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Picture shows a two-toned Kahr Arms CT 40 pistol.


SHOT 2014 — Kahr CT 40 and CT 45

Now as the market is saturated with affordable and even cheap, small defensive handguns, Kahr Arms has introduced two new full-sized pistols that it hopes will grab a portion of the market share. The “aggressively-priced” CT 40 and CT 45 are double-action only, striker-fired polymer pistols that operate from a locked breech with a Browning-style recoil lug. The barrel on both is 4 inches long with a 1-16 right hand twist and the single-stack magazine holds 7 rounds. Each gun is shipped with only one magazine. The CT 40 is chambered for .40 S&W and the CT .45 for .45 ACP.

Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.

Consumer Information

Where can I Buy the Tiffany Blue Kahr Arms PM9?

A picture of a Kahr PM9 pistol with a Tiffany blue frame, packed in a famous Tiffany box with a Tiffany necklace draped over it is making the rounds on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Feeling highly doubtful the gun actually exists, I did some research—knowing some women will be putting this particular Kahr on the top of their Christmas wish list. Here is where I found you can get the gun.

A black Kahr K9, muzzle pointing right, on a gray to white background. The focus is on the excellent machine work.

Range Reports

Kahr K9: Excellence in Design

The Kahr K9 carries easily and is accurate for long-ish personal defense range (even though it was originally an off duty gun for peace officers). It is substantial with good heft and is comfortable to fire. With proper concealment gunleather, the K 9 conceals and carries as well as lighter handguns

Magpul Unimog Bugging Out

Legal Issues

Anti-gun Politics Equals Bad Policy and Poor Economic Sense

How important are guns to a local, state or even the economy of the federal government? A trip to a history class would do many politicians a world of good. In fact, it may do us all a bit of good, so let’s look back at just how important the firearm industry is to our economy.

Remington's Ilion, NY plant


Report: Big Green Moving to Tennessee?

Remington Arms has looked at sites around Nashville for a potential corporate relocation or expansion that would likely include hundreds of manufacturing jobs, according to an article in The Tennessean newspaper.


Kahr Plans to Move HQ from NY to Pennsylania

Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York.

A Thompson T5 1927 1C Lightweight


SHOT 2013: Some Old Favorites Make a Cameo

There is something about old models of guns, especially military firearms. At the 2013 SHOT Show, Kahr, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research put out a couple throwbacks I thought the world should see.