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SAM7SFK-72 - 7.62x39mm caliber SBR


Two New and Exciting AK-47-style Models from Arsenal for 2017

Arsenal, Inc. is kick starting the year 2017 with the release of two new and exciting rifles, which were on display at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. While the SLR-107R and the SAM7SFK rifles are in two different corners of the rifle spectrum in terms on platform, configuration, and utility, they have one thing in common—both SLR-107R and SAM7SFK are two of the most anticipated and demanded configurations from Arsenal, Inc.

two boxes of Hornady Steel Match ammunition


Test Run: Hornady Steel Match

Steel-cased loads are viable and most of all affordable. Therefore, the author was very interested to see Hornady offering a Steel Match line. These are not rebranded loads but rather steel-cased cartridge cases loaded by Hornady with Hornady projectiles. That means a lot. This makes the loads viable for hunting provided they are accurate enough for this pursuit, and the powder technology addresses one of the primary concerns with steel cased ammunition—powder fouling.

Century International Arms M90MP rifle


CIA RI2222N PAP M90MP AK 5.56 — A Good AK in 5.56mm

The AK-47 was designed for reliability and low maintenance. If you believe the AK never jams, we’re going to a different church, but the rifle is reliable. However, there have been any numbers of rather poor incarnations that simply do not live up to the promise. There are also several well-built, reliable rifles. Read the full review to see where the Century International Arms PAP M90 rated.


Throwback Thursday—Choosing a Survival Gun

With reliability topping the list, a survival gun ideally needs to handle a steady diet of a common caliber, but what else does a gun-to survival gun need? Most important, how does your selection for the ultimate go-to survival gun compare with ours?

AK quad rail handguard

Gear, Parts and Accessories

10 Affordable AK-47 Accessories

We’re all looking to save a few bucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade and outfit your rifle. These 10 affordable AK-47 accessories have been tested and used by Cheaper Than Dirt! staff for years. Here are some recommendations for AK accessories.