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Platte River Ducks


4 Ways to Miss More Ducks and Geese

Making sure you have your gear cleaned, the right decoys and the right location are essential steps to more ducks and geese this hunting season. Without those steps, you’re sure to miss your quota of waterfowl this year.

A Fine Trophy


Preparing for Your First Big Game Hunt

As the days become shorter and the leaves begin to change, hunters across this great nation are preparing for their respective seasons in mind, body, and spirit. Guns come out of storage; decoys cleaned and repainted. Bows are shot and deer silhouette targets are popping up in suburban backyards. Read this article to learn more about preparing for your first big game hunt.

Resident Goose Hunting

Hunting and Outdoors

5 Tips for Bagging More “Residents”

Discover 5 tips to help you make the best of the Canadian geese hunting season and understand the differences in migratory patterns. Make sure you hunt where the birds are, hunt the flight path, use the right decoys, learn how to “hide in plain sight” and shoot the roost.

Diamond Push Ups

Camping & Survival

Seconds Will Get You Seconds

Srengthening your body’s secondary muscle groups, such as your shoulders, calves and hands, makes your shooting more gains seconds for your shooting and hunting activities. These exercises can be done without expensive gym memberships or special equipment, in your own home or back yard.

Standing push-ups

Camping & Survival

Getting in “Shooting Shape”

No, this is not gunny’s beloved Marine Corps. What we are talking about is your body’s core. Typically, we are talking about the core muscle groups and large muscles of the body that are the base for the majority of motion and movement. Your body is a marvelous machine that tries to perform each activity with the least amount of energy expenditure. These exercises will help you build a better base and allow you to develop a solid shooting and overall performance platform.

Slip on recoil pad added to rifle stock


5 Lessons for Recoil

Shooting a rifle is different than shooting a shotgun. Having fired thousands of rounds from both, I have developed and learned several best practices that will help you enjoy the practice sessions that will ensure when your opportunity arrives you have the best chance of winning the match or harvesting the game.

Young Duck Hunter


A First Shotgun

It’s hard enough today to get kids away from the Xbox, the iPad, the computer, or even the lowly television set. The last thing you want to do is to discourage them further by making their shooting or hunting an unpleasant experience. I am fortunate in that I have a large number of friends and acquaintances whose children also shoot. I will never forget the first shotgun I ever fired. It was a Beretta Companion, a single shot 20 gauge that folded entirely in half and weighed next to nothing. That gun kicked like a mule!

MSR shot by youngster from a bench

Competitive Shooting

At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 4

I introduced my kids to a tactical gun, and they found it so much fun they beg to shoot it every time we go to my gun club. Finally, I was introduced to and became excited about competing in a different type of competition—3-gun—that was entirely beyond the scope of my experience, practice and passions. If you had told me that I would move into the “tactical side” of shooting as little as three or four years ago, I would have responded with a polite, but firm “not interested.” Today, I say “Come on over, you need to experience what you are missing!”

Rapid Light System on SR-556


At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 3

Today’s modern tactical lights are simply amazing. This light is approximately 3 inches long, is meant to be taken on and off your chosen weapon quickly and easily, yet clearly illuminates a predator-sized target at 100 yards. Therefore, it doubles as a super predator-illuminator! This also means an intruder or suspect across the average-sized home or room is most likely going to be dazzled blind.

The question then bears asking, “Why not use it for home defense on your AR?”

Redfield Revenge riflescope


At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 2

After my purchase of a Ruger SR–556E, my next decision was to choose the optic. I wanted something to enhance the BUIS that came standard. You just can’t go wrong with names such as Leupold, Swarovski, Zeiss, Meopta, Nikon, and others. Because I am a hunter at heart—I decided on a varmint reticle in a Redfield revenge series.