 101: Build a First Aid Kit

The surplus medical box is ideal for storing valuables such as IDs, money, food, and even ammunition. The gasket seals spillage inside if something breaks during transport and the steel latches secure the gasket in place. These things can roll around in the back of a truck in any climate, and the heavy-duty construction will hold up to the elements.

Bug-out bag and gear

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Bug Out Bags and What to Put in Them

A bug-out bag doesn’t have to be the bag sitting around in your garage waiting for an emergency evacuation situation. It can also be your grab and go bag for all different types of situations like road trips and hunting, camping and hiking trips. It generally takes search and rescue 24 hours to respond to a distress signal. Here’s how to pack your bug-out bag to survive until help arrives.