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Sights of a pistol being pointed a zombie target at close range


Winning the Fight by Getting Hits at Close Range

Your thought processes are controlled by gut wrenching fear. Having observed innumerable varieties of human evil, I am aware of the endless possibility of attack. Training gives us preparation and practice keeps us sharp. You will default to this training; you will not rise to the occasion. In this article, the author breaks down the six phases to an attack and cover to close-quarter pistol drill for self defense.

Picture shows Lena and Kay Miculek discussing firearms.


Proper Pistol Grip and Stance

Competitive shooters Lena and Kay Miculek teach you how to obtain the proper grip and stance while pistol shooting in this video developed by the NSSF and Babes with Bullets.

Three pistols highlighting different grip angles


Grip Angle Doesn’t Matter: Why I Rock a (Nearly) Stock Glock

Have you spent a bunch of money on aftermarket parts and accessories for your concealed carry or home-defense gun? You might want to rethink drastically changing that factory pistol.
Are a pistol’s “enhanced” or “improved” ergonomics all a marketing sham? Do they actually make a difference in how well you shoot? One author says no. Here’s why…

Safety and Training

How to Train with Lasers Video Series

A brand-new six-part video series called “Training With Lasers,” created by Crimson Trace Corporation with support by the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Education & Training Division, touches on how shooters can use lasers to improve the most important elements of shooting handguns safely and accurately.