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Picture shows a metal army surplus ammo can.

Camping & Survival

Throwback Thursday: 50 Survival Uses for Ammo Cans

The first and obvious use for these metal and plastic new and surplus ammo cans are to keep your ammunition in. However, there are limitless uses for ammo cans whether in a survival situation or not. Ammo cans are perfect for the garage, workshop, camp, hunting, boating, cache, the shooting range, a 72-hour bug out kit, and as extra storage in your vehicle. I have seen people make space heaters, barbeque grills, mailboxes, and even radios out of ammo cans. The gasket lids and o-ring seals create a water-resistant seal and are perfect for caching valuable items. The plastic ammo cans offer durability, the same water-resistant seal and are undetectable to metal detectors. Bury them along a fence line, as most treasure hunters won’t search there. Items in metal ammo cans can rust, so throw in a desiccant or store your gear in a waterproof bag first to prevent moisture damage to the contents.

M1 Garand rifle quartering right


Update: CMP Releases M1 Garand Ordering Information

Last week, Cheaper Than Dirt’s The Shooter’s Log ran an article regarding the U.S. Army’s release of 100,000 M1 Garand rifles to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Several of you expressed great interest in owning one of these fine shooting pieces of history and requested that more details be forwarded along as soon as they became available. Here is the full story straight from the CMP.


The CMP Starts Release of 100,000 M1 Garands!

While I wish we were reporting that the 1911s were ready for distribution, that’s not the case. However, we have something as good, if not better. The CMP received the Garands over the last month or so. Currently, the CMP is busy prepping the guns for sale. Each of the M1s will have to be cleaned, inspected, potentially repaired or rebuilt, and then test fired. Best of all, some of these rifles are already being offered for sale.


H.R. 2810: Here Come the Military Surplus 1911s to the Public!

H.R. 2810 starts with a pilot program that will transfer between 8,000 and 10,000 1911s to the CMP for sale to the public. The Secretary of Defense, currently Gen, Mattis, will then report the outcome of the program to Congress. The Secretary of Defense is then authorized to continue transferring up to 10,000 1911s per year for sale to the public through the CMP.

Mauser C96


Throwback Thursday: The Top 5 Military Side Arms of All Time

In putting together the top combat sidearms, a number of factors influenced the decisions including design, battle performance, cartridge, performance, comparable technology of the day and reliability versus practicality, but can a Glock be considered a “Combat Handgun?” Read on to see if the author agrees.

American WWII soldier with an M1 Garand rifle


The Collectible Firearms Protection Act and Why it Matters

Flip-flopping—and not due to vacations in Hawaii—is nothing new to politicians. But this time, President Obama has overstepped his powers by issuing an executive order banning the re-importation of M1 Garand and M1 Carbine rifles from South Korea. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act has been introduced. This article explains why gun owners and 2A-supporters need to support this law.

Consumer Information

12 Ammo Cans on the 12th day of Christmas for 12 Lucky Folks

Shooters and preppers know how invaluable the simple military ammo can is. Used for so much more than just storing ammo, Army ammo cans are converted into Faraday cages, burial caches, used in your garage as storage for tools and tire chains, as well as hundreds of other uses. For $13 a piece, order this 12-pack of unissued .50 caliber ammo cans from Cheaper Than Dirt!

black SIG Sauer P320 9mm pistol left


Knives, Guns and Lower Receivers New to Cheaper Than Dirt!

A little something for everyone on this week’s list of new products. Rather you are a camper, shooter or military surplus collector—if you are interested in pursuing outdoor activities, Cheaper Than Dirt meets your needs. Check out Gerber’s newest camp knife, Midwest Industries AR-15 billet stripped lower receiver, SIG Sauer’s P320 first striker-fired pistol and a military surplus duffle bag that doubles as a backpack. Jump on our deals now before we sell out!