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CZ wood-stock budget shotgun

Competitive Shooting

Top Seven Shotgun Choices for Bustin’ Clays on a Budget

Don’t let images from Garden & Gun magazine or the Beretta Gallery scare you off to learning skeet and trap shooting. It’s not just for those with an unlimited budget. There are plenty of quality clay-busting shotguns that are also well within budget. Check out this list of seven of our favorite affordable competition shotguns.

Black synthetic semiautomatic shotgun


Home Defense Shotguns for Less and Free Ammo!

Many people believe that the shotgun is the best tool for home defense. Shotguns are easy to use, powerful enough to stop a bad guy in one or two shots and do not require a lot of maintenance. Tactical or home defense shotguns are usually black matte finished and have a pistol grip stock. Some choose a semiautomatic for quicker cycling and some choose the reliable pump-action. These four home defense shotguns from Cheaper Than Dirt! all offer great value for the money.

DP-12 Shotgun right profile black


SHOT Show 2015 Exclusive! The DP-12 in Action!

Many are wondering if the DP-12 double-barreled, pump-action shotgun is all it’s rumored to be. Cheaper Than Dirt! is at Media Day at the Range 2015 shooting the exclusive shotgun. Watch to see it feed and eject shells flawlessly!

RECALL NOTICE 887 with bolt mark

Consumer Information

Remington Model 887 Shotgun Recall

Remington has issued a recall effective immediately for the Model 887 pump-action shotgun manufactured from December 1, 2013 through November 24, 2014. Read this article on the Shooter’s Log for more information on the Remington recall and to see if your model 887 shotgun is affected.

Dark gray Remington 870 on a white background


Remington 870: The Big Gun

There are many guns and only one big gun. When it comes to personal defense against man or beast, the shotgun rules and the right shotgun and ammunition mean a lot. Read this article for which one counts as the “big gun.”

Picture shows a black scoped bolt-action rifle with a synthetic stock


Guns, Guns and More Guns! Five New Guns You Must Try

The newest guns to hit Cheaper Than Dirt’s website includes the sought-after Beretta ARX-100—get your hands on one before they are gone—the North American Arms PUG revolver in .22 Magnum, an affordable pump-action shotgun and two bolt-action rifles to rival the Mossberg Model 700. In the article, Guns, Guns and More Guns, you will find every type of gun to fit any need—be it hunting, target shooting, serious work in the field or just plinking at tin cans—and to fit any budget. For the newest in firearms and firearm accessories, check out Cheaper Than Dirt and the Shooter’s Log for your firearm buying guide.