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22 Uses for Tactical Operator’s Bag

I usually find it quite difficult to find more than two uses out of most military surplus equipment. Designed to fulfill a specific need, gas masks and weapons gear top my list of favorite collectables. However, neither really are useful beyond its single purpose. Once and awhile, though a product comes along that is so versatile, I can’t pass it up—such as the tactical operator’s case. I’ve come up with 22 different uses. What about you?

A man is summer shooting a rifle at an outdoor gun range.

Safety and Training

Summer Shooting

As temperatures heat up, we usually find ourselves more active and getting out more. We start spending more time outside enjoying the sun and hopefully go to the gun range more frequently. If you shoot at an outdoor range, you will want to pack a few extra items in your range bag to prevent sun damage, dehydration and itchy bug bites. To prevent painful sunburn and the long-term effects of the sun’s damaging rays, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. Take a few bottles of water with you and take breaks to drink some before you feel thirsty.

Actions open - Pointed down range


New Year, New Gun: First Time Shooting

Congratulations, you or someone close to you has acquired a new firearm. You did your homework and got the one you wanted. What’s next? —A trip to the gun range to take it for a ride. With a little preparation, this can be a very rewarding experience and will bring you back for many years. Remember-have fun. You are not competing with anyone so on this trip enjoy putting holes in paper and learning what you and your gun can do. Now go get’em.