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Hidden H2O: Ice Cubes

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Quick Prepper Tip: Hidden H2O

In an emergency, we need safe water daily to drink, cook, clean, flush toilets and do laundry. Along with storing extra water for emergencies, you may find some hidden sources around your house. Read this article to help you identify hidden water sources.

Camping & Survival

Home Surveillance Options for the Budget-Conscious Homeowner

According to the FBI, a home burglary happens every 13 seconds and is the most common threat to our homes. Homeowners are now taking a pro-active approach when it comes to protecting their homes and personal property. Some are turning to professional security companies that offer round-the-clock monitoring while others are looking for do-it-yourself options. Read this article to learn how using a simple trail camera can help protect your home.

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Getting in Shape for a Bug Out

Being prepared for a crisis or bug-out situation is a matter of being prepared. Adding a training plan to your regular activities is a simple way to make sure you’re well-trained and ready to go if, or when, the time comes. In this post, learn how easy it is to train at home.

Camping & Survival

Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Certain natural disasters can undermine even the best prepper’s planning. The tornadoes that devastated the citizens of Oklahoma provided a one-two punch that was too much for most to resist. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims affected by this disaster. At times words and even prayers are not enough.


9 Good Reasons to Invest in Archery Equipment

Movies such as Hunger Games proved to not only be entertaining, it was a bold reminder we need to start thinking about our daily must-haves for survival such as food and water. Also, what we might have to go through if those items do become scarce.

In the movie, one of main characters favorite pieces of equipment was a bow and arrow. If you are unfamiliar with archery equipment—or tackle as it is sometimes called—here is a quick overview of archery equipment.