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Review: Marlin’s Big Lever Action and the .444 Cartridge

The .444 Marlin is basically a lengthened .44 Magnum revolver cartridge. However, the .444 Marlin is far more powerful than the .44 Magnum. While the .44 Magnum is a fine brush gun, and well suited for hog hunting at moderate range, the .444 Marlin can be a true big-game rifle. The .444 hasn’t replaced the .30-30, but it has enjoyed some popularity with the lever-action crowd. The introduction of the Marlin .45-70 rifle—or reintroduction, as it may be called—cut into the .444’s popularity considerably.

Winchester model 1894 on red and blue blanket with a knife and leg trap


Classic Rifles

Today we have the most powerful, accurate and reliable rifles ever built, but the great rifles of the past served the great men of the time well. They are rugged, durable and still well suited to hunting and recreational use. Did your favorite make the list?