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Black, Surefire flashlight with strike bezel.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SureFire 6PX Tactical Lights

SureFire set the standard for tactical and duty lights. These tough-as-nails flashlights have gained quite the reputation for the best quality light for military, law enforcement and civilians a like. Building on the features of the 6P Original, SureFire released the 6PX Pro, 6PX Tactical and 6PX Defender tactical lights. In this article, the three flashlights from SureFire are compared.

Pump-action rifle that looks like an AR-15


Five New Must-Have Guns and Five New Accessories to Go With Them

Late in 2014, the firearms industry has seen an influx of new firearms and firearm gear, such as weapon sights, rifle stocks and AR-15 accessories. Five new firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include affordable compact 1911 handguns, a restrictive-state safe pump-action rifle in .223 Remington and a cheap AR-10. Check out this week’s latest and greatest firearms and accessories on The Shooter’s Log.

Picture shows a trigger guard laser sight on a GLOCK 42 pistol.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five New Gun Products

You got the guns, now you need accessories. If you are focusing on self-defense, LaserLyte just released a new laser for the GLOCK 42, the best tactical flashlight company gives us the ultra compact E1D Defender, while PMC has packed 9mm, .380 ACP and .45 ACP ammo in convenient vinyl battle packs for easy transport or long-term storage. This week’s new product spotlight includes a lit bit of something for every shooter.

Everyday Carry Loadout

Blades and Knives

EDC—Everyday Carry

Everyone’s choice is different when it comes to their EDC—everyday carry gear. From the bare essentials—a gun, knife and light—to primary gun and a backup gun—whatever you choose should be dependable, reliable and easily fit in your pockets or bag. Rather you are just starting out in concealed carry or an old pro looking to upgrade your equipment and would like to see what everyone else is carrying; I got six anonymous men to snap a picture of their EDC. How does yours compare?

Picture shows a green Coleman two-burner camping stove with a enamel coffee pot on top of one of the burners.

Camping & Survival

Brand Loyalty Pays Off: Coleman Camping Products

Ever since receiving a Coleman two-burner camping stove a little over 10 years ago, I have almost exclusively bought the brand’s camping gear for all my outdoor needs. Not only because of the durability and reliability of its products, but because they are inexpensive, but high quality and readily available. Recently I reviewed some new Coleman camping products as well as tested my old equipment. Were they tried and true? Read on to find out.