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Camping & Survival

A Woman’s Guide to Bugging-Out

Have you finally been convinced you need to start prepping, but have no idea where to start? Do you realize that after watching survivor type shows, you have nothing to get you through a night where you have to survive out in the field? A woman’s needs and abilities are different from a man’s needs. Follow this guide to building a bug-out bag to help get you started.

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Camping & Survival

Winter Storm Preparedness: Everyone Should Have a Little Junk in the Trunk

Cheaper Than Dirt! wants to help drivers prepare themselves and their vehicles for the unexpected … especially considering the next imminent polar vortex. If you have the following list prepared, Bravo! Now is the time to reconfirm your supplies are accessible and in good working order. For those who may be unprepared, assemble what you can from items on hand and order the rest posthaste.

Image shows a woman dressed in a wedding dress with blood splatter on it, holding and swinging a bloody baseball bat

Camping & Survival

Five Alternative Weapons for Survival

Sometimes during a survival situation, a firearm isn’t your best choice. The loud report will give away your location and you might run out of ammo. During a zombie apocalypse or any other major disaster or end of the world situation, having a stockpile of alternative weapons is a good idea. Machetes, an axe, air guns, slingshots, and spears make excellent hunting and self-defense weapons. Check out the five best alternative weapons for survival in this blog post.

Picture shows a drawing of a fishing trotline.

Camping & Survival

Fishing for Survival

Hunting and trapping without a firearm is difficult, if not impossible if you are not a seasoned and practiced expert. If you find yourself in a survival situation—lost in the woods, bugging out, or hiking then fishing is your best bet and way to secure food. With a few items like line and a hook packed in a small container, you can fish in body of water or you can find items to help make a primitive fishing pole. In Fishing for Survival, Cheaper Than Dirt offers suggestions and tips on how to fish for survival.

Picture shows a concrete room in the Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster.

Camping & Survival

The Essential Preppers Guide to Long Term Survival

Prepping is more than just stockpiling food, water, candles and lighters for a week, but about learning how to become self-sufficient in case the worst happens. This means that long-term storage solutions, self-defense, training and learning new skills is very important for the prepper and the survivalist. Preparing to live off the grid for long-term means you need a way to grow food, like-minded individuals to form a prepper community and skills to barter and trade for goods and services. In this article, Cheaper Than Dirt lists the ten most important articles on prepping and surviving long term.

Consumer Information

Cheaper Than Dirt! Contest: Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag

Would you like to win $300 worth of survival supplies and preparedness gear from Cheaper Than Dirt!? All through September, we are giving you the chance to build the ultimate bug-out bag. The grand prizewinner will receive all the supplies they chose to help them survive while bugging out or bugging in. As part of Cheaper Than Dirt’s promotion of National Preparedness Month 2014, we invite you to enter the Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag contest and giveaway. Shop the Cheaper Than Dirt! website for survival supplies and a bug-out bag, then email us your selections for your chance to win.

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Camping & Survival

Five Steps to Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

Unfortunately, we live in a world were bad people take advantage of vulnerable situations. Peaceful demonstrations can turn violent in seconds—it takes just a few angry folks to turn a bunch into a mob. The recent Ferguson, Missouri riots and protests have shown how looting can damage a community. Many preppers believe civil and social unrest is right around the corner. Are you prepared? Here are five steps to prep for riots, looting, civil and social disorder and even mild protests. These five steps will help you secure your home, keep you safe and tell you what you need to know for hunkering down at home.


22 Uses for Tactical Operator’s Bag

I usually find it quite difficult to find more than two uses out of most military surplus equipment. Designed to fulfill a specific need, gas masks and weapons gear top my list of favorite collectables. However, neither really are useful beyond its single purpose. Once and awhile, though a product comes along that is so versatile, I can’t pass it up—such as the tactical operator’s case. I’ve come up with 22 different uses. What about you?