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It Ain’t a Party ‘Till the Trunk Guns Come Out: Top 10 Choices

Trunk guns don’t have to be expensive. They just have to work. Besides your daily carry, you should consider investing in a trunk—sometimes called a truck or beater gun—for those unexpected times you might need back-up or have to bug-out. Here is our top 10 list of the best truck guns.

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Survival—Asking the Tough Questions

Would you be able to eat the family pet for survival? Could you choose between letting your brother and sister survive if you could only pick one? These are they type of tough questions preppers have to ponder. To help you and your survival and preppers community work through the hard issues—there’s an app for that. And a game. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game doesn’t just open up a discussion, it helps you find the loose cannons in your tight knit group. Get a taste of the kinds of questions you will find in the game in this post.

Picture shows a little girl walking in front of a destroyed school bus.

Camping & Survival

Throwback Thursday—Preparedness: Anticipation and Planning

When you hear the term prepper or survivalist, do you image someone who has spent his or her life savings building a million dollar underground bunker, while wearing a tin foil hat? Preparedness and survival isn’t just for the paranoid. It is for everyday people. From tornados, to flooding and hurricanes to the accidental house fire, all American should prepare for disaster. In this beginner’s guide, Cheaper Than Dirt helps you learn what to prepare for, how to build a bug out bag and what kinds of things you need to store in case of emergency.

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A 3-Day Survival Plan

Whether an emergency is man made or natural, you need to have a plan. These few words are not a complete plan, and are geared toward leading you in the right direction.

Picture shows a woman setting up a living room fort made with sheets and chairs.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 8: What is a Cold Weather Kit?

Day eight, in 30 days to prepare for winter weather is the day to add essential cold-weather gear to your emergency kit. When the power goes out, so does the heat. A cold-weather kit includes items made specifically to warm up our bodies, including warm layers such as thermal shirts, scarves and beanies to emergency blankets and tents. What do you put in a cold-weather emergency kit? The following six essential items will keep you warm during severe winter weather.

Picture shows the back of a military surplus backpack with brown vinyl bottom in Polish puma camo.

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The Budget Bug-Out Bag: 20 Cheap Essentials

Don’t let the price of prepping scare you off. If you are strapped for cash, you can build a budget bug-out bag perfect for your car, or for an unexpected disaster that will keep you dry, fed, warm, and hydrated for 24 hours. Here is a list of essential items, most of them well under $10.