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Top 6 Carry Pistols for Beginners

Everyone starts somewhere and at sometime. Concealed carry is no exception. Everyone feels at least a bit self-conscious when they start carrying a handgun for self-defense. Choosing the right pistol that is not too small, not too big, and manageable through recoil is a good start. This article goes through a handful of factors to consider when choosing a handgun, as well as six tops picks.

Bob Campbell handling the Kahr .380 pistol


Review: Kahr Tungsten .380 Pistol

Some years ago, when the Kahr 9mm pistol was introduced, I obtained and tested an example as soon as possible. In doing so, I found a reliable handgun with excellent features. A smooth Double Action Only trigger, excellent machine work, and a truly compact frame made for a trend-setting pistol. The design was both fresh and intelligent.

Kahr Arms pistol with compensated barrel


Check Out Kahr Gen2 Premium Pistols at NRA

According to a company announcement, you can actually put your hands on Kahr’s new Gen2 Premium pistols in Booth #2049 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. If you can’t make it to Nashville, watch these two videos for a formal introduction to Kahr’s newest handguns.

Kahr CW40 at the Range


Kahr’s Affordable CW40

The Kahr CW40, a purpose-designed compact carry handgun, is an appealing package at a fair price. The author ran a good range of loads through the Kahr, without a single failure to feed, chamber, fire or eject. Read this article for specs and detailed firing results.


The Kahr CW9

This is Kahr’s value leader, and the CW9 gives pretty expensive performance at a modest price. The CW9 is a reliable handgun with more than a little class. Read this article for what makes it such a powerhouse.

Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.


Top 10 Handgun Posts, August 2014

Readers who visit The Shooter’s Log show a lot of interest in handguns of all types, sizes, budgets, and uses. Here are our top-ten most-read posts about sidearms and accessories this year.

The picture shows a black, polymer-framed full sized Kahr 9mm pistol with steel slide.


Brand New Kahr CT9 and Civil Defense .38 Special Ammo In Stock!

Cheaper Than Dirt! is excited to announce five new products to its already growing line of shooting and outdoors sports products. After releasing the CT40 and CT45 at SHOT Show 2014, Kahr Arms distributes the full-sized 9mm CT9. Further, Liberty Ammunition adds the .38 Special to its popular and reliable hot Civil Defense line of ammo. These two items and more are in the CTD August 2014 catalog. Get a sneak peek here!