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Classic, black metal-framed Beretta M9 9mm handgun


The Best of the Beretta 92

Few firearms can be justifiably described as iconic, prolific, classic, and timeless. The Beretta 92 is all of these. This top six list features the best of the best stories on the Beretta 92/M9 9mm handgun.

Beretta's first full-sized striker fired pistol


Beretta Unveils APX Full-Size Striker-Fired Pistol

Beretta’s APX, a new striker-fired full-size pistol in 9x19mm, 9x21mm IMI and .40 Smith & Wesson calibers, debuted at the 2015 International Defence Exhibition & Conference IDEX expo in Abu Dhabi Feb. 22. Here’s more on it.

Side view of the flat dark earth Cerakote finished Beretta M9A3 9mm pistol


SHOT 2015—Beretta M9A3

Though the Army rejected Beretta’s bid for the new sidearm to the United States Army, the new Beretta M9A3 is sure to be a hit with civilians. Based on the classic M9, the newest Beretta 9mm pistol has many enhancements that make it more modular, more comfortable and better to shoot.

Black Beretta NANO and magazine


The Beretta BU9 Nano—A Powerful 9mm Pocket Pistol

An odd name, the Beretta is American made. A product of NANO technology the Beretta Nano BU9 is a neat well-balanced little pistol that will save your life. Read this article to learn the details of what makes it a great concealed carry option.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


The Top 5 Product Reviews of 2014 on the Shooter’s Log

One of the most important jobs of the Shooter’s Log writing team is to produce honest reviews on products—especially gun reviews. Purchasing a firearm is a big decision—regardless of it being your first gun or twentieth gun. Guns are not cheap and you do not want to be stuck buying the wrong one. That is why we take our job so seriously—to help guide you in buying the best self-defense tool you can buy. The top five most read product reviews of 2014 on The Shooter’s Log are of firearms, four of them are concealed carry handguns, while the top most read gun review is of the Beretta ARX 100 modern sporting rifle.

Black AR-15 style rifle in .308 Winchester made by Colt.


Colt M.A.R.C. LE901 Rifle and Magpul M-LOK Now Available

The firearms industry continues to innovate. Franklin Armory, known for creating cool rifles for more restrictive states, develops the world’s first gas-operated rimfire rifle based on the AR-15 platform. Colt releases the much-anticipated modular LE901 series of .308 Winchester semiauto rifles and Magpul’s M-LOK accessories, handguards and vertical grips are the hottest new AR-15 accessory to have. Check out all the new firearms and gun accessories from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Black Beretta ARX 100, barrel pointed left on a white background


ARX 100 — Beretta’s Best

Beretta’s newest rifle looks more like a space age space gun than an AR-15. The features, construction and performance are all cutting edge. Check out this article to get the details and see if this is the right firearm for you.

Shooting The ARX-100


Top 10 Beretta Articles

Readers who visit The Shooter’s Log show a lot of interest in Beretta’s handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Here are our top 10 most-read posts about the company and its products this year.