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Two regular round and 2 expanded bullets


Range Report: OATH Ammunition

OATH ammunition offers loads designed to reduce recoil by using lightweight projectiles that offer good penetration and terminal performance with solid copper projectiles. Wow! That was a mouthful, but the main point is, the bullets are well designed and offer remarkable consistency on the range, for training, or self-defense. WIlburn Roberts popped more than a few primers while proofing the ammo and collecting the data…

SIG Sauer P226 Scorpion right side desert tan


If You Have Not Yet, You Should Be Switching to the 9mm

The whole “Larger Calibers Are More Deadly” debate begs certain questions, such as why did the FBI go back to the 9mm if the 10mm was so much better? Why have the Navy SEALs used the SIG P226 in 9mm as their primary sidearm for decades? Surely they could handle a larger caliber, and at last check, they were in the business of killing bad guys. Read the full story to find out why.

Black 9mm semiautomatic handgun made by FNH.

Range Reports

Throwback Thursday: FN’s Hot 9mm: The FNS 9

It is made in the USA, accurate, reliable, and ambidextrous. In the author’s opinion the FNS 9 just may be the best and most overlooked service grade 9mm in the country- and it is backed by one of the oldest names in gun making. Read this article for the details on why it is the best.

Black box with red and gold lettering of JHP training loads 50to a box on a white background


Train and Defend Ammo

The Winchester Train and Defend ammo line is the perfect way to practice well and defend yourself since you’re using the same basic ammo. Read this post for details about how to use this line to be the best shooter you can be.

Two boxes of CORBON ammunition


COR®BON 9mm High-Velocity Loads

COR®BON was the first company to offer 9mm 115-grain 1300 fps loads to the public. Arguably, COR®BON was first with the most and remains at the top of the heap. COR®BON is powerful, high-velocity ammunition with excellent quality control. Read this post to learn more.