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How Much is a Six Month Supply?

Six Month Survival Supplies

Six months in a long time. Do you have sufficient supplies to survive for the long haul? It’s important to note that this is only a start. Medical supplies, bartering goods, and tools are just a few more things to consider when preparing for the unknown. Six Month Survival Supplies

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  1. EL Bombardero……..look at the bottom of the graphic. It says the gas is for powering an average electrical generator 2 hrs. a day for 6 months. Why only 2 hrs. a day? I have no clue.

  2. great graphic, but how did they arrive at the number for gallons of gas? Is that for like getting to work and back? If I am living off of stored food, I’m probably not driving to work anymore.

  3. Taking a mathematical approach may be one way to figure it out. For when financial and social chaos do develop just use a simple formula to estimate needs by multiplying 180 (days) by daily usage of any item(s), and then that product by the number of people in your household using it. Example, 180 x 3 gals water x 4 people = 2160 gallons. Same for bread, beans, bullets, etc.

    What to keep on hand as far as tools and eqpt is so individualized because that list relies on each person’s skills and abilities. Having something (excess supplies, tools, unique and necessary skills/knowledge) to barter with is better than flat buying what you need at steeply inflated prices.

    The question becomes an issue of space, product stability and cash flow to build stock on hand.

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