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Darl metal Ruger Single Six variant in .32 H and R Magnum on a background of leaves


.32 Revolver Cartridges

Powerful they are not, but .32 revolver cartridges are accurate. They are mild shooting, inexpensive and well suited for small game. Read this post for details about what makes this a great solution for you.

Xtreme Nuke Ninja Ammo!


The Myth of Handgun “Stopping Power”

When it comes to ammunition selection for personal defense, we need to separate real from hype before making a purchase. If you make a bad purchase on a vacuum or a home gym, you are likely to be a bit embarrassed. Making a bad purchase on defensive ammunition could have dire consequences. Let’s talk about some fundamentals so you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Federal Premium Trophy Bonded ammo


Semiauto Salvation: Federal 10mm Auto

The Federal Semiauto Salvation 10mm Auto shakes things up for handgun hunters. It regains traction after it being dismissed by the federal agencies for the recoil being too heavy. Discover why Federal’s entry is such a powerful game-changer in this post.

Pistol firing with expended shell still in the air


Handgun Defense Loads

Designed to give handgun cartridges a step up in power and energy by increasing velocity, +P ammunition is not more dangerous; it simply is loaded to greater pressure. What is your choice for a handgun defensive round?

Young man in blue t-shirt, green ear protection and sunglasses practices shooting a black Beretta 9mm

Concealed Carry

Is the High-Capacity 9mm the Right Gun for You?

The 9mm handgun is easy to fire and use, light enough, and features a good reserve of ammunition. The question has been, is the 9mm enough? The author finds the high capacity 9mm just may be the right choice for many shooters. You’ll find a lot of options in this post so you can choose the best solution.

The SIG P226 Navy Model


Range Report: The Navy Model P226, MK 25

This handgun has been in every hot spot on earth with our sailors and Navy Seals. To many of us this is the bottom line: the operator. While the mechanics of firearms are interesting and well worth anyone’s study, it is the people who use the firearms that are most interesting. As such, the SIG Navy Model P226 MK 25 is a handgun that is approached with reverence. It has been used in many actions, including an operation that was among the most important and successful anti-terrorist operation of all time. Read more about this legendary handgun at The Shooter’s Log at