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DIY Gun Storage

Part of being a responsible gun owner is securing your firearms from people who are not authorized to use them, criminals and children being your top priorities. One way to stash your handguns is to repurpose items found at the big box stores, many pieces of furniture or decorative items have storage. A family with a very active, curious and wandering toddler did just that. Not having the money to invest in a quality biometric safe, an unused photo frame jewelry box became storage for their handguns and ammo.

This picture shows a black plastic burial case.

Camping & Survival

Ammo Can 72-Hour Bug Out Kit

Can you pack a 72-hour bug out survival kit in such a small area? You sure can. Working with a small space means you eliminate heavy and unnecessary items. When you gotta get outta Dodge quickly food, water and shelter are your main priorities. These three essentials, plus a few extras all fit in a .50 caliber ammo can. Why an ammo can? Ammo cans take up little space, can be stored virtually anywhere and are stackable. I have seen ammo cans used as center consoles in vehicles and as alternative to saddlebags on motorcycles. An ammo can, be it metal or plastic can withstand temperature extremes and have water-resistant O-ring and gasket seals. So storing them in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and even buried underground means the gear inside stays dry. Metal military surplus ammo cans are durable, while new plastic ammo cans are untraceable to metal detectors—in case you want to cache your gear.

The Elements Can Ruin a Neglected Gun


New Year New Gun: Care & Maintenance

Leaving it a sock won’t ruin it, and you don’t have to store it in a bucket of oil to keep the rust away. Maintaining your firearms is not difficult, but there are a few steps everyone should follow to make sure their guns last forever.

Black pistols behind the glass of a weapon store counter. Unusual view. Firearms, black pistols.

Gun Care

New Year, New Gun: Handgun Owner Basics

You did your research, you rented plenty of guns at your local range, saved your money and finally made your first handgun purchase. Now that you have it home, you might feel slightly lost as what to do next. The first thing you must do as a gun owner is learn and follow the four basic rules of gun safety—not only at the gun range, but in your home, as well.

GunVault SV 500

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Keeping the Wrong Hands Off Your Guns

With all the time and energy I’ve invested in firearms, keeping the wrong hands off my guns is a high priority. Further, my firearms collection has more value than my vehicles and home electronics combined. I have nightmares about what would happened to my precious collection while I was on vacation and some nut job decided to deprive me of my mini-museum. About a year ago, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and spend some money on a quality gun safe.