Shortie and Shorter Yet

10-shot super-shortie with 10" barrel

Not everyone feels the need for fifteen shot capacity of the KSG. Some people however want shorter length for the tight confines of police cruisers and other vehicles. Enter the super-shorties from Keltec.

12-round 14" RFB
12-shot 16.1″ KSG

Semi-shortie forend
Semi-shortie forend

10-shot super-shortie with 10" barrel
10-shot super-shortie with 13.8″ barrel

While these are no replacements for full length shotguns, they function as large-bore PDWs. Unlike post-1986rn submachine guns, these are available with only a $200 tax stamp. With 30-40 grain bullets being typical of P90/MP7 class weapons, these launch as much lead in a single shot as PDWs do in a ten-twelve round burst. The main complaint at this time is the backlog of orders — Keltec makes a little over a thousand KSGs every month and new orders are coming in faster than that.

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Oleg Volk

Oleg Volk is a creative director working mainly in firearms advertising. A great fan of America and the right to bear arms, he uses his photography to support the right of every individual to self-determination and independence. To that end, he is also a big fan of firearms.
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Comments (14)

  1. More weapons for those who are more equal than the rest of us. Taxation on arbitrary barrel lengths, but only on the peasants.

  2. They can’t build enough standard models to even come close to meeting the public demand. Why in hell are they diluting production by playing with this stuff? Seems to me no one in charge there has any idea of normal business practices. I guess this explains why Kel-Tec continues to be something of a joke in the firearms world. When the R&D people are running production, instead of the way it should be, this is what you get. Lots of toys, no business. Real shame. A never-ending startup. Or, just someones hobby. Certainly not a serious business.

  3. Kel-tec ksg: the UFO of firearms. I’ve see lots of pictures and even heard of people who claim to have contact with them, but until I see it with my own eyes I’m gonna be skeptical

  4. They’re making over a thousand per month. Cut ’em some slack. I commend them highly for coming out with a desirable product in a market that many people would have said was saturated, and selling all them even though they carry a hefty tax and all the rigmarole that goes with getting the stamp.. That’s just plain awesome.

  5. Ive seen pics of bigfoot too… Maybe these guys ought to focus on making it so I can actually go and check out the standard one first, eh?

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