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Picture shows a black pump-action shotgun with synthetic pistol grip stock made by Stevens.


Ten Cheap Firearms for Sale

Everyone is going to have an opinion. Some say price reflects quality. Meaning a cheap gun will be a bad gun. But that isn’t necessarily true. This list of ten cheap guns gets a Cheaper Than Dirt! stamp of approval. Read our picks and then tell us about your favorite “cheap” gun.

Weatherby 28 gauge SA-08 Shotgun with wood stock and forearm

Consumer Information

Weatherby Recalls SA-08 28 Gauge Shotguns

Weatherby, Inc. has announced a product recall on certain SA-08 28-gauge shotguns made on March 11, 2013 and after. The shotguns affected have serial numbers from AN00001 through AN02802. Weatherby will fix your shotgun for free. Click this post to find out if your SA-08 is affected.

Shotgun laying across a target with Winchester PDX shells in posed position


Top 8 Best Shotgun Ammo Guides

The shotgun is such a versatile weapon—home defense to skeet shooting to hunting virtually any game—one can argue that the shotgun is all you need. However, with each task, a different shotshell load is requirement. You use slugs for deer hunting, birdshot for dove and non-toxic for waterfowl. And home defense ammo? There are many myths and incorrect information out there. These eight blog posts will guide you in the right direction of what shotgun ammo to chose.

Black synthetic semiautomatic shotgun


Home Defense Shotguns for Less and Free Ammo!

Many people believe that the shotgun is the best tool for home defense. Shotguns are easy to use, powerful enough to stop a bad guy in one or two shots and do not require a lot of maintenance. Tactical or home defense shotguns are usually black matte finished and have a pistol grip stock. Some choose a semiautomatic for quicker cycling and some choose the reliable pump-action. These four home defense shotguns from Cheaper Than Dirt! all offer great value for the money.

CZ-USA Sharp-Tail Side-By-Side, Model 812 Waterfowler


SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 3: New Shotguns

New shotguns this year include Beretta’s new 692 over/under and A300 Outlander semi-auto, Browning’s Citori 725 Sporting Grade V and Cynergy Mico Midas 20 gauge, CZ-USA Sharp-Tail side-by-side, the Remington V3 12-Gauge Semi-Auto, Weatherby’s PA-08 Waterfowler pump-action, Winchester’s SX3 12-gauge Ultimate Defender and pistol-grip Long Beard, and more…

Stevens 555 Shotgun


SHOT 2015—Stevens 555 Shotgun

Overlooked far too often, Stevens is producing some premium models at ultra affordable prices. Case in point, take the Stevens 555. Read this article to learn more about this premium-grade shotgun.

Shooter with a gun next to a barricade

Safety and Training

The Sinistral Shooter

Are left-handed shooters at a disadvantage? Maybe, but then again, perhaps there are advantages as well. Check out this article on the advantages you may not have been aware of.