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Slip on recoil pad added to rifle stock


5 Lessons for Recoil

Shooting a rifle is different than shooting a shotgun. Having fired thousands of rounds from both, I have developed and learned several best practices that will help you enjoy the practice sessions that will ensure when your opportunity arrives you have the best chance of winning the match or harvesting the game.


How to Clean Your AR

Are you a new AR owner? Keeping your rifle in tip-top shape is easy when you watch our AR-15 cleaning video.


A Love Affair with the ArmaLite

When the one you love lets you down it isn’t a good feeling. However, just the same—you need to do your maintenance! The AR-15 rifle is a low maintenance firearm compared to the many self-loaders that preceded it, although it wasn’t the first low maintenance military rifle. The M1 .30 Carbine earned that distinction. There are a few little tricks to the AR-15 rifle that will result in a long life, an accurate rifle and good shooting.

The Elements Can Ruin a Neglected Gun


New Year New Gun: Care & Maintenance

Leaving it a sock won’t ruin it, and you don’t have to store it in a bucket of oil to keep the rust away. Maintaining your firearms is not difficult, but there are a few steps everyone should follow to make sure their guns last forever.

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Gun Care

New Year, New Gun: Handgun Owner Basics

You did your research, you rented plenty of guns at your local range, saved your money and finally made your first handgun purchase. Now that you have it home, you might feel slightly lost as what to do next. The first thing you must do as a gun owner is learn and follow the four basic rules of gun safety—not only at the gun range, but in your home, as well.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Gizmos & Gadgets — Leatherman MUT

The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions not only as a tactical and practical tool for the military, but also for Law Enforcement officers and civilian shooters. The MUT’s features make it perfect for anyone carrying a firearm.

Fulton Armory Gas Guns Lineup


McKee: Expert Advice on Care and Feeding of Your AR-15, AR-10, M1, & M14

Over 25 years ago, Clint McKee started Fulton Armory to build fine M14 rifles, and the business has grown to include selling and servicing all of the U.S. standard-issue gas-operated rifles of the 20th Century: the M14 (M1A), M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, AR-15, and AR-10, as well as virtually everything needed to care for these legendary rifles.

Allen Camo Cloth Tape In Realtree


Gizmos & Gadgets — Allen Camo Cloth Tape

Camo cloth Tape has it naysayers, most of which have never used it. I started using camo tape in the ’80s when all bows came with high-gloss wood or painted finishes. A few years ago, I used a roll on a test gun that had seen better days. Once a year, I pull it out to remove the old tape, check the status and apply a new role. So far, the tape has not caused it to rust or pit, but let’s look at a few criticisms.