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Picture shows a woman beside a tent, setting up camp under the shade of a rock overhang.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Tips to Keeping your Tent Cool

With about 40 million Americans pitching a tent this year—summer is peak camping time. July and August will also be our hottest months. Since camping is about leaving the luxuries behind and getting back to nature, you can’t exactly take the air conditioner with you. How do you survive 100-degree weather while camping? These 10 suggestions will help make tent camping in the summer a little more comfortable.

Picture shows an OD green military surplus German M65 gas mask with filter.


The 5 Best Military Surplus Items Under $20

Summer is the perfect time to browse through our newest military surplus gear—especially if you are looking for durable, high quality and cheap camping gear. We have been adding a ton more military surplus items to the Cheaper Than Dirt website and more are on the way. In the following post, I highlight five of our newest, in-stock military surplus gear for under $20.

Picture shows a silver emergency blanket folded up.

Camping & Survival

Uncommon Uses for the Common Emergency Blanket

Cheap, lightweight, space-saving, and multi-use are just of the few words we could use to describe this item. However, possibly the most important word associated with this item could be life-saving. The item I am referring to is the inexpensive, Mylar emergency blanket.

Picture shows a man standing at a barbeque grill in the rain with a large umbrella. A tent with a pop up sun shade is in the background.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Camping Hacks and Shortcuts

Camping is supposed to be simple, right? Getting back to nature, turning off the electronics and cooking over an open fire. Do you find yourself packing in more stuff than you should for a weekend in the woods? These 10 camping tips, hacks and shortcuts will help you save time, space and money. Read on for some great ideas, including a foolproof plan to prevent rain from ruining your weekend to a creative new spin on S’mores.

Picture shows a red straw burned at one end to close the hole.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: Compact Spice Containers

Everything you pack in, you should bring out. This is good camping code. When you pack up your camping gear, you need to think about total weight and space. These extremely compact containers made from plastic drinking straws are quick, easy and cheap to make and hold everything from sugar for your coffee to an emergency fishing kit.

Picture shows a green Coleman two-burner camping stove with a enamel coffee pot on top of one of the burners.

Camping & Survival

Brand Loyalty Pays Off: Coleman Camping Products

Ever since receiving a Coleman two-burner camping stove a little over 10 years ago, I have almost exclusively bought the brand’s camping gear for all my outdoor needs. Not only because of the durability and reliability of its products, but because they are inexpensive, but high quality and readily available. Recently I reviewed some new Coleman camping products as well as tested my old equipment. Were they tried and true? Read on to find out.

Picture shows drier lint stuffed inside an empty cardboard toliet paper roll.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 5 Free Fire Starters

Knowing how to start a fire is essential outdoor and survival skill. If you carry flint and steel with you at all times, then you are already prepared. However, there is nothing wrong with having back up. Did you know you could make fire starters from plenty of things you can find lying around the house? Here are five free and frugal fire starters you probably didn’t know you already had!

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping Tip

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Uses for Glow Sticks

If you have children, you have probably purchased plenty of dollar store glow sticks. They are fun for a few hours. However, have you thought about purchasing light sticks for yourself? As a back up light source that requires no batteries or electricity, light sticks have a wide variety of functions. Pack a few in your camping gear for these ten suggested uses.