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Beretta's PX4 Storm 9mm compact pistol


High Powered Headlines: July 24, 2014

Stormtroppers terrorizing a small Kansas town leads to banning open carry in public buildings, the phrase, “What guns? I lost them in a tragic boating accident” takes on a whole new meaning and Cook County, Illinois residents will be allowed to express their opinions on the assault weapons ban, all in today’s high powered headlines—your best source for all firearm industry news.

Picture shows a black compact 1911 handgun with wood grips.


High Powered Headlines: July 23, 2014

The biggest news today if you have not heard is Beretta USA’s move to Tennessee. However, we gun owners can not forget that all over the country, Second Amendment supporters are battling gun control legislations—such as California, Massachusetts and New York. Included into today’s High Powered Headlines is a call for action from The Gun Owner’s Action League and a very important announcement from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Black Walther, barrel pointed to the left, a black combat pen and a black knife.


The .32 ACP is Still Kicking!

Despite the introduction of many compact .380 ACP pistols the .32 ACP is still kicking. Our resident big bore fan has even worked up handloads for the tiny cartridge! There is some appeal in the efficient little .32. Check out this post to get all the details on which one is best and how it performs at the range.

Beretta ARX100 rifle


Beretta Moves to Tennessee Update and New Model Review

Cheaper Than Dirt recently had a chance to talk with officials at Beretta to check on the progress of the move to Tennessee we all heard about and take a quick run through some of the new products for 2014. The result: we got even more than we had bargained.

Picture shows the Beretta ARX 160 .22 Long Rifle rimfire pistol.


Beretta ARX160 .22 LR Pistol May 27-29 Fire Sale

Have you been waiting with bated breath for Beretta’s ARX100 5.56mm battle-proven rifle? You might have a long wait. Until then, you can have loads of fun with Beretta’s rimfire version called the ARX160. With all the exact operations, sights and 100-percent ambidextrous controls as the rifle, the .22 LR pistol is more fun! Especially since we are dropping the price, but you have to act now. This sale is only temporary.

Classic, black metal-framed Beretta M9 9mm handgun


Art of the Gun: Beretta 92 Series M9

Often imitated, but never duplicated, this “Wonder 9” has been in production for nearly 40 years, and it doesn’t seem like the world is ready to give up the Beretta 92 any time soon.

Beretta Storm PX4 Take Down Controls


Art of the Gun: The Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta decided to take the best parts from their popular handguns and apply them to create a gun that was perfect for defensive use. With a light steel-reinforced polymer frame, smooth contours, familiar trigger and safety systems, and a recoil-reducing rotating barrel, the Px4 Storm is designed to be one of the best concealed carry handguns on the market.