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Side-by-side shotgun with action open and loaded


Coach Guns — Double Barreled Defense

For personal defense, the double barrel handles quickly and points well. It isn’t well suited for tactical use by special teams, but for home defense the double barrel, particularly a short barrel coach gun, is ideal. The double barrel is also easy to train with. Another advantage is that with two loads, you can stage the load. A lighter load first and then buckshot for problems inside the home, but that’s not the only advantage…

Winchester Varmint X logo


Winchester Varmint X — Shotshells with Shot-Lok Technology

There is skill in reaching out and busting a song dog at distance, but there is heart-pounding, adrenaline fun in getting up close and personal with good ‘ol Wile E Coyote. When you are going nose to nose with a coyote, you’ll want a shotgun and few loads offer better performance than Winchester’s Varmint X.

Stevens 320 Turkey shotgun


Stevens Offers Model 320 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun

The Stevens 320 pump shotgun series has built a reputation for solid, affordable performance for everything from wingshooting to home defense. Stevens has now expanded its model 320 field-grade shotgun lineup to include a new turkey-specific model. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers. Check out the full release here!

Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey load ad


Federal Premium 3rd Degree Rebate Going Strong — Get a Free Call too!

Gobblers across the country are having nightmares, because hunters are gearing up to jelly some turkey heads! Worse yet (for the turkeys), is Federal’s new offering of the 3rd Degree in 20 gauge. Second, Federal is offering a rebate, so there is no better time to stock your shelves. Of course, you can’t shoot what’s not in range so Federal is offering a free Premium Edition Primos pot call with the purchase of two boxes of ammunition. What else could you ask from one of Federal Premium Turkey Load offerings?


Are You Guilty of Spreading These Five Common Gun-Counter Myths?

Gun ownership doesn’t make you an invincible; the racking of a pump-action shotgun slide isn’t necessarily enough to stop a home invasion and what’s your self-defense gun good for if it isn’t ready to fire? There are old wives’ tales that circulate throughout the gun community that just simply aren’t true. Here are 5 of them… List doozies you’ve heard in the comment section.