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The true meaning of camping.

Camping & Survival

The Essential Summer Survival Guide

One of our favorite things at Cheaper Than Dirt! is helping people. Be it guiding you in purchasing your first handgun, providing our expert opinion on what optics are best for your AR-15 or prepping you for any form of disaster, we want you to make the best decision for you and your family. Summer is a time many of us look forward to—camping, fishing, hiking, barbecues and all other forms out of outdoor activities. However, being outdoors means more chances of injury and accidents. Read our essential guide to surviving the summer for all you need to know on how to get through the summer unscathed.

Picture shows a police spraying tear gas on protestors

Camping & Survival

Five Steps to Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

Unfortunately, we live in a world were bad people take advantage of vulnerable situations. Peaceful demonstrations can turn violent in seconds—it takes just a few angry folks to turn a bunch into a mob. The recent Ferguson, Missouri riots and protests have shown how looting can damage a community. Many preppers believe civil and social unrest is right around the corner. Are you prepared? Here are five steps to prep for riots, looting, civil and social disorder and even mild protests. These five steps will help you secure your home, keep you safe and tell you what you need to know for hunkering down at home.

A young brown haired child holds a magnifying glass up to his eye.

Safety and Training

Survival Drills for Kids: I Spy

Summertime means kids are out of school and families are taking road trips. Traveling with kids can be trying, so pack plenty of activities and snacks to keep them occupied and plan to play some games. Read this post to learn how playing a simple childhood game could keep your kids safe in a dangerous situation.

Tornado in Oklahoma

Camping & Survival

Preparing for a Tornado

Tornadoes can produce winds in excess of 300 mph and do not discriminate destroying anything and everything that gets in their path. Are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Read this article for tips on staying safe when a tornado is bearing down.

Picture shows the top of a gray, steel Winchester pistol safe.


Winchester eVault Biometric 3.0 Micro Pistol Safe

Biometric gun safes secure your firearm from curious little fingers and any other unauthorized user. Winchester’s eVault fits a few pocket pistols or a full-sized handgun and extra magazine. This heavy-duty 16-gauge steel safe’s fingerprint reader is 99.9 percent reliable and after testing, guaranteed to allow access only to authorized users. Read on to learn more about this safe.

Man in light blue shirt and white ball cap teaches two young ladies how to handle a gun, with a wooded area in the background

Concealed Carry

Safety, Shooting and Gun Ownership

Safety is THE number 1 focus when using any firearm. There are way too many preventable accidents and deaths from people who don’t go to the range to practice or mishandle their weapons at home. Make sure you, and your loved ones, are trained and understand the safety rules in this post.