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Last Chance to View Coming Products at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

Take a quick look at these videos on the Springfield Range Officer Compact 9mm, Weatherby Element Semi-Auto Shotgun, Otis Star Chamber Cleaner, Mossberg Blaze 47 rifle, Weatherby Orion O/U Shotgun, and Mossberg Blaze 22 LR to see if you want to chase down these products on the last day of the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.

FLEX22 Tactical with Takedown Case


Mossberg Rolls Out Three New FLEX Rimfires for 2015

Mossberg’s three new FLEX rimfire models can accept FLEX TLS accessory stocks and recoil pads, such as those found on the 500 FLEX pump-action shotguns and MVP FLEX bolt-action rifles. Here’s more about the rifles that are based on Mossberg’s proven 702 Plinkster/715T actions.

Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun sitting on top of a carry tube decorated with the American flag.


From My Cold Dead Hands: Mossberg 500 JIC Patriot

For gun people, it isn’t enough to just own firearms, but also proudly and sometimes loudly fully support the Second Amendment. If you want to make a statement this election season, check out Mossberg 500 JIC’s Patriot pump-action shotgun. It comes with a full-colored American flag carrying tube and the NRA logo on the side of the gun. Show others your unwavering support. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind where you stand.

Holographic sight used by a cross-eye dominant shooter.


Top 10 Gun Posts

This is our top 10 articles—shotguns, rifles and pistols—in which we’ve reviewed a specific firearm model that you want to know more about.

Ruger SR-762 7.62 NATO/.308 Win. rifle


SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 4: New Rifles

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their final day of reports on new rifle introductions from the show, and this edition includes coverage of major makers such as Mossberg, Remington and Ruger.